I have to watch the inventory of the 9 most "burning" cars at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show.

The 19th Guangzhou Auto Show in 2021 is also the "grand finale" of this year. No matter the scale or the number of new cars, there are fantastic super sports cars coming in the air, and we can see the sharp-edged brand-new sports cars and performance cars, as well as the luxury and comfort of ultra-luxury executive cars. Of course, it will also include the perfect imagination of new energy vehicles and future concept cars. Needless to say, we will go directly to the new car inventory.

A tire can buy 8 iphone13 Bugatti Chiron.

As a big brother "figure" in the super-running world, Bugatti has always been in the position of performance ceiling. No matter how fast you are, you still can’t stand my high price, and this is the first time that the Bugatti brand has landed at this Guangzhou Auto Show. The model you brought is Bugatti Chiron, which is likely to smell money from the exhibition hall next door. Not much to say, let’s take a look at the performance behemoth of this 8.0T16 engine with 1,600 horsepower.

In terms of appearance, the air intake area in front of the car is almost exaggerated, which always provides strong support for the braking system and aerodynamic force. The headlights use split LED light source.

On the side of the car, you can first see the huge and ready-to-use brake system. By the way, the replacement cost of this brake system is 58,000 US dollars. The front wheel size is 285/30R20, and the rear wheel size is 355/25R21. The tires are all specially made by Michelin for Bugatti. The "C"-shaped air inlet on the vehicle side provides a continuous intake air volume for the engine.

The rear part is designed with a penetrating taillight, which is full of sci-fi feeling after lighting. The electric tail will automatically rise with the increase of vehicle speed to provide the necessary downforce. It is worth mentioning that the angle of the tail will change while braking, providing additional resistance to reduce the vehicle speed faster.

The interior part is made of top-grade suede and carbon fiber materials, which makes it light and improves the texture of the cockpit, and is equipped with two keys, one for normal engine starting and the other for lifting the speed limit, so that the speed can soar to more than 400 km/h.

The figures of the power part are enough to be described by people’s eyes. The car is equipped with an 8.0T W16 cylinder engine with 1600 horsepower, with a maximum torque of 1600N·m, a zero-speed acceleration of only 2.4 seconds, and a top speed of 490.484 km/h.

Sharp-edged Porsche 718 GT4 RS

If the Porsche 718 Boxster is the exclusive car of the beautiful young lady, then the Porsche 718 GT4 RS that will come to the scene at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show will definitely make many younger brothers become "fans" in an instant. The reason is simple, because it is fast enough. In the recent New Bogeling North Ring Circuit, a lap test of 20.6 kilometers was completed at 7:04.511, which was 23.6 seconds shorter than that of the 718 Cayman GT4.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts Porsche’s classic design and adds more racing elements, which can serve the tough performance and add more visual impact. The front of the car is equipped with aerodynamic kit, and the wide front edge and the opening on the front compartment cover provide better heat dissipation performance for the whole car.

The side part of the car has a lower body posture than the ordinary version of the 718 Cayman, which can greatly improve the cornering handling performance while reducing the center of gravity, and the rear window also increases the structure of vents, which will provide better heat dissipation effect for the mid-engine

The spoiler whose tail is the same color as the car body has a larger area and is perfectly integrated with the whole car, which can provide greater tail downforce during high-speed driving, increase the adhesion between the rear wheel and the ground, and maximize the friction of the rear wheel to improve the cornering performance.

In terms of power, the standard version of the 718 Cayman GT4 4.0L horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine will continue, and the maximum power will reach nearly 500 horsepower.

Playing "Pig" and Eating Tiger Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT

Needless to say, Porsche’s face value is naturally understood. At that time, in order to meet the market demand, in 2002, an SUV model with very balanced functions was developed, that is, the first generation Cayenne model with chassis code 955. After 19 years, it has evolved into the fourth generation model today. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT, which combines performance and practicality, will be unveiled at this Guangzhou Auto Show. It is a medium-sized and large-scale crossover SUV weighing over two tons, but it can have the rapid acceleration performance of "moving like a rabbit" and break through 100 in 3.3 seconds, which instantly makes many super sports cars feel ashamed.

In terms of appearance, the whole is not like its arrogant performance, but the design is relatively restrained, but from the details, we can still see many unique places of this "beast". The grille that almost runs through the front face provides greater air intake and better heat dissipation effect. The interior of the lamp cavity adopts split LED light source, which has high recognition after lighting.

Because it is a Coupe model of SUV, the car side part shows the dynamic posture of slip-back modeling. The whole window frame, including rearview mirror, is also treated with smoked black color, and the design of black wheel eyebrows also shows its cross-border functional attributes. It can’t be wrong to describe the Cayenne Turbo GT, with body size and wheelbase of 4942/1995/1636mm and 2895mm respectively. The rim is designed with front and rear ratio, with 285/35R22 front wheels and 315/30/R22 rear wheels.

In the rear part, the through taillights are still used. In order to reduce the weight, the whole vehicle is also applied to the carbon fiber roof design, and it is equipped with a larger upper spoiler to provide stronger downforce for high-speed driving, and it is equipped with a double exhaust layout. Although the word "turbo GT" is not eye-catching, it represents its amazing performance parameters and high price.

The interior continues the overall layout of the Cayenne. In order to highlight the performance characteristics, Alcantara materials are widely used to add more sports attributes.

In the power part, the Cayenne Turbo GT is equipped with a 4.0T V8 engine, which can produce an astonishing number of 641 horsepower and 850N·m, and the zero-hundred-speed acceleration can be completed in only 3.3 seconds. At rest, it looks very big, but don’t be fooled by its appearance. When it moves, its performance is even worse than those of those low super sports cars.

"Same-sex" dating car Lotus EMIRA

The ultimate performance, the king of corners and, of course, the poor workmanship of the interior can be said to be the unique labels of Lotus. At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Lotus also brought its brand-new sports car EMIRA. Since the brand was acquired by Geely Group, I’m afraid it can listen to more users’ voices. The first feeling of the real car is that it has become more refined, and it looks a little "super-running" inside and outside.

In terms of appearance, the newly designed Lotus EMIRA has succeeded in making it difficult for people to remember at a glance. It is very dynamic and aggressive, but it still doesn’t have much recognition. Grooves shaped like boomerang are symmetrically designed on both sides of the front box cover to provide better downforce, and the headlights are also novel in shape, which is not similar to that of any sports car, but there are not many outstanding highlights.

On the side of the car, Lotus’s housekeeping skill is of course the effort to adjust the counterweight and chassis. The overall shape is very smooth, with a hidden door handle design. Because of the layout of the middle engine, the car side is designed with an air inlet. The shape of the rim is still very dynamic.

The lines at the rear of the car are very simple, with through taillights and double-sided single exhaust layout, and the English word "LOTUS" in black is designed.

The interior is also the biggest highlight of the progress of Lotus EMIRA. The overall style of the cockpit not only serves the performance, but also greatly improves the driving quality. Finally, the trend design elements are used. The use of large-size central control screen enhances the sense of science and technology of the interior. What is commendable is that even the cup holders have been considered this time, which must be praised. The steering wheel and seats are made of suede materials in a large area, which is not easy for the Lotus brand, which is a same-sex dating tool.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine, with a maximum power of 400 HP and a maximum torque of 480 N m. The official 0-100Km/h acceleration takes only 4.3 seconds.

Compared with Maibakh, the distinguished Audi A8 Hoshi Edition.

In the field of large luxury flagship cars, Mercedes-Benz Maibakh has always been a well-deserved "big brother", but now for Audi, it is also a "Big Three" status, but there is no reason for Maibakh to drink this glass of wine alone. This Guangzhou Auto Show also ushered in the debut of Audi A8 Horsey. As for why it is called Horsey, we will simply understand that it is named after a person who has an extraordinary influence on its own brand, just like Maibakh.

The appearance is not divorced from the family design of A8, but it is obviously different from the ordinary A8 in the shape of the net. The fog lamp frame is also decorated with silver chrome-plated strips, and the overall details are more advanced than the ordinary A8.

The shape of the rim on the side of the car has the same meaning as Maibakh’s "pie hub". The rim size is 20 inches, and the rim logo is also H-standard. The unique logo of Horsey is also used in the position of C-pillar. The details are luxurious, but the overall style is consistent with that of ordinary A8.

The rear part still continues the overall design of the ordinary Audi A8, and there is only a small English logo of Horch. For the following car, the distinguished identity of the preceding car cannot be clearly recognized.

The biggest attraction of Audi A8 Horsey Edition is the interior, which is equipped with the "unique" rear foot massage function at present. In fact, in this class of flagship car products, it is really not easy to find one or two very unique configurations that Mercedes-Benz Maibakh does not have, which Audi has done. This configuration also illustrates the comfortable and luxurious high-end positioning of Audi A8 Hoshi Edition.

In terms of power, compared with Mercedes-Benz Maibakh, the configuration of Audi A8 Hoshi Edition is relatively simple, with only a 3.0T V6 engine. Although the boss of such a flagship model has no rigid requirements for power, after all, he will not drive more, and most of them are driven by drivers, but the calmness and quietness of acceleration, there is still an essential difference between V-type 6-cylinder and 8-cylinder.

Janice adds "Artillery" pure electric concept car to the world’s first show.

Just recently, the car selection network learned that Janice will release a brand-new concept car at this Guangzhou Auto Show. Recently, the official also released a preview of this new car. Through the details, it is speculated that this concept car is probably a pure electric version of Janice GV70. The official has only released the front face picture of the car.

Judging from the only picture, the front grille of the car adopts the same closed diamond design as the G80 of Jennisys pure electric, which indicates that it is probably a pure electric product. The outline of the headlight group and the front hatch cover of the car is exactly the same as that of the GV70, which is obviously different from other models of the car. As for other details, the official has not disclosed them yet. However, at present, the car has been tested overseas and spy photos have flowed out.

Therefore, to sum up, we speculate that the model that will make its world debut at Guangzhou Auto Show is the GV70 pure electric vehicle with a high probability. On the one hand, this is to show its determination to transform into electrification, and on the other hand, it also shows that the brand attaches great importance to the China market, hoping to take this opportunity to successfully introduce Korean luxury models into the China market. As for the specific performance, it will take time to test.

Batman can change cars. Audi Skysphere welcomes its first domestic show.

A few days ago, the car selection network learned from relevant channels that the Audi Skysphere concept car will usher in the first show in China on November 17. The Skysphere model is positioned as a two-door electric convertible, which integrates L4 autonomous driving and data ecology, thus demonstrating Audi’s new direction in the process of electrification and its determination to fully transform electrification.

In terms of appearance, the Audi Skysphere concept car is inspired by the Horsey 853 convertible, and the front face adopts an integrated grille design, in which the LED luminous elements can change according to different driving modes, and can send signals to other vehicles, indicating that the car is in automatic driving mode. In addition, these matrix three-dimensional luminous elements can also achieve dynamic visual effects when the door is opened and closed.

By increasing the outward expansion width of the curved wheel arch and the long front cabin design like an old luxury RV, the new car side gives the classic design inspiration and gives the whole car more powerful sports attributes. The vehicle is also equipped with 23-inch rims, which are cool in shape and can also effectively reduce wind resistance.

The rear of the car also adopts a large-area glass design similar to that of a sports car, and a large-area LED unit traverses the whole rear of the car, which can present different lighting effects on the road.

Audi Skysphere has compromised on Sports and comfort, and adopted variable wheelbase technology to design two driving modes, including Grand Touring mode and Sports mode. In the Grand Touring mode, the car body will become a GT model with a length of 5.19 meters, and the automatic driving mode will be turned on. The steering wheel, pedals and gear shifting mechanism will be hidden, and users can have a spacious seating space and open a new driving experience.

One thing about this car is worth mentioning. In Sports mode, the wheelbase of the car will be shortened by 250 mm, and it will become an electric sports car with a length of 4.94 meters. The interior design will be transformed into a driver-centered setting, and the distance between the driver and the dashboard will be shortened. In addition, a glove box is provided in the area above the steering wheel, which is just the size to accommodate a co-pilot glove.

For the interior, the Audi Skysphere concept car uses a 55.7-inch penetrating LCD screen, which makes the interior style more concise and can integrate a lot of digital information. In terms of materials, the seat is decorated with superfine fiber fabric, synthetic leather and eucalyptus wood, providing a very green seating space. Under the large display, a small analog clock is placed, adding a touch of retro atmosphere in the futuristic cockpit.

In terms of power, the Audi Skysphere concept car adopts the form of rear-wheel drive, and its motor can output a maximum power of 465kW, a peak torque of 750N·m, a vehicle mass of 1800kg, and an acceleration time of 100 kilometers only takes 4 seconds. The battery capacity of the new car is expected to exceed 80kWh, and its cruising range will exceed 500 kilometers (WLTP).

Audi Grandsphere GT will welcome its domestic debut on November 17th.

A few days ago, the car selection network learned from relevant channels that the Audi Grandsphere concept car will usher in the first show in China on November 17. Among them, the Grandsphere concept car adopts the design of a four-door GT model, which is not much different from the existing traditional models, but in the interior part, the unique spatial image is integrated with the fully digital cockpit, which is full of futuristic feeling.

In order to realize the unique structure of the electric drive system, the new car adopts a short front suspension design, a flat front hatch cover and a front windshield protruding forward to further expand the seating space in the car. Starting from the lower edge of the front hatch cover, along the horizontal lines on the side of the car body, it shows a slender proportion of the car body, which is also the characteristic of GT models. This line also runs through the whole side of the car body, and the slender tail behind the C-pillar is also an extension of streamline.

On the side of the car body, the new car adopts the design of the opposite door, thus canceling the B-pillar, but it does not adopt the borderless window shape. The rim size of the new car is 23 inches, which continues the style of the Audi Avus concept car in the 1990s, and the structure of the rim can further improve the driving stability. The tail of the roof adopts a dynamic inclined arch design, which continues the classic elements of the Audi Sportback model. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5350/2000/1390mm and the wheelbase is 3190mm respectively.

As a veritable lamp factory, Audi has adopted a long and narrow headlight group design on the enclosed air intake grille, and its internal lighting unit is like a focused eye, and cited the brand logo of Sihuan. This means that the size of the lighting area will change in real time according to the traffic conditions, and the shape of the taillights also has the same characteristics.

Because there is no B-pillar, sitting in the car shows a unique sense of space, and hides the steering wheel, pedals and dashboard, making the interior space more open. At the same time, the wide glass surface, the protruding front windshield and the transparent roof are all strengthening the feeling of opening the sun.

In terms of interiors, before the driving function is turned on, the black screen of both the dashboard and the virtual instrument system will be hidden, replacing the comfortable space made of top materials. Around the car, seat covers and carpets are made of wood, wool, synthetic textile fabrics and metals, which have a very good touch, and many of them are made of sustainable or reused raw materials.

In the L4 autopilot mode, the steering wheel and pedals will be hidden, and the driving area will become a truly free space, with a wide view through the large front window and side window. The projection surface on the wooden platform can be used as the screen of video conference, and it can be controlled in a touch-free way. When the seat leans backwards, it can be used through the combination of eye tracking and gesture control.

In the power part, the new car is built on Audi’s more advanced PPE platform. The total output power of the two motors is 530kW, the peak torque can reach 960N·m, the capacity of the power battery reaches 120kWh, and the cruising range will exceed 750 km. Based on the driving demand, all-wheel drive can be realized by electronic control, and the acceleration time is expected to be only about 4 seconds.

Honda’s brand-new E: N family will be unveiled at Guangzhou Auto Show.

Not long ago, Honda China officially released a brand new pure electric vehicle brand "e:N" in the domestic market. At the same time, the first models of the "e:N" series of production cars: Dongfeng Honda’s e:NS1 special edition and Guangqi Honda’s e:NP1 special edition will also be the first to appear at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and it is planned to be officially listed in the spring of 2022.

It is understood that the naming of "e:N" stands for Energize, Electric, New and Next respectively. Its first models, e:NP1 and e:NS1, can also be regarded as pure electric versions of Binzhi. The overall shape of the new car adopts two different styles, e:NP1 is more home-oriented, while e:NS1 is more sporty.

In terms of appearance, the front grille of e:NP1 and e:NS1 new cars adopts a closed design, and the logo that can be lit above the grille creates a good sense of technology, but the overall lines are still close to the existing Honda models, just like Honda Binzhi. There are not too many complicated lines on the side and tail, which belongs to the simple and eye-catching type, and also resembles the cash Binzhi.

In the interior, the new car will use a 10.25-inch suspended LCD instrument and a 15.2-inch vertically arranged LCD central control screen. The overall visual effect is simple and scientific, with a Nordic style, which is expected to attract the attention of many young people.

As for the e:N Coupe concept, e:N SUV concept and e:N GT concept, the shapes of these three cars are quite radical. Judging from the few pictures at present, the whole car uses a lot of angular lines to outline an extremely sci-fi appearance, which is somewhat similar to Tesla CyberTruck, as if it were a product from the future. It is reported that the production versions of these three models will be listed one after another in five years. As for whether this sci-fi appearance can be maintained after mass production, let us wait and see.

Write at the end:

The above are the super-luxury flagship cars, super sports cars and concept cars listed by Car Selection Network. The 19th Guangzhou Auto Show in 2021 is also the last heavy auto show this year. Different car brands show their car-making technology and higher technical level through their products, and even have bold imagination about the future new energy concept cars. Can any of these models attract you?