The reporter visited the most complicated overpass in online celebrity: or became a new scenic spot.

CCTV News:Recently, an overpass in Chongqing caught fire on the Internet. It is the Huangjuewan overpass in Nan ‘an District of Chongqing.

Because of the large height difference and many ramps, it is called the most complicated overpass in Chongqing by netizens.

Huangjuewan Interchange, Nan ‘an District, Chongqing

There are many interesting comments on the news about Huangjuewan overpass on the Internet.

Taking the wrong ramp is a one-day trip to Chongqing;

The navigation said, I want to be quiet, just go by yourself.

Chongqing, a city you can’t leave when you come.

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Is the actual situation like everyone said?

After CCTV reporters arrived at Huangjuewan overpass in Chongqing, they found that although the overpass has five floors up and down and 15 ramps, the traffic is relatively smooth, and then the signs on the road signs are relatively clear.

Regarding the question that there are many ramps and it is convenient to drive, the person in charge of the Huangjuewan overpass project responded that although there are many connecting directions of the overpass, it does not affect its identifiability, because there are only two directions for each ramp to choose from, avoiding the situation that "one point is more" is difficult to distinguish quickly. At the same time, in the design of Huangjuewan Interchange, except for the inner ring, vehicles can turn around not far from each ramp exit, about 500 meters to one kilometer. Even if the driver accidentally takes the wrong road, it usually takes only a few minutes to turn around and come back.

Person in charge of Chongqing Huangjuewan overpass project: Multi-storey structure is related to topography.

The person in charge of Huangjuewan overpass project explained the reasons for the multi-storey design of overpass.

It is understood that the construction of Chongqing Huangjuewan overpass started in September 2009, and it has been nearly eight years since the main body was completed on May 30 this year. Why did you design such a complicated overpass at the beginning and what role could it play in local traffic?

Li Yuedong, head of the Huangjuewan overpass project, said that the complexity of the overpass was mainly affected by the special geographical environment of the local two mountains and Jiajiang River.Because of the narrow terrain, in order to realize the interchange of three expressways, the ramp design can’t cross in parallel, and it can only be stacked layer by layer in combination with the terrain height difference.

Li Yuedong said that the Huangjuewan Interchange, as a hub interchange, solved the problem of three expressways connecting the main city of Chongqing. For example, after the newly-built airport was connected to the interchange at high speed, an expressway was added from the main city to Jiangbei Airport, which played a great role in traffic diversion and convenience for citizens to travel.

On May 30th, the main project of Huangjuewan overpass was completed, and the greening landscape project is being implemented. In the future, leisure squares and landscape trails will be built under the overpass.

Relevant departments said in an interview: In the later planning, Chongqing Huangjuewan overpass may become a new scenic spot suitable for leisure and viewing the whole overpass scene.