The first reusable mask will be registered for group purchase appointment from now on! Registration process →

Under the guidance and coordination of Shanghai Economic and Information Committee and Fengxian Economic Committee, Shanghai Juchen Baby Clothing Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hanpu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed the first reusable and disinfected mask by using new nano-materials. Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud Platform contacted the manufacturer at the first time, and the two sides reached an intention to use the service cloud platform for cooperative supply. For all kinds of enterprises in this city, "Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud" officially opened the group purchase reservation registration channel for this mask from today.

At present, there is no national or even international standard for recycling masks. After self-test by the enterprise, the filter performance of the mask remained basically stable after repeated disinfection with boiling water, alcohol and 84 disinfectant for 20 times. However, the developer suggested that it is best not to reuse more than 10 times.

Medical disposable mask

If alcohol is sprinkled on the surface,

The filtering effect will be greatly reduced.

But after using nano-materials,

This mask can last a long time without leakage.

So under the condition of normal wear

It can be recycled 20 times.

N95 mask "the most durable"

This 3 micron nanofiber microporous film

Can make the mask waterproof,

Air permeability is greatly improved.

The initial filtration performance of particulate matter exceeds 99%

But also environmental protection and corrosion resistance.

Can withstand steam at 130℃

Considering that the reusable masks registered by this open appointment are new products jointly innovated by two enterprises in Shanghai, and the product capacity is still climbing, limited by the production capacity, in order to maximize the benefits of enterprises, this round of appointment registration adopts standardized operation methods, and the most favorable product trial experience price is 15 yuan/only for reservation on the enterprise service cloud platform, and the order quantity of each enterprise is limited to 100 (one box), which is limited to internal use of enterprises.

After applying for pre-registration, the final waiting time of enterprises will be determined according to the productivity improvement of mask enterprises and the number of enterprises applying for pre-registration of masks in Shanghai service cloud platform. Conservative estimates need to wait at least 3-7 days.

Focusing on the epidemic prevention materials, such as masks, which are currently in short supply for enterprises to return to work, "Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud" ( opened an emergency registration of disposable mask pads during February 8 -11, and accepted 36,000 appeals in just over two days, including nearly 20,000 from enterprises. After combing, it was confirmed that more than 10,000 enterprises effectively appealed to finally enter the purchase process of mask pads, and the delivery has been basically completed.

Appointment registration QR code

"Enterprise Service Cloud" Registration Process:

1. Go to this link!. or scan the QR code to enter (Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud-Battle "Epidemic" column-"Green Application Channel for Enterprises to Resume Work for Epidemic Prevention Materials");

2. Register as an enterprise user of "Shanghai Enterprise Service Cloud" and log in, and fill in the demand application online;

3. After verification, the service cloud will remind you by SMS and inform you of the subsequent docking matters.

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Original title: "The first reusable mask will be registered for group purchase from now on! Registration process → "