Materazzi apologizes: I’m sorry Zidane, you are the football god.

Italy’s Materazzi scored in the World Cup.

  Beijing, Sept. 12 (Xinhua) According to European professional sports media reports, in an interview with Spanish media, Italian defender Materazzi, one of the protagonists of last year’s World Cup, said that his conflict with Zidane in the German World Cup final was inappropriate, and he sincerely apologized to Zidane.

  In the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany, Zidane was shocked by Materazzi because he couldn’t stand his provocation. As a result, he was expelled from the game with a red card and ended his career in a disgraceful way. This top also makes the French king and Italian iron guard Materazzi become strangers.

  Zidane didn’t want to mention it after the World Cup, and Materazzi only revealed it not long ago, when he verbally insulted Zidane’s sister, which led to Zidane’s angry counterattack.

  Now, Materazzi has once again offered an olive branch to Zidane through the Spanish media, hoping to make a complete break with the French. "I want to apologize to Zidane, because in my opinion, he is a football god," said the Inter central defender.

  French coach Domenech recently accused the Italians of "bribing referees" and was severely criticized. Materazzi stressed that he has no hostile feelings with any player or coach in the football world. However, when it comes to Domenech, Materazzi’s tone is completely opposite. "Domenech said that I was the best player on the spot in the World Cup finals in Germany, which showed his intelligence," Materazzi said.

  "I knew it then, but it took him a year to realize it." Later, Materazzi also revealed that he was usually a joker.

  Materazzi also singled out three players who were in conflict with him. "In the football world, I don’t have any enemies and have no prejudice against everyone. When I joke with Stankovic, I will call him a gypsy, but I was a roommate with him during pre-season training. "

  "My relationship with Ibrahimovic and Gattuso is the same. Gattuso is like my own brother."

Editor: Tan Qizhe