Why does the trading software fail? Securities and Futures Commission asks Oriental Fortune! Is the application for new business qualification affected?


On Tuesday, the East Fortune Trading Software was shut down many times a day, which caused a great uproar. Up to now, the cause of the accident and the handling of customer complaints have not been announced and resolved.

On March 24th, the CSRC mentioned the failure of trading software in its feedback on Dongfang fortune securities Co., Ltd.’ s qualification to apply for market-making trading of listed securities.

The CSRC said that recently, it was concerned that the media reported that your company’s securities trading software could not log in and trade normally. Please explain the causes, impacts and rectification of this information security incident, and further explain whether the company meets the condition of "no major and above information security incidents occurred in the information system in the last year".



Oriental Fortune Trading Software is down many times a day.

On March 21st, the Eastern Fortune APP experienced abnormal user login for a long time, abnormal position display and inability to trade in the morning and afternoon respectively. “Dongcai collapsed."So boarded the Weibo hot search.

Judging from the feedback from investors, the time of unstable operation of the APP on that day accumulated for several hours. Until Tuesday’s close, investors still reported that they still could not see the position.

For the crash of Oriental Fortune software that day, many netizens said that even if it was restored, it was not sold in time, but it was still damaged. Some netizens said on social networking sites: "Let’s join a group to change brokers, I’m tired …" "I just want to build more trading software for Dongcai, and my reputation will collapse today, and Dongcai will soon lose a large number of customers." There are also many angry investors seeking to protect rights.

According to the Measures for the Reporting, Investigation and Handling of Cyber Security Incidents in Securities and Futures Industry issued by CSRC on June 4, 2021, when there is a serious abnormality in the real-time trading system other than the centralized bidding trading system, and the fault lasts for more than 30 minutes, it is a major event; If the fault lasts more than 10 minutes, it is a major event.

Regarding the cause of this incident, the staff of the East Fortune Office responded to the media on March 21st, saying that they need to confirm with the technical department before giving a specific reply.

On March 21st, the system announcement disclosed by Oriental fortune securities in official website said: "Today, some customers of our securities trading system have abnormal login, and the intraday trading has returned to normal. We apologize for this. If you have any questions, please contact the business outlets or 95357, and we will do our best to serve you. "



Information technology security is the basic condition for applying for the qualification of listed securities market-making business.

China, a securities firm, noted that Article 3 of the Pilot Provisions on science and technology innovation board Stock Market Trading Business of Securities Companies lists ten entry conditions for securities firms to obtain market trading business qualifications of listed securities, among which Article 9 reads "The company has not had any major or above information security incidents in the last year".

In addition, when other securities firms have obtained the qualification for market trading of listed securities before, the supervision will also pay special attention to strengthening information technology security management in the approval. The company is required to "strengthen information technology security management, take effective measures to ensure the safe and stable operation of information systems related to the market-making business of listed securities, establish effective emergency plans and exercise them regularly, and strictly guard against system accidents. The company shall strengthen the dynamic risk monitoring of the market-making business of listed securities to ensure that the market-making business of listed securities is carried out within the risk limit set by the company. "

In the past six months, this is the second large-scale failure of Oriental Fortune. On the morning of November 9, 2022, many investors reported that the stock trading software such as Oriental Fortune and Straight Flush APP had "collapsed" and "the displayed market was wrong", and the topic was also rushed to the hot search. The abnormal situation also has an impact on the transactions of some investors. However, the failure proved to be caused by the abnormal LEVEL-2 market of SSE, which affected many brokers.

It is worth mentioning that in May, 2022, the Institutional Department of the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the Circular on Institutional Supervision, which made a special report on many cases of information system security incidents that occurred at that time. According to the analysis of the CSRC, the main types of incidents and the problems reflected have the following five aspects:

First, the compliance and internal control management of individual companies is not in place, and there are weak links in the process of system upgrading and transformation;

Second, the main responsibility consciousness is not strong, the performance is weak, and the system architecture of software provided by external suppliers is not clearly, accurately and completely grasped;

Third, the operation and maintenance personnel are not standardized enough to establish an effective authority management and review mechanism;

Fourth, there are shortcomings in the current development and management of mobile APP, which has become an information system security incident prone area;

Five, there are loopholes in security management, and the network protection ability to deal with external network attacks or crawler program access still needs to be improved.

Recently, the concept of AI has attracted attention again.

Judging from the performance of the stock price, the share price of Oriental Fortune took a "roller coaster" this week. On Tuesday, when the APP was down, the share price of Oriental Fortune rose slightly by 1%, and fell sharply by 5.85% on Wednesday, while it rose successively on Thursday and Friday due to the high popularity of AI and other topics. Overall, the share price of Oriental Fortune fell only slightly by 0.35% this week.



On March 23, Oriental Fortune said on the interactive platform of the exchange that the company has successively developed a number of artificial intelligence-related projects such as the AI intelligent production platform of Oriental Fortune financial data, multimedia intelligent information and interactive platform system, and made specific applications in some products and services of the company.

The company will continue to keep up with the forefront of AI technology development, continuously increase investment in R&D technology, continuously strengthen AI capacity building, further strengthen the technical capabilities of natural language processing, image processing, speech recognition and multimodal fusion, and continue to conduct in-depth research in AIGC, interactive AI and other fields, improve content ecological construction, enhance intelligent operation capabilities, continuously optimize user experience, and enhance the company’s overall service capabilities.

Open source securities analysis believes that the company’s positive attitude is conducive to boosting market confidence. As an Internet wealth management platform, the company has a segmentation scenario of AI empowerment, years of financial data accumulation and high sustained R&D investment. Therefore, it is optimistic about the company’s advantages in AI capacity building and AI technology integration, and it is expected to maintain the leading edge of Internet wealth management business.