Spring in Changxing Island is the arrival of "plum berries"

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Looking closely, it’s not that the snow is fragrant, but the wind is blowing fragrant.

"Mei" good times

She laughed in the bushes.

When flowers are booming

Qiao does not strive for spring, but only reports spring.

Though icicles from beetling cliffs still hang miles long. One flower sweet and fair is there among.

The spring departed in wind and rain; With flying snow it’s back again.

Buzuo Yongmei

Before other flowers bloom, plum blossoms are in full bloom in Meiyuan, Changxing Island Country Park.February 23rd-March 20th, 2024The plum garden in Changxing Island Country Park can enjoy the plum blossoms and pray again.

Flower island plum viewing

"Mei" is good for time and light.

In the countryside, I met plum blossoms in ancient poems. Changxing Island Country ParkHaishang MeiyuanThere are more than 300 kinds of plum blossoms planted, and there are eight scenic spots in Meiyuan.

There is a special plant in the garden.MeiwangThe variety is Gongfenmei, with three stems clustered, with a diameter of 40 cm and a tree age of about 80 years. It has migrated here several times.

This year, Meiyuan not only has real plum blossoms, but also plum blossoms blooming in ancient poems. Meiyuan has set up the background wall of plum blossom ancient poetry, in which plum blossom has the spirit of being fearless of cold, indomitable and unyielding.

Mei yuan qi fu

"Mei" is good for time and light.

Warm spring breeze with thoughts.

Blow into the distance

The fragrance of plum blossoms withbless

Stay in your heart

One by oneBlessing belt

Tied with a sincere blessing.

Pieces of plum blossoms

Carrying a beautiful hope.

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"Plum berry" and Gonggong

"Berry" is delicious.

If plum blossom is the beauty of sight and smell, then strawberry is the beauty of taste.

Sweet strawberries can not only increase the mood value, but also increase the health value. StrawberryVitamin c content is extremely highThe recommended daily requirement of vitamin C for the average adult is75 mg, and every100 gramsThe content of vitamin C in fresh strawberries is there.50 mg.

Vitamin c can improve the body’s immunity and reduce the invasion of viruses in the changeable temperature.

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Source: Shanghai Changxing Island Country Park

Editor: Shi Qilei

Audit: Liu Hao

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