What does the battery of an electric car look like? We’ll tear one down for you!

■ Get to know Nissan Airuiya quickly.

ARIYA is a brand-new compact pure electric SUV owned by Dongfeng Nissan. The new car has launched four models with a price range of 272,800-342,800 yuan. The official Chinese name of the new car is "Ai Ruiya".

■ Looking at the doorway of battery design from the outside to the inside.

As a car company with many years of experience in electric vehicle research and development, Nissan’s battery also has many doorways.

First of all, Ai Ruiya’s battery looks quite big, because he wants to leave enough buffer space for collision, and the all-aluminum shell constitutes an integrated battery compartment.

In the previous crash tests such as E-NCAP, Ai Ruiya performed very well. Especially the battery pack, it is safe to protect. Moreover, on the real car, there is also a resin chassis guard, and the details are handled in place.

In the battery pack, this large piece is called a module. The two ends of the module also have aluminum alloy protective structures, which constitutes double insurance for the batteries inside.

What makes up the module is the battery core, which is equivalent to the battery we usually use, but the size and capacity are much larger. Let’s just say that the battery cell is equivalent to an independent room, and the module is this unit. Several modules constitute the whole house, which is our battery pack.

By the way, the car body outside the battery pack also has a structure composed of high-strength steel, and the strength of 1500MPa is basically the strongest steel for passenger cars at present. They are like the girders inside the house, plus the aluminum reinforced beams equivalent to the load-bearing walls, which play a better supporting role for the battery pack.

If you have a house, you should also have water and electricity. The circuit is these wire harnesses. Through reasonable arrangement, they are not easy to short-circuit when they collide, which is safer.

The waterway is equivalent to packaging a large central air conditioner for the battery. Of course, there is a special name for the battery, which is called thermal management system — — Heat the battery in winter and dissipate heat in summer to ensure that the battery works at a comfortable temperature, so who said that it must jump out of the comfort zone? !

To sum up, in terms of safety, Ai Ruiya’s batteries have been designed a lot. As for the effect, Nissan has been engaged in the battery industry for more than 20 years, and the safety of the previous leaves is obvious to all. Speaking with facts, this is the most reliable.

■ Good technology should also have a good price.

Nissan Airuiya is self-contained in technology and design, but since its listing, there has been no fire. Therefore, Nissan has also begun to loosen the price, such as launching a limited-time discount, hoping to take a wave of traffic. Friends who are interested in Ai Ruiya may wish to pay attention to it.

Conclusion:Nissan’s battery is the general structure of the power battery pack used by the mainstream electric vehicles at present, and it also has its own characteristics. What do you think of the technical level of Nissan’s battery? What else do you want to see about new energy? You can also leave us a message in the comment area. You can walk with pictures and videos.