Hard-core off-road SUV disruptors beat the equation Leopard Leopard 5 first.

Yiche original For players who like off-road or long-distance crossing, the most headache when traveling is the endurance of the vehicle. When a pure fuel vehicle experiences off-road conditions, it needs 15~20 liters of oil per 100 kilometers. The larger the displacement, the higher the fuel consumption level of off-road vehicles with stronger power will be. It is common to have 30~40 liters per 100 kilometers, but this situation will be completely broken after it comes out! This article will show you the appearance of Leopard 5 and analyze its off-road ability in detail!

Equation Leopard 5 is positioned in a medium-sized car, built on a brand-new hybrid special body, equipped with a DM-o hybrid system, and will be divided into two versions according to whether it is equipped with a cloud -P chassis system.

Leopard 5 cloud chariot -P version

Leopard 5 regular edition

In the overall shape, the Leopard 5 equipped with Yunqi -P is almost not much different from the ordinary version without Yunqi -P, and it is a square shape of off-road, and there are also guards around the body for protection.

In the front face design, the most prominent thing is the whole surrounding LED daytime running light, which can bring very strong recognition. The silver front anti-collision guard plate is very powerful, with LED fog lights on both sides. The material of the guard plate is hard plastic, and the assembly position of the winch is left in the license plate frame.

Previously, Equation Leopard’s LOGO modeling caused some controversy, and it felt different, but it felt ok on the real car. The whole LOGO was not flat, and there were some concave and convex designs embedded in the whole net.

The fender under the front of the car covers a large area, which can provide comprehensive protection when off-road, and the design has a large inclination angle to improve the passability when off-road. The material is plastic in the upper part and steel plate in the lower part.

In order to improve the rescue ability and the ability to get out of trouble, Leopard 5 is designed with four trailer anchors at the front and rear of the car body, and the strength of the original anchor will be higher than that of the rear-mounted one.

Leopard 5′ s body size has gone through many rounds of research at the time of project establishment. If it is too long, it is easy to support the bottom, while if it is too short, its passing capacity and loading capacity will be limited. Now this size is relatively balanced, with the length, width and height of 4890/1970/1920mm and the wheelbase of 2800mm respectively.

In order to ensure the beauty of the car body and reduce the damage caused by rubbing, the ultrasonic radar on the side of the car body is designed in the decorative part of the fender.

Although the door handle is a conventional style, it is. After pressing the button on it, the door will be electrically unlocked.

As one of the highlights of unlocking, NFC Key Leopard 5 is naturally not missing, and supports mainstream operating systems such as Apple and Android.

The Leopard 5 Yunti -P version will be equipped with silver rims biased towards the city, and the tires will also adopt Michelin PILOT SPORT EV tires biased towards comfort, with the size of 275/55 R20.

The regular version will be equipped with more wild blackened wheels. The tires are off-road oriented Bailuchi KO2 tires with a size of 265/65 R18. If you want to buy Leopard 5, I suggest you prepare two sets of tires, one for city use and one for off-road.

The side pedal is also the difference. The normal version will be equipped with a fixed side pedal, while the Yunqi -P version will be equipped with an electric pedal. From the off-road point of view, the fixed pedal will be more practical.

As a mid-to-high-end model, the privacy glass that protects the privacy of the rear row will naturally not be missing, but from the perspective of window design, the area where the rear window can be lifted is not large.

The tailgate adopts the side door opening method commonly used by hard-core off-road vehicles. Of course, in order to adapt to the road conditions in China, it is specially opened from right to left. The Yunqi -P version supports limit and electric suction closing, but the normal version is not equipped at present; For the external spare tire, the Yunqi -P version is equipped with an all-inclusive small schoolbag, while the regular version is semi-inclusive.

After watching the styling, we will take you to see the hardcore strength of Leopard 5!

Leopard 5 adopts a brand-new DMO hybrid system, O.Represents off-road, which is a hybrid system specially built for off-road.Yunqi -P is a set of non-loaded chassis with active hydraulic control function..

DMO hybrid system consists ofVertical placement1.5T high-efficiency hybrid engine and front and rear double motors, the maximum power of the front motor is 200kW, and the maximum power of the rear motor is 285kW, which is systematic.Comprehensive power exceeds 500kW., after amplificationComprehensive traction exceeds 32000N n.,Zero-hundred acceleration reaches 4s levelAnd this system can be compatible with 2.0T engines (or 2.0T engines in the world), but whether it is put into use depends on market feedback.

The whole DMO hybrid system still follows BYD’s consistentElectric-based working logicThe engine is more of a power generation role. Of course, in order to make the whole system run under high-intensity working conditions such as off-road, Leopard 5 also specially used a brand new one.High power generator, directly equipped with silicon carbide chip in the generator, improve the efficiency of electric energy conversion, so that Leopard 5In-situ power generation can reach 20kW.It can be charged with high power when traveling.

Not only that, Leopard 5 has a special skill, that is, according to the navigation destination.Pre-protection electricityWhen the system determines that your navigation destination is a cross-country venue, it can help you enter the power-saving mode in advance, and drive with oil as much as possible before reaching the destination, leaving enough electricity for cross-country use.

assort or arrange in pairs or groups30kW·h blade batteryAnd 80L fuel tank, Leopard 5 can be realized.The comprehensive endurance reaches 1200km.

Not only that,Leopard 5 is also equipped with two front and rear mechanical locks, and the rear axle is also equipped with a low-speed four-wheel drive function with torque amplification. With the energy lock (so-called electric lock), the four wheels can realize synchronous torque output.

I have to mention the advantages of electric four-wheel drive here. Because there is no transmission shaft, and the motor and braking system are controlled by computer, it is possible to realize the combination of single-wheel driving, one-side wheel driving and reverse driving of front and rear axles. When you see the front axle of Leopard 5 moving forward and the rear axle turning back, that isLeopard U-turnYes.

Yunnian -PIt is a set based on the body.Active hydraulic control chassis system,Both front and rear are double wishbone suspensions, and the damping and height of the whole shock absorption system can be adjusted by controlling the oil flow rate and amount in the shock absorption cylinder.The oil in the whole chassis system is interoperable, and this ability brings four-wheel height independent adjustment, unilateral adjustment or single-wheel adjustment.

I also specifically asked the relevant technical personnel, and it was found that the clouded chariot -P chassis system (standard version) of Leopard 5 is basically the same as the clouded chariot -P system (full version) on U8, but at present Leopard 5 does not have the ability to pre-scan road conditions for suspension adjustment, but the technical personnel also revealed that Leopard 5 has the ability to directly upgrade the full version of clouded chariot -P system.

Looking up at U8 chassis model

Finally, let’s pay attention to some safety design. I borrowed the chassis that I looked up at U8 before and introduced it to you. The whole girder frame of Leopard 5.High strength steel accounts for 98%,The axial load ratio is 50: 50..

The chassis structure of Leopard 5 is similar to that of Looking Up at U8. The blade battery is placed in the middle of the whole girder as a structural member, so that in addition to its own protection, the girders and the car body on both sides can provide strong protection. As for the chassis bump problem that will be encountered when off-road, there is a whole reinforced guard plate and buffer plate under the battery as protection. Officials also revealed that this guard plate is available from the original factory. After all, it will be considered that some users do not cross-country, and the real shot model is just an ordinary reinforced guard plate.

Of course, after the blade battery is added to the chassis, the rigidity of the whole chassis will be greatly improved, which will further strengthen the anti-torsion performance of the whole vehicle, which is beneficial and harmless for off-road vehicles. In addition,A 10-point flexible connection is adopted between the non-bearing chassis and the car body.Balance the stress points of the whole vehicle and make the NVH of the vehicle better and more durable.

The oil pipe of Yunnian -P chassis system is on the outside of the girder, so Leopard 5 specially designed two thick anti-collision beams for protection.

It can be seen that Leopard 5 has sufficient design considerations in terms of power performance, chassis performance and safety. Next, let’s take a look at its subversive off-road performance.

In the past, the hardliners were about 10-20L/100km in daily driving, as light as 20L/100km and as heavy as 30-40L/100km in off-road driving, but the Leopard 5 equipped with DM-o hybrid system can reduce the daily driving fuel consumption by 15%-20% and the off-road conditions by 30-40%.It only needs to add No.92 gasoline..

According to official sources, Leopard 5 is atThe fuel consumption of urban driving is about 8L/100km (specifically, it is subject to the official fuel consumption information).Light cross-country can use electric drive more, so the same fuel consumption is about 8L/100km. In heavy cross-country, the fuel consumption of Leopard 5 will not exceed 20L/100km, which means that Leopard 5 can complete a long-distance crossing without storing too much fuel.

For players who like cross-country, the greater the power, the better. In the past, they used to choose a self-priming car or a turbo car with large displacement, but it is very necessary to test the driver’s footwork when passing through some climbing road conditions.

Self-priming cars need to hang against the steady speed to keep the torque passing, while turbo cars need to accurately control the turbine starting point, but there is no such worry here in Leopard 5.Leopard 5 has 16 driving modes.The electronic control system will adjust the output torque of the front and rear motors according to the current vehicle mode and the information of each sensor. Just step on the accelerator and leave the rest to the computer, making cross-country easier and beginners can control it quickly.

In the past, hard-core cross-country that everyone was familiar with, such as,,, and even those that were popular in the past two years were not equipped with a lifting chassis, butLeopard 5 will be the only off-road SUV in the market that supports adjustable suspension height and soft and hard..

The ordinary version of Leopard 5 has a approach angle of 35, a departure angle of 32, a longitudinal passing angle of 20, a ground clearance of 220mm and a wading depth of 700 mm. The version equipped with Yunpi -P has a maximum approach angle of 39, a departure angle of 35, a longitudinal passing angle of 27, a ground clearance of 310mm and a wading depth of 790 mm. The gradeability of both versions is.

Moreover, with the help of Yunxiao -P, when the wheels cross off the ground, such as bullet holes and cross shafts, the suspension can be actively extended, so that the wheels can actively close to the ground to increase the adhesion and help the vehicle get out of trouble.

This is not quite the same as herdsman’s passive disconnect damping rod. Although herdsman can also disconnect the damping rod when it meets the cross axle to achieve the purpose of the wheel touching the ground, the wheel’s load is small when disconnected, and its grip ability is limited. However, the active extension of Leopard 5 can synchronize the load and make the grip stronger.

As for the soft and hard adjustment of the suspension, people who know it naturally know the goods. On the way through, the less the vibration, the more minutes it will last.

When camping is needed, it can also be leveled with one button to keep the vehicle level, so that it is more comfortable to rest in the car.

I believe that most people who go cross-country will encounter the situation of living in the wild, as a leopard of new energy vehicles.fiveHave a congenital advantage, bring your own6kW external discharge function, eliminating the trouble of carrying outdoor power supply, and both AC and DC output can be used, which can not only support camping equipment, but also supplement electricity for other vehicles.

leopardfiveAlso bring your own2.5Tons of trailer qualification is a great advantage for brothers who like to play outdoor sports. It takes minutes to bring a mountain motorcycle and speedboat.

In the past, fuel consumption was the most worrying thing for off-road vehicles. With the DMO hybrid system, everything was not a problem. In terms of off-road capability, the previous off-road vehicles were not equipped with adjustable suspension, but the Leopard 5 was available, and the electric four-wheel drive would give the Leopard 5 more possibilities. Finally, the new energy vehicle had its own advantages and discharged externally. I could imagine camping in it on the Gobi Desert.

At present, the public information of Leopard 5 is still quite limited, but from these only information, I can feel that it will be a product that subverts hard-core off-road. If more information is released later, I believe there will be even greater surprises.

I will continue to follow up its interior and performance in the future. Remember to keep an eye on me. More interesting information about Leopard 5 can be paid attention to.Tik Tok [Drive, brother]!

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