Guangzhou Automobile Releases All-Solid-State Battery and Picture-Free Pure Vision Intelligent Driving System

On April 12th, on Science and Technology Day 2024, China’s leading unmanned pure visual intelligent driving system and high-safety, large-capacity all-solid-state technology to achieve key technological breakthroughs were launched. Both technologies are planned to be loaded in 2026. At the event, many advanced technologies, such as, MLounge First Class, MBoard2.0 Core Smart Chassis, and flying cars, were also displayed, fully demonstrating the independent research and development strength of GAC.

The brand-new product released this time has initially opened up the whole process manufacturing process, and has achieved key technical breakthroughs in mass production of high-safety and large-capacity all-solid-state power batteries of vehicle specifications. It has three core advantages of ultra-high energy density, ultra-high safety and large-capacity all-solid-state batteries, and is expected to be loaded on vehicles in 2026.

The battery adopts the solid-state anode technology with high surface capacity and the third generation sponge silicon negative plate technology (new composite negative plate), and the all-solid-state anode can reach a high surface capacity of more than 5/cm2, thus achieving an energy density of more than 400Wh/kg. Compared with the most advanced liquid at present, its volume energy density and mass energy density are increased by more than 50%, and the cruising range of the whole vehicle can exceed 1000km.

In terms of safety, GAC all-solid-state power battery adopts high-strength and dense composite membrane, so that the battery does not explode in the 200°C hot box test. In addition, the performance is stable under extreme conditions such as needling, cutting, 78°C below zero and 90°C hot water immersion, and thermal runaway does not occur under mechanical abuse conditions such as nailing and cutting. In terms of capacity, the manufacture of large-size multi-layer stacked all-solid-state batteries is realized, and its capacity is as high as 30Ah, far exceeding the highest level in the current industry (10Ah-15Ah).

At the same time, the Guangzhou Automobile Map-free Pure Vision Intelligent Driving System launched on this Science and Technology Day can be applied to complex and changeable full scenes. Compared with the current mainstream technical routes, it not only does not need high-precision maps, but also does not rely on them. Instead, it combines with the top AI algorithm in the industry to perceive the world like a human being, and can realize intelligent driving with a wider coverage with a simpler one, bringing users a richer, more free and full-scene driving experience.

Guangzhou Automobile No-Map Pure Visual Intelligent Driving System has three leading abilities in visual recognition, which makes it have significant advantages in the field of automatic driving.

First of all, complex scenes such as ramps, tunnels, bends, intersections and forks can be accurately identified. Secondly, through, the accurate identification of various signal light elements is realized, including signal light type, various symbols and colors, countdown and flashing state. Thirdly, the perception range reaches 150+ meters in front of the car, 100 meters behind the car and about 50 meters, which is 1.5 times of the industry level. In addition to common traffic factors such as vehicles, pedestrians, riders and small animals, it also includes irregular obstacles such as carts and camp tents.

In addition, this system can accurately predict the behavior of other traffic participants and make reasonable, safe and efficient driving decisions. When parking, the minimum error can be controlled to 5cm, which can realize the most difficult three-dimensional parking space and narrow parking space in the industry. With the help of self-developed data closed-loop and simulation system, this system can also iteratively optimize the algorithm in the simulation test to realize self-improvement and evolution.

It is worth noting that in the field of autonomous driving technology, GAC has simultaneously laid out two major technical routes: the mainstream "multi-sensor fusion technology" and the forward-looking "map-free pure vision technology", and both routes of GAC will get rid of the dependence on high-precision maps. At present, the coverage rate of high-precision maps only accounts for about 6% of the country, which means that autonomous driving based on high-precision maps cannot be used in about 94% of the country’s highway sections, while both technical routes of GAC can be "opened with navigation".

Guangzhou Automobile Group has always insisted on promoting high-quality development through scientific and technological innovation. In 2023, it invested nearly 8.4 billion yuan in independent research and development, and nearly 3,200 new patent applications were filed, accounting for about 50%. Up to now, the cumulative investment in independent research and development has exceeded 45 billion yuan over the years, and about 18,600 patents have been applied, of which invention patents account for 41%.

On this Science and Technology Day, Guangzhou Automobile Group also exhibited a number of advanced technologies and humanized products, including electromagnetic suspension, MBoard2.0 core intelligent chassis and flying cars, as well as Chuanqi new energy E9 well-being vehicle developed in depth for users with mobility difficulties.

GOVE, the first flying car, made its first flight in the world on Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day in 2023, and demonstrated it in the sky in March this year, completing the flight verification in the complex low-altitude environment of the urban public for the first time.

Guangzhou Automobile’s new light business sector, Qiji Automobile, was also officially released on this Science and Technology Day. The live demonstration of MLounge Qiji First Class supports L2 to L4 intelligent driving and will be mass-produced this year. MBoard2.0 Core Smart Chassis uses "software-defined chassis technology" to realize the separation of cabin and driving, explore a beautiful mobile lifestyle for human beings, and continuously build new scenes, new species and new kinetic energy.

On-site display of Chuanqi New Energy E9 Welfare Vehicle is equipped with the world’s first detachable electric welfare seat, which can be easily separated from the institution after landing and transformed into an electric mobile wheelchair with a cruising range of 26 kilometers and a maximum load of 120 kilograms, creating a better and happier life for more elderly consumers.