First launch of the fifth-generation DM-i super hybrid, auto show real shot BYD Qin L.

After the beginning of the year, BYD Qin PLUS started the "first shot", and with the pricing of "798", it officially kicked off BYD’s "electricity is lower than oil". At the Beijing Auto Show held today, BYD’s family car camp once again ushered in reinforcement, and the highly anticipated BYD Qin L was officially unveiled. Under the blessing of BYD’s brand appeal, the car has received high attention both offline and online.

According to the official information released by BYD, BYD Qin L can be regarded as a sister model of BYD Qin PLUS series, which has a higher positioning. Later, they will form a two-car camp to compete for the new energy sedan market of about 100,000. According to gossip, it is known that the future price of this car may be above 120,000. I wonder what you think of this price?

In terms of product strength, BYD Qin L is still obviously different from the current BYD Qin PLUS series. For example, in terms of appearance, BYD Qin L looks more fashionable and sporty, mainly because it adopts the design language of "New Country Tide and Beauty Aesthetics", and the front of the car is given a lattice rectangular mesh, which is matched with a luminous "Dragon beard" daytime running lamp and a long and narrow headlight group. The visual effect is very scientific and technological.

On the side, BYD Qin L has a harmonious proportion, and you can see a three-dimensional waistline extending from the front of the car to the rear fender. In addition, the concave rib line design under the car door brings excellent three-dimensional effect and strength, and it is not so easy to produce aesthetic fatigue. In terms of size, the length, width and height of BYD Qin L are 4830/1900/1495mm and the wheelbase is 2790mm, which belongs to the positioning of medium-sized cars. Compared with Qin PLUS series, it is basically a big circle, and it is no wonder that the gas field performance of the whole vehicle is more in place.

In terms of tail, BYD Qin L’s design sense is also online. The duckling tail design is given above the taillight group, which has a good sporty atmosphere with the shape of surrounding some diffusers. In the middle part, the popular through-lamp group is given, and the cavity area is not small. In addition, the concept comes from the taillight shape of Chinese knot, and the visual effect is very conspicuous after lighting.

In addition, in the interior part, it is not difficult to find out from the actual photos taken at the auto show site that BYD Qin L has also adopted a brand-new design language, and it is reported that the inspiration comes from China landscape painting. The color scheme in the car is beige, and a lot of soft materials are used. The design of the center console is simple and clear, giving an iconic rotatable central control large screen, the latest DiLink car system built in, and the design of embedded instrument panel, which brings a good sense of science and technology.

In addition, in terms of details, BYD Qin L’s three-position multi-function steering wheel also adopts color matching, which further enhances the texture. The control area has been given a brand-new BYD Heart crystal ball head block, and physical buttons such as air conditioning, driving mode and power mode are retained around it, which can facilitate the driver to do blind exercises, which is still worthy of praise.

And if we want to say that BYD Qin L’s product strength is the most bright spot, there is no doubt that its three-electric system belongs to it, because it is equipped with BYD’s fifth-generation DM-i super hybrid system for the first time, and its configuration is still composed of a 1.5L self-priming engine+motor, in which the maximum power of the engine is 74kW, and the maximum power of the motor is divided into two specifications: 120kW and 160kW. The battery pack of the new car adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, and the WLTC pure battery life will be available in 60km and 90km versions. According to the news released by BYD, the comprehensive battery life of the fifth-generation DM-i should be able to easily exceed 1000km.

Generally speaking, BYD Qin L’s product performance is definitely better than Qin PLUS series, such as better space experience, better materials and richer car configuration, and it is also equipped with the fifth generation DM-i super hybrid technology, which is expected to be more economical while being used sexually. So not surprisingly, BYD Qin L will become another hot-selling model of BYD in the future. So what do you think of this car? Welcome to share your opinions in the comments section.