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  International Online auto channel News: On December 26, 2021, Zhiji Automobile’s first masterpiece — — The first batch of 200 Beta experience versions of Zhiji L7, the performance flagship true smart car, was officially delivered offline. Combining strong R&D strength and exquisite manufacturing technology, it presents users with the painstaking efforts of the industry. Integrating the flagship performance of millions of levels with the leading intelligence in the industry, Zhiji L7 leads the times and creates "what cars should look like in the intelligent era".

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Zhiji L7 Beta Experience Edition Offline Ceremony

  The one-year period has come, and all the promises have been fulfilled. As the first mass-produced model of Zhiji Automobile, Zhiji L7 has not only achieved the measured high-limit elk over 80km/h and the steady-state maximum lateral acceleration of 0.968G, but also the ultra-low wind resistance of 0.21Cd is top-notch. 3.87 seconds 100 km acceleration, 32.69 meters 100 km braking and other amazing achievements, but also get authoritative certification. "im L7 is one of the greatest performance cars we have worked on", and F1 Williams’ forward-looking engineering team praised Zhiji l7 as one of its best performance models.

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Performance flagship true smart car — — Zhiji L7

  Outline the beauty of appearance with millions of curves, subvert the rules of the game with millions of performances, and upgrade the quality with the world’s first pure taste workshop. Zhiji L7 has fulfilled its promise and presented a full sensory subversion experience.

  Outline the beauty of appearance with a million curves

  Sports passion and elegant aesthetics are within reach. Zhiji L7 is positioned in the mainstream medium and large luxury car with a length of 5098mm and a wheelbase of 3100mm. Zhiji L7 creates a smooth curve with ultra-low wind resistance, draws pure colors with humanistic connotation, brings a low-prone combat posture based on pure electric structure, and shapes a vigorous and powerful posture with a high-strength body. Interpret the elegant and dynamic aesthetics of Zhizhi with the avant-garde beauty of infinite space and eternal time.

  6 artistic car colors and 3 pure interior colors. Inspired by great artists all over the world, Zhiji L7 has launched six pure appearance colors: pissarro White, Raphael Tea, Cezanne Black, Rembrandt Grey, Mo Landi Grey and Di Anna White. At the same time, three interior colors, namely, plain dyeing and chasing light, dark in secret and brown in rock grinding, were introduced to match with them, which not only enhanced the artistic impression, but also gave the automobile humanistic art resonance and rich emotional expression.

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0.21Cd million curve

  0.21Cd million curve. Million curves, creating an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.21Cd. Zhiji L7 draws a smooth roof arc with ingenious craftsmanship, which not only outlines the beauty of pure curve with condensed lines, but also achieves the world’s top wind resistance performance certified by China Automobile Research Institute, comparable to millions of luxury models.

  490mm low center of gravity posture. With the forward-looking layout design of high-end pure electric architecture at iO origin, Zhiji L7 has achieved a perfect axle-load ratio of 50: 50, and with the low body of 1485mm and the ultra-wide body of 1960mm, it has completely bid farewell to the bloated body of electric vehicles and created a low-lying, sporty fighting posture. Thanks to this, Zhiji L7 has an ultra-low body center of gravity of 490mm, which is 60mm lower than that of the same fuel vehicle, giving it a more stable dynamic performance in addition to the aesthetic appearance. In addition, the unique widened back shoulder design similar to the high-performance super sports car also brings a sense of speed and strength to Zhiji L7. Responding to it is the ultra-high strength body, which is strong from the inside out.

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Four wheel steering technology

  Overturning the rules of the game with millions of performances

  Zhiji L7 is equipped with the super combination of "four-wheel drive+four-wheel steering", and is blessed with F1 Williams master chassis adjustment. The amazing results of 3.87 seconds acceleration and 32.69 meters braking in 100 kilometers were measured by the authority of the National Motor Vehicle Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Shanghai), which not only brought the passion of flying close to the ground, but also completely subverted the performance game rules in the fuel age.

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F1 Williams Master Chassis

  F1 Williams Master Chassis. Strong dynamic performance must match the top chassis quality. The high-performance all-aluminum chassis with low center of gravity and light weight was specially adjusted by Williams Forward-looking Engineering Team with F1 technology accumulation, and it lasted for 180 days in the famous Millbrook proving ground in Britain. For 108 driving and control performance indicators such as CDC, front and rear independent suspension and four-wheel steering, strict calibration and verification were carried out. Finally, in the actual measurement, Zhiji L7 achieved a steady-state maximum lateral acceleration of 0.968G and the actual measurement of Elk over 80 km/h.. With F1 master adjustment, truly release the driving pleasure of Zhiji L7. With the ultra-high limit and ultra-stable driving control, it brings users a calm and steady flying and driving enjoyment.

  3.87 seconds 100 kilometers acceleration. Zhiji L7 is equipped with a four-wheel drive layout composed of front and rear dual motors. The industry-leading super-three-electric system adopts the extremely fast direct cooling technology with international patents, fully releasing the super power of 425kW/725Nm, which is more than twice the power of luxury fuel vehicles of the same class, comparable to the top fuel engine of 4.0T V8, and the acceleration of 3.87 seconds is at your fingertips. Super cooling not only brings amazing acceleration performance, but also can realize more than 10 consecutive ejections, bringing unbounded power experience.

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The shortest braking distance at the same level of 32.69m.

  The shortest braking distance at the same level is 32.69 meters. Zhiji L7 is equipped with exclusive customized Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires, which are jointly selected and adjusted by Zhiji and Williams Forward-looking Engineering Team. The exclusive formula is adopted to perfectly balance performance and comfort. The lightweight Brembo high-performance braking system accurately controls every millimeter of tire rolling, and the shortest braking distance of 32.69 meters proves the top braking performance.

  Four wheel steering technology. From the beginning of architecture design, Zhiji Automobile has considered the compatibility of four-wheel steering technology. The rear wheel steering system of Zhiji L7 can achieve a maximum steering angle of 12 in both directions, and the diameter of low-speed U-turn is as low as 10.8 meters, which gives luxury C-class cars the control flexibility comparable to that of A-class cars.

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The world’s first pure taste workshop creates a pure and immersive space.

  Create a pure and immersive space with pure taste workshop

  Under the background of consumption upgrading, people’s demands for in-car health have increased exponentially. Creating a pure and immersive car experience and satisfying customers’ advanced taste requirements with high standards and high quality is the goal of Zhiji Automobile.

  Zhi Ji Jing Wei workshop. Zhiji Automobile invested heavily to build an exclusive odor-purifying workshop in the industry, completely refreshing the indoor air quality standards of the whole industry. Health, starting from each industrial particle of customized brand, has gone through a series of pre-exclusive full-process customization processes, such as extraction, degradation and aldehyde removal, vacuum devolatilization, odor removal, 100% full contact and lasting fresh air ventilation, to create an industry-leading baby-level environmentally-friendly health cockpit, allowing users to enjoy the clean smell space 182 days in advance.

  Zhiji L7 interior plastic parts are made of exclusive ultra-low odor materials, which are developed and customized by the top international supplier Pret Pulit, and cooperate with the top technologies rarely found in the industry, such as water extraction, vacuum evaporation and water-based bonding, to eliminate harmful small molecular volatiles from the source. Zhongke Litai, a well-known supplier in the field of polymer materials, also specially customized a high-efficiency formaldehyde remover for Zhiji Automobile, which made the formaldehyde emission of Zhiji L7 vehicle lower than 1/10 of the national standard limit. The special front site can ventilate and disperse the smell of interior parts: the specially designed parts rack can greatly increase the air contact area of parts, and improve the efficiency of dispersing the smell by up to 1700%; The ventilation and fresh air system can replace all the air in the factory every 20 minutes, and effectively ventilate and disperse the smell for the parts. Leave it in the field for 7-10 days, and the parts will have a clean taste state equivalent to that of a new car for 182 days.

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Zhiji L7 Beta Experience Edition Offline Ceremony

  Today, Zhiji L7 has completed a series of vehicle and parts tests, such as high and low temperature, durability, battery puncture and so on, with strict standards far higher than the industry. In addition to the long endurance performance of 708km with two-wheel drive and 615km with four-wheel drive, Zhiji L7 also supports 11kW high-power wireless charging, which can recharge without worry and travel freely. Its IM AD intelligent driving system has also successfully challenged the difficult road conditions in 5 cities, showing a high-level intelligent driving that can grow, iterate and be "the most human-like"; The intelligent car language system allows users to express their lives freely with the next generation of intelligent car light technology. In addition, Zhiji Auto will also share the smart age bonus with users. Based on the "Original Stone Valley" user data rights plan, users can exchange the original stone for the rights of the next generation laser radar integrated intelligent driving system and the next generation high-end energy battery. (Source: Zhiji Automobile)