From tomorrow, these new rules will affect your life.

  Cctv newsIn October 2017, a number of new laws and regulations will be formally implemented: if the aided person is damaged by voluntary emergency rescue, the rescuer will not bear civil liability; Insulting the national anthem or being investigated for criminal responsibility; The implementation of the newly revised "Contents and Methods of Motor Vehicle Driver Examination"; The group owner shall perform the responsibility of group management; The state no longer uniformly prohibits the use of mobile phones on airplanes, and it is up to airlines to decide.

  Implementation of that general principle of People’s Republic of China (PRC) civil Law

  The General Principles of the Civil Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) was formally implemented on October 1st, which is related to the all-round protection of everyone from the cradle to the grave, such as the civil right of the fetus to inherit and receive gifts; Lower the lower age limit for persons with limited capacity for civil conduct; Emphasize the obligation of raising and supporting; Adults with full capacity for civil conduct can determine guardians through consultation; Increase the protection of virtual property; The limitation of action was extended from two years to three years.

  Article 184 of the General Principles of Civil Law has attracted much attention, and it is called the "Good Man Law", which clearly states that "the rescuer shall not bear civil liability if the aided person is harmed by voluntary emergency rescue."

  Insulting the national anthem or being investigated for criminal responsibility

  National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China Law shall come into force on October 1, 2017. The National Anthem Law stipulates the occasions and etiquette norms when the national anthem should be played, and encourages the broad masses of people to sing the national anthem and patriotic songs. The law also provides penalties for insulting the national anthem and other acts. The National Anthem Law clearly stipulates that in public places, those who deliberately tamper with the lyrics and music scores of the national anthem, play the national anthem in a distorted or derogatory way, or insult the national anthem in other ways shall be given a warning or detained for less than 15 days by the public security organs; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

  The new driving test regulations will implement six hanging items, so be careful.

  The newly revised "Contents and Methods of Motor Vehicle Driver Examination" was officially implemented on October 1st. Among them, the items that need to be carefully failed include: the time limit for reversing the warehouse is 210 seconds, and the overtime is failed; The lateral parking time limit is 90 seconds, and the overtime is suspended; Do not take the initiative to avoid pedestrians when crossing the intersection, and fail directly; Don’t look back before you get off the bus and open the door, stop too far from the curb, and fail directly; Turn without turning on the light, or turn on the light for less than 3 seconds, and fail the course directly; When the slope starts and stops, the car body is more than 50cm away from the edge line, and it is directly failed. In addition, there are three changes: 5 points will be deducted if the curve driving is not above the second gear; The proportion of civilized driving knowledge examination questions increased; 8 relaxation standards for midway parking.

  The group owner shall perform the responsibility of group management.

  The Regulations on the Administration of Internet Group Information Services came into effect on October 8th. It stipulates that Internet group founders and managers should fulfill the responsibility of group management, standardize group network behavior and information release according to laws and regulations, user agreements and platform conventions, and build a civilized and orderly network group space. Internet group members should abide by laws and regulations, interact with each other in a civilized way and express rationally when participating in group information exchange.

  The state no longer uniformly prohibits the use of mobile phones on airplanes, and it is up to airlines to decide for themselves.

  The fifth revised "Rules for the Examination and Approval of Operation Qualification of Large Aircraft Public Air Transport Carriers" came into effect on October 1st. The new rules relaxed the regulations on the management of portable electronic equipment on board, allowing airlines to evaluate the impact of portable electronic equipment as the main body and formulate corresponding management and use policies. In other words, whether electronic products such as mobile phones can be used on airplanes is no longer stipulated by the state, but decided by airlines themselves.

  These situations are no longer unlicensed and unlicensed.

  The Measures for Investigating and Handling Unlicensed Business will be implemented on October 1st. After the implementation of the new measures, the following two types of business activities are not unlicensed: selling agricultural and sideline products and daily necessities at places and times designated by local people’s governments at or above the county level, or individuals using their own skills to engage in convenient labor activities without obtaining permission according to law; In accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and the State Council decisions, engage in business activities that do not require permission or registration. That is to say, in the places stipulated by the government, it is good for farmers to go to the city to sell a dish, and residents to set up a booth to repair an umbrella and sharpen a knife, and they no longer need to apply for a license.

  Quick return of universal insurance products was stopped.

  On October 1st, the Notice of China Insurance Regulatory Commission on Regulating the Product Development and Design Behavior of Life Insurance Companies was officially implemented. The new regulations require that "two red lines cannot be touched" in the design of life insurance products: First, products cannot be attached with universal insurance accounts, that is, universal insurance cannot exist in the form of additional insurance; Second, the annuity insurance cannot be returned within 5 years, and the annual return amount after 5 years cannot exceed 20% of the premium paid.

  The notice also mentioned that insurance companies should be supported and encouraged to differentiate pricing according to the insured’s health status and smoking status when determining the rates of term life insurance products and whole life insurance products, so as to improve the scientific pricing level of products.

  Implementation of the Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Financing Guarantee Companies

  The Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Financing Guarantee Companies shall come into force on October 1st. Financing guarantee refers to the guarantor’s behavior of providing guarantee for debt financing such as borrowing and issuing bonds. According to the regulations, a financing guarantee company shall, in accordance with the principle of prudent operation, establish and improve various internal control systems such as business norms and risk management. The balance of guarantee liability shall not exceed 10 times of its net assets, and it shall not provide financing guarantee for its controlling shareholder or actual controller. It is prohibited for a financing guarantee company to engage in activities such as deposit absorption or disguised deposit absorption, self-operated loans or entrusted loans and entrusted investments.

  Four industry standards for tourism accommodation are implemented, and homestays are also graded.

  The four industry standards for handling complaints by tour operators, basic requirements and evaluation of tourist homestays, basic requirements and evaluation of cultural theme tourist hotels and boutique tourist hotels have all been implemented since October 1 this year. Among them, it is clear in the Code for Handling Complaints by Tourism Operators that tourism operators should make a decision on accepting complaints within 12 hours, and it should not exceed 24 hours under special circumstances. In "Basic Requirements and Evaluation of Tourist Homes", tourist homestays are divided into two grades, namely, Golden Accommodation Grade and Silver Accommodation Grade. The Jinsu level is a high level.

  Implementation of the new list of restricted pesticides

  The List of Pesticides Restricted in Use (2017 Edition) came into effect on October 1, and the labels of pesticides required to be included in the list should be marked with the words "Restricted in Use" and indicate the special restrictions and requirements for use; For edible agricultural products, the label shall also indicate the safety interval.

  Xiamen, Fujian: Pedestrians can be exempted from punishment for helping to maintain traffic order after passing illegally.

  The Provisions of Xiamen Special Economic Zone on Promoting Social Civilization emphasizes that "pedestrians who voluntarily receive traffic safety education and help maintain traffic order can be exempted from punishment after passing illegally". Strict penalties are required for illegal parking regulations, and there are special provisions for the standardized parking of shared bicycles.

  Changchun, Jilin: Cohabitation and other relationships are included in the scope of domestic violence protection.

  The newly revised Regulations on Prevention and Suppression of Domestic Violence in Changchun will come into effect on October 1st. In the supplementary provisions, the regulations specify that "acts of violence committed between people who are not family members and have relationships such as guardianship, support, foster care and cohabitation, etc., shall be implemented with reference to the provisions of this Ordinance". The regulations stipulate that schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, residents’ committees, villagers’ committees, social work service agencies, rescue management agencies, welfare agencies and their staff find that minors, the elderly, the disabled, women during pregnancy and lactation, and seriously ill patients have suffered or are suspected of suffering from domestic violence, and should report to the public security organ in time; If serious consequences are caused by failing to report the case according to the regulations, the directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be punished according to law by the superior competent department or the unit.