Audio Vivid HD Space Audio Online AITO Ask M5 Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition

On April 17th, the brand-new model AITO Wenjie M5 series Huawei Advanced Intelligent Driving Edition was released in Shanghai. The brand-new model released this time supports the high-definition spatial audio function. Huawei’s high-definition spatial audio based on the Audio Vivid standard is the first time to "get on the bus", and users can experience it through the high-definition spatial audio zone of Huawei Music.


Huawei HD space audio is based on Audio Vivid(IT House Note: Jingcai Sound) audio codec standard, which provides end-to-end full-link high-quality audio service from content source, car operating system to HUAWEI Sound audio equipment, and gives full play to the immersive listening effect of the cockpit through deep adjustment of software and hardware.

Audio Vivid is the world’s first AI-based audio codec standard, which was released by the World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance. . Compared with traditional car audio, Huawei HD space audio can restore a sense of orientation that ordinary stereo music can’t hear, and make the sound linger around users in all directions by virtually reconstructing the spherical sound field. At the same time, the audience can also listen to songs in a brand-new way, and clearly hear the rustle of insects hidden in the tropical rain forest, the flow of streams in spring, the lingering wind and sand in the desert, and so on.

Through end-to-end depth adaptation with HUAWEI Sound, Huawei Music makes precise adjustment from timbre, orientation, change, sense of space and many other experience effects, and creates a balanced sound field with the help of 19 irregularly arranged high, medium and low speakers in the whole car. At the same time, based on the virtual sound image positioning technology and the cabin sound field matching algorithm, the motion trajectories of different sounds are rendered in real time, so that the sounds flow naturally in all directions and the directional details are clear and identifiable.

Huawei Music launched a high-definition space audio zone, and cooperated with Sony Select, Universal Music China, 2L and other brands to provide pop, classical, national style, environmental sound, film and television drama OST and other multi-style music, and launched high-definition space audio experience songs such as "Commuter Story", "Self-driving Guide" and "Elegant Classical" according to travel scenes.

Open the Huawei Music App and click the "Space Audio" icon to enter the special area to experience and listen to the high-definition space audio versions of Tanya Chua, G.E.M., Mao Bu, Xu Wei, Charlie and other singers.


Huawei Music has provided high-definition spatial audio content services for some models of Huawei’s mobile phones, tablets and smart screens, as well as AITO’s M5 Huawei Advanced Smart Driving Edition, and will continue to adapt to more smart terminals in the future.