Smart driving experience ceiling? Joining hands with Huawei, Aouita’s ADS high-level function package will soon start subscription.

In today’s ever-changing new energy vehicle market, intelligent driving is the main performance of electrical intelligence today, and it is also the main research and development direction of major car companies. The city (parameter | inquiry) navigation assistance extended from it is of great significance to the intelligent driving of new energy vehicles. The 2023 Chongqing International Automobile Exhibition opened on June 9, 2023. At the auto show, Aouita announced that the ADS premium function package will be subscribed to all users on June 30. The function package covers the functions of urban intelligent driving navigation assistance (City NCA) and parking service assistance (AVP), realizing a point-to-point full closed-loop intelligent driving experience covering the whole scene of high-speed, urban and parking.

It is said that Aouita ADS premium function package adopts subscription system, and the exhibition also announced the subscription price of ADS premium function package at the same time. Monthly subscription: 640 yuan/month, annual subscription: 6,400 yuan/year, and buyout subscription: 32,000 yuan. After subscription, City NCA can be used in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and will cover Chongqing later.

Since the beginning of 2023, the call for urban navigation assistance has been significantly stronger, but the call is not equal to landing. As far as the industry is concerned, most car companies’ urban navigation assistance is still under planning. Although no specific timetable has been listed, many of them have indicated that they will land during the year, and some have already started internal testing.

Aouita announced that the ADS premium function package will be subscribed to all users before June 30th, which is at the leading level in landing speed. As for the further release of advanced intelligent driving functions and the release of urban NCA functions in more cities, Aouita has also put on the agenda. In the third quarter of this year, urban intelligent driving navigation assistance (City NCA) will be implemented in 15 cities, and in the fourth quarter, urban intelligent driving navigation assistance (City NCA) will be implemented in 45 cities.

As the only brand in the industry that comes standard with HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution, Aouita has achieved deep binding with Huawei in assisted driving technology. Aouita has adopted HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution, which can fully rely on Huawei’s long-term technical accumulation and R&D strength in assisted driving. Thanks to this, Aouita 11 has a faster landing speed in high-level intelligent driving functions such as urban navigation assistance.

Excellent software and hardware system is the basis for realizing high-order intelligent driving function. Aouita 11 City Intelligent Driving Navigation Assistant (City NCA) and parking service Assistant (AVP) are built on the basis of HI Huawei’s full-stack smart car solution, equipped with 34 intelligent driving sensors including three semi-solid laser radars, and realized the 360-degree complete set perception ability of the surrounding environment through the training of AI algorithm.

Underground garages in cities are often complicated in structure, narrow in driveway, with columns everywhere and blind spots in sight, and lack of light, which brings parking difficulties to users and increases parking anxiety. Aouita’s parking service Assist (AVP) is based on the fully integrated perception provided by 34 sensors, the deep empowerment of high-performance computing platform and anthropomorphic intelligent driving algorithm, and makes more accurate recognition calculation, thus making the most efficient operation, freeing users from parking troubles, making the car use process more convenient and bringing an efficient and safe parking experience.

Aouita parking service Auxiliary (AVP) supports multi-depot path and multi-parking space management, and adopts parking complex scene modeling algorithm and parking route generation algorithm to plan the optimal path in real time, so as to realize the seamless connection between cruising and parking and ensure the experience and efficiency of the whole parking process. Through the efficient cooperation of parking service Assist (AVP), Intelligent Parking Assist (APA) and Remote Parking Assist (RPA), Aouita was able to get through the whole link of intelligent parking, and achieved all-round coverage of intelligent driving in the parking scene.

In the face of complex roads and traffic jams in the city, Aouita’s urban intelligent driving pilot assistance (City NCA) will bring more convenient and relaxed driving experience. Just enter the destination on the screen, and Aouita 11 (Parameter | Inquiry) can realize high-order assisted driving functions such as unprotected intersection traffic, car-following start and stop in congested sections, close-range congestion handling, active lane change overtaking and so on according to the navigation planning. It not only brings ease and convenience to the whole driving process, but also provides complete safety guarantee.

From the point of view of data accumulation, up to now, the cumulative mileage of intelligent driving function in Aouita has exceeded 3.13 million kilometers, and APA intelligent parking assistance has been called for more than 710,000 times. A large number of intelligent driving data can continuously improve the advanced intelligent driving function and gradually open it to the public, which may be one of the reasons why the advanced intelligent driving function in Aouita has landed quickly.

Relying on the deep empowerment of Huawei, a strategic partner, Aouita will continue to consolidate its leading position in the smart driving track and become an important force to promote the popularization of smart driving technology.

In addition, in the second half of this year, the second product of Aouita will arrive as scheduled, and the third and fourth products will be available one after another next year.

A powerful intelligent driving system is the key to the progress of electrical intelligence of new energy vehicles and a necessary factor for new energy vehicles in the future. In today’s rapidly developing new energy market, Aouita has greatly enhanced its product strength, given its perfect answer sheet and opened up new areas of intelligent driving by expanding intelligent driving scenes and enriching intelligent driving experience.