Chen Thinker’s Reading Club | Wang Lingfei-Backward with insufficient knowledge, looking at the mountains and practicing.

Chen si zhe du Shu hui

Herzen once said: "Books are the most patient and pleasant partners, and they will never abandon you at any difficult moment." Reading can make us have the confidence to choose to change when facing difficulties, and push us to discover better ourselves constantly.

In order to deepen the implementation of the strategy of compulsory inspection of talents, continue to promote the "strong seedling project" and boost the spirit of catching up with learning, a column of "Reading Club for Chen Thinkers" is now set up, with young prosecutors as the main body, and through the "1+N" mode of individual independent learning, irregular organization of case discussion and exchange, confrontation competitions and other collective activities, a strong learning atmosphere is continuously created, and prosecutors are encouraged to promote learning by thinking, and their ability to perform their duties is comprehensively improved. The column will share the feelings of young prosecutors and share them with you.

Wang Lingfei, Second Procuratorial Department

Ten years ago, I walked into the gate of Beichen District People’s Procuratorate with a bright career vision and engaged in procuratorial information work. Later, I was lucky enough to pass the "No.1 Examination in the World" judicial examination and obtain a legal professional certificate and transfer it to the procuratorial business department. Working for many years, there are progress, shortcomings and confusion: how to change from a "layman" who is not trained to a prosecutor who can handle cases? Can you be competent for public prosecution if you are not good at words and gentle in character? How to balance work and study with family life? With these puzzles, I attended the "Reading Club for Thinkers", hoping to find the answer.

Among the many optional reading items, I chose "Practical Interpretation of Crimes against Property". On the one hand, when I assisted in handling cases involving juvenile crimes, I found that the cases of juvenile crimes were relatively concentrated in cases of property infringement. Although the amount of crimes was small, the identification needed to be very strict. On the other hand, property crime is the most common and frequent crime, especially in recent years, the criminal means are intelligent and networked, and the criminal objects are digitized and virtualized, resulting in increasingly complex legal problems.

In the process of reading this book, I deeply felt my own shortcomings in handling cases of property infringement, and at the same time found many problems worthy of in-depth study and discussion. For example, whether virtual property can be the object of property crime and how to calculate the crime amount, invade the computer system and tamper with the data to obtain the property characterization. In this regard, the author conducted a typological analysis, and combined with the conviction principle of consistency between subjective and objective and the simple cognition of the public, fully demonstrated the views and refined practical experience.

During the discussion in groups of Chen Thinkers’ Reading Club, the sharers in each group thought deeply about the theme and actively shared it. Other members asked questions and discussed enthusiastically, and everyone polished the spark of wisdom in the collision of thoughts and realized mutual enlightenment in the interactive communication. I was immersed in reading and sharing, and repeatedly thought about my own shortcomings in legal theory literacy and language expression ability.

If you ask me what this "Chen Thinker’s Reading Club" has brought me, the answer is undoubtedly a visible force, which is a firm step of the Japanese arch, a clear attitude of reading "breaking the book" and a vivid practice of young people’s "checking up".

"I feel shallow on paper, and I don’t know that this matter should be done." The learning platform has been built, and the rest need our real actions and efforts. We need to work hard for a long time, be firm and persistent in our respective tracks, and trickle down in the long river of the rule of law.

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