Is BYD Han ev really that good? The advantages and disadvantages are summarized here.

Han ev (picture | configuration | inquiry) can be called the light of domestic products. Nowadays, many BYD Han evs can be seen on the road. My friends and I have all seen them and tested them. This time, we specially went to see BYD Han ev. After all, now BYD Han ev doesn’t need to wait for a few months to pick up the car. In the whole process, we all agree that BYD Han EV is the most exquisite and the best in the whole, but after the test drive,

  In fact, I have known this for a long time. This time, I went to test drive with my friends. Compared with Model3 and Model 3, BYD Han ev is indeed a bit insufficient in intelligent driving. After all, it is only L2.

However, I didn’t expect that in actual driving, I found that even the L2 class can’t be opened alone, and it must be opened together with the lane. The most important thing is that the lane line recognition is not good, and the road condition is almost useless.

  My friend said frankly that it is completely incomparable with his, so if this last piece can be filled up, I believe many young people will choose it, although we have always believed that the steering wheel of the vehicle is best in our own hands, but the safety intelligent auxiliary system can sometimes play a very good supplementary role.

To paraphrase the sentence that is often said on the Internet at present: Although I don’t necessarily use it, you must have it. At this point, Tucki P7 has done more than BYD Han ev.

  BYD Han ev is really in line with its identity of more than 200,000 in terms of interior materials and interior style. At this point, it is very conscience to leave Tesla Model3 far behind. When it is static, it is particularly comfortable to sit on and has a lot of space. Even a fat man of 1.75 meters can cross his legs.

? ? ? ? When driving, the sound insulation is also very good. At this point, Tesla Model3 is really good at learning BYD Han ev.

  But I don’t know what’s going on, is it because of the problem of chassis shock absorption and adjustment or something? If the driver in the front row shakes his hands a little while driving, the passengers in the back row will feel particularly obvious, and the tail flick is obvious, which makes it easy to get carsick. I don’t know if it’s because the car is too long or something.

  I specially tested the shock absorption of BYD Han ev, and ran the manhole cover several times. I found that BYD Han ev didn’t filter out its vibration well, no matter at the speed of 60 kilometers per hour or 35 kilometers per hour, so the shock absorption comfort is still a little insufficient. Of course, on the other hand, the relatively hard shock absorption also has an advantage, and there will be no big forward when braking suddenly. It depends on how individuals choose.

Generally speaking, apart from these two small shortcomings, BYD Han ev has completely surpassed Tesla Model3 in terms of materials, workmanship, technology and interior decoration. If it is practical, BYD Han ev is a pure electric car worth buying. It can be said that it is worthwhile to choose BYD Han ev before the rolling new car comes out.