Xiaomi SU7 was launched on March 28th. It is a sports car model in nine colors, with a price of 215,900 yuan.

Perhaps the market has been talked about the most recently. Because it is its first model. It has always been a hot topic for mobile phone companies to produce cars, and this car has been brewing for a long time. Now, finally, the bride has unveiled what it looks like. Everyone is full of curiosity and hopes to find out, which naturally attracts much attention.

In fact, as a mobile phone manufacturer, it is quite advantageous to produce new energy vehicles. Everyone knows that new energy vehicles rely on many chips, and mobile phones also need chips. Although they are different, they should be more similar, so manufacturers of mobile phone accessories can also produce some new energy car accessories. This brings more convenience for mobile phone manufacturers to produce new energy vehicles.

So what is the high-profile millet SU7? Let’s learn from it. First look at its body size and color. The body dimensions of SU7 are 4997mm/1963mm/1440mm, respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 3000mm. From the wheelbase, the interior space of this car should be relatively spacious, positioned in a medium-sized and large-sized pure electric car, with a length of nearly five meters. The most important thing is that it looks very similar, and some people even use the word "copy". This appearance alone is enough to take the lead.

There are nine colors. There are blue and orange in sports cars, elegant gray, blue and purple in fashion colors, olive green and Cambrian gray in luxury colors, and pearl white and diamond black in classic colors. Now, the names of these colors are so poetic, and it is only after touching the car that I know that the derivative meaning of color has exceeded its own meaning.

The design of the front face adopts the brand’s iconic language, the millet logo is embedded in the middle of the front of the car, and the headlights on the left and right sides are inserted with flat design elements. These two "eyes" look very temperament; The iconic Chinese character "Mi" is also embedded in the lamp group. Another feature is that the color of the lower grille of the front bumper is the same as that of the car body. The nose dive design is very dynamic. The rear of the car is well-defined, with a C-shaped penetrating light group and the letters "xiaomi" printed on the tailgate, which once again shows its brand logo.

As for the interior, the seat of SU7 is made of genuine leather, and the roof is equipped with suede and a large skylight. It is equipped with an electronic shield, an embedded 7.1-inch LCD instrument panel, and it can be turned over, which is convenient and practical. In the island part, there is a wireless charging panel for mobile phones, an open cup holder and toggle-type physical buttons, which are used to control air conditioners, tails, etc. In addition, it is equipped with five-screen linkage function, including central control screen, dashboard and two Xiaomi Pad rear ecological expansion screens, which is full of entertainment.

In terms of power, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with a millet super motor V8s and a high-voltage system, which has set a new speed record worldwide, reaching 27200rpm. The chip is Snapdragon 8295, and the chassis is Xiaomi intelligent chassis with built-in intelligent braking system. Batteries are provided.

As for the motor of SU7, the peak power of the standard front drive motor is 220kW, 400N.m, and the acceleration of 100 km is 5.28 seconds. The maximum power of the SU7pro version is also 220 kW, the maximum torque is 400N.m, and the acceleration of 100 kilometers is 5.7 seconds; Max version has a maximum power of 495 kW, a maximum torque of 838N.m and an acceleration of 2.78 seconds per 100 km.

In terms of battery life, the standard version uses 400v fast charge, which can last 350 kilometers in 15 minutes. With lithium iron carbonate battery pack, the pure battery life can reach 700 kilometers. The Pro version also uses 400V fast charge, and the battery pack is different from the standard version. It is equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s 94.3kwh group, with a pure battery life of 830 kilometers; Max version adopts 800V high-voltage fast charging, which can charge 510 kilometers in 15 minutes. The battery is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s 101kwh ternary lithium Kirin battery pack; Pure battery life is 800 kilometers.

In terms of intelligent driving system, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with Xiaomi Pilot intelligent driving system and Xiaomi HyperOS intelligent cockpit system. The whole system comes standard with high-speed navigation, one-button parking service and intelligent parking, as well as auxiliary driving functions such as extremely narrow parking.

On the whole, it feels good. The listing prices are 215,900 yuan for the standard version, 245,900 yuan for the Pro version and 299,900 yuan for the Max version. What do you think of this millet SU7?