[Financial Morning Post] Huawei is good! Involving 3 trillion tracks; Another bank deposit cut interest rates; JD.COM and Tesla join hands? Here comes the response.

  Important news tips

  ChinaReview certification and market supervisionThe center was formally established on the 25th.

  Waiting for many familiesThe head company issued an increase in holdings orTo convey confidence in the company’s future development prospects to investors.

  : It is planned to invest about 28 billion yuan to build a green substrate integration project.

  Prompt of the day

  The M9 and Huawei Winter Scene Conference will be held.

  At 2: 30 pm on December 26th, the press conference of the M9 and Huawei Winter Scene will be held. In addition to the new nova12 series machines, FreeClip ear clip headphones and new smart screen products, the M9 in the world will also make a big debut as a "technology car king". The M9 is equipped with Huawei’s latest full-stack technology solution. The official said that the new car will bring unprecedented smart car experience to users.

  There is one today.

  Jiezhong Technology started the subscription today, with an issue price of 9.34 yuan and an issue price-earnings ratio of 16.98 times. The company’s main business is automotive wiper system parts, automotive door and window system parts and automotive air conditioning system parts and other precision.R&D, production and sales.

  Hong Kong stocks and US stocks resumed normal trading on Tuesday, December 26th.

  financial and economic news

  1. ChinaIndustry Association announced that according to the relevant regulations, 11 institutions including Tianchen Yintai (Shenzhen) Investment Management Co., Ltd. could not continuously meet the registration requirements of managers. The association will cancel the registration of private fund managers of the 11 institutions and record the above situation.Futures market integrity file database. Cancelled private fund managers and related parties shall, in accordance with laws and regulations, the provisions of the CSRC and the relevant self-discipline rules and funds of the Association,It is agreed to properly dispose of the property of the fund under management and protect the legitimate interests of investors according to law.

  2. Shanghai International Energy Exchange Center announced that on December 25th, two groups of four customers combined their positions on the futures 2404 contract of the container transport index (Europe Line) to exceed the position limit. According to the relevant provisions of the Trading Rules of Shanghai International Energy Exchange Center and the Management Rules of the Actual Control Relationship Account of Shanghai International Energy Exchange Center, in the previous period, Energy decided to take regulatory measures to limit the opening of positions for five trading days and limit the withdrawal of funds for the above customers.

  3. According to the news from the General Administration of Market Supervision, the China Examination, Certification and Market Supervision Center was formally established on the 25th.

  The main responsibilities are: according to the LawLaw ","Personal Information Protection Law ","Network Security Review Measures "and relevant national compulsory product certification laws and regulations, and undertake research on network security review technology and methods and technical support for network security review; Carry out products, management systems, services, personnel certification and training, inspection and testing related to network security within the approved scope; Participate in the research and formulation of the development plan of market supervision informatization, and assist in guiding the informatization construction, management and application promotion of the national market supervision system; To undertake the construction, operation and maintenance and technical support of the market supervision business application system and the government information system of the General Administration; Responsible for the construction, management, operation and maintenance of the market supervision center, and support the construction of smart supervision.

  4. The Technical Center for Defective Product Recall of the General Administration of Market Supervision was recently established. The center will mainly carry out research on the theory and technical standards of safety and recall policies for products and foods, put forward suggestions on relevant management policies, planning, innovative development and quality improvement, collect, monitor and analyze defect information, filing information and foreign recall information, as well as product injury monitoring and accident depth investigation, undertake the construction and operation of recall information system, technical expert database and testing resource database, and carry out defect investigation, defect identification, recall plan and effect evaluation and risk early warning.

  5. Following ICBC, ABC, BOC, CCB, Bank of Communications andWait for six major businesses.After that,A number of national joint-stock companies announced that they would lower the listing of RMB deposits from the 25th..

  These joint-stock banks include:, Guangfa Bank,, hengfeng bank,Plus the one that has been lowered before.At present, 12 national joint-stock banks have lowered the listing of RMB deposits..

  6. Since December, dozens of listed companies have issued announcements due to repurchase and other matters, revealing the latest top ten circulation.Situation. Insurance, foreign investment,Fund andThe layout of long-term funds such as products has emerged., big consumption, medicine andWait for the track to be popular.

  7. On December 25th, according to the data of China Futures Association, by the end of November 2023, there were 150 futures companies in 29 jurisdictions. In November 2023, the transaction volume was 54.89 trillion yuan, an increase of 36.68% from the previous month and 4.20% from the same period last year. The trading volume was 812 million lots, up 42.09% from the previous month and 16.17% from the same period last year.3.363 billion yuan, an increase of 36.37% from the previous month and 3.59% from the same period last year;679 million yuan, an increase of 88.67% from the previous month and a decrease of 27.27% from the same period last year.

  8. According to CCTV news reports, on December 25th, local time, members of the Eurasian Economic Union signed a formal free trade agreement with Iran, which will replace the temporary agreement signed and effective in 2019.

  Key interpretation

  China still has many favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment.

  According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Commerce, in the first 11 months of this year, the actual amount of foreign capital used nationwide was 1,040.33 billion yuan, down 10.0% year-on-year. Since the beginning of this year, China’s foreign investment has turned from increasing to decreasing.

  Insiders pointed out that looking forward to the future, China still has many favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment: there are more than 1.4 billion people and the largest middle-income group in the world, and the trend of steady expansion of consumption scale, continuous optimization of structure and continuous enrichment of formats has not changed; There is a complete industrial system, a complete industrial chain and an increasingly modern infrastructure system, and the industrial supporting capacity and integration advantages are still outstanding; It is accelerating the construction of a new development pattern, and foreign-funded enterprises play a bridge role in connecting domestic and international circulation and optimizing the allocation of resource elements, which has great potential and broad prospects.

  When deploying nine key tasks for next year, the Central Economic Work Conference stressed the need to "expand high-level opening to the outside world", "relax market access for services such as telecommunications and medical care, benchmark international high-standard economic and trade rules, and seriously solve problems such as cross-border data flow and equal participation in government procurement", and the signal of steadily expanding institutional opening is clear. We will do our best to implement a series of policy measures such as "24 articles on stabilizing foreign investment", increase efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment, and effectively boost the confidence of foreign investment in China.

  "I believe that with the implementation of these tangible measures, the environment for foreign investors to operate in China will become better and better." Shu Yuting, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said that he believed that more foreign-funded enterprises would choose to invest in China, seize the opportunity of China and achieve common development with the opening of China.

  A number of head enterprises issued an announcement on increasing holdings or repurchasing.

  On December 25th, a number of head enterprises, such as,, and so on, announced their increase or repurchase to convey their confidence in the company’s future development prospects to investors.

  On the same day, the State Press and Publication Administration issued "Made in China in December 2023"Approval Information, a total of 105 products have been approved, and the number of single approval has exceeded 100 for the first time, which strongly shows the clear attitude of the competent authorities to actively support development.

  In addition to game companies, fromListed companies in many fields, such as industrial machinery, automobile manufacturing and electronic equipment, have also recently released repurchase plans for their holdings. The reporter found out that the scale of repurchase has reached a new high in the year since December.

  In recent years, the game industry in China has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements. The latest China Game Industry Report 2023 shows that the actual sales revenue of the domestic game market has exceeded 300 billion yuan for the first time this year, and the number of users has reached a new high, reaching 668 million. The Game Working Committee of China Music and Digital Association expressed the hope that the majority of member units would take this opportunity to launch more high-quality products, promote the high-quality development of the industry, and contribute to the cultural prosperity and development and the construction of a cultural power.

  According to industry insiders, the significance of listed companies’ frequent repurchase is to stabilize stock prices, enhance investor confidence and increase the value of the company. These actions show that the management of the company has confidence in the future development of the company, and believes that the value of the company is underestimated, and the market value of the company and the interests of shareholders can be enhanced by increasing the repurchase. (For details, see this newspaper report "Tonight, it broke out again! 》)

  Company news

  1.On December 25th, the official WeChat of Daohuaxiang Group reported in WeChat official account that Cai Hongzhu, the founder, party secretary and honorary chairman for life of the group, died at 19: 30 on December 24th, 2023 at the age of 73.

  According to the data, Cai Hongzhu was born in October 1951. He is a well-known entrepreneur in Yichang, Hubei Province, and founded the "Daohuaxiang" wine industry from scratch. At present, Daohuaxiang has developed intoA large enterprise group with "one main and three auxiliary" industrial clusters as its main business, supplemented by logistics, supporting facilities and cultural tourism.

  2. Announced on December 25th, recently, the company received the China issued by the People’s Court of Wuhua County, Guangdong Province.Wuhua County Sub-branch of Limited by Share Ltd, as the plaintiff, filed a lawsuit against the company and its subsidiaries due to the financial loan contract dispute between Guangdong Xiangxue Wisdom Chinese Medicine Industry Co., Ltd., involving a total amount of 246 million yuan.

  3.: Announcement on the evening of December 25, andSign the Memorandum of Cooperation, and accelerate the progress (half) according to the principle of "equal shareholding and efficient operation".Research and development joint venture projects and manufacturing industrialization projects, and based on the next generation of automobile power(half) R&D cooperation, exploring extending cooperation to upstream lithium mine resources, lithium salt deep processing, materials, midstream battery manufacturing and comprehensive recycling of downstream used batteries, and promoting strategic cooperation in the whole chain of the battery industry.

  On November 24 this year, it was teamed up by Deep Blue Automobile.Time Changan Power Battery Co., Ltd., a joint venture, has ushered in the first battery product off the assembly line. With the signing of the memorandum of cooperation with, two "trump cards" of the power battery industry chain have been collected, namely and.

  4. : December 25, atissuePoster with the text "See you on December 31st". Later, I issued an official response saying that I will see you on December 31. This move caused market concern and speculated that the two companies would cooperate. In this regard, he told the reporter of China Daily and CSI Taurus: "The cooperation between the two parties is not to sell cars."

  5. Announced on the evening of December 25, it is planned to beThe city invested in the construction of green substrate integration project, with a total investment of about 28 billion yuan, including the project with an annual output of 500,000 tons of green substrate (industrial silicon) and 400,000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon and supporting facilities. The project will be built in stages, including 200,000 tons of green base material (industrial silicon) and 200,000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon in the first phase (it is estimated that the total investment in the first phase will be about 13-14 billion yuan, depending on the implementation of the project), and 300,000 tons of green base material (industrial silicon) and 200,000 tons of high-purity crystalline silicon in the second phase. As of December 25th, the company’s total market value reached 106.7 billion yuan.

  Academia Sinica Puhua Industry Research Institute predicts that under the influence of energy transformation and the goal of "double carbon", the demand for industrial silicon in China is expected to reach 4.8 million tons in 2025, with a market scale of nearly 100 billion yuan. By 2025, the consumption of industrial silicon in polysilicon field will exceed 1.9 million tons, accounting for 41% of domestic industrial silicon consumption.

  6.Amethyst storageRecently, the original A-share listed company Amethyst Storage (now referred to as "R Amethyst 1", 400181) disclosed in the national share transfer system that after the company learned from Meizhou Public Security Bureau, according to relevant regulations, the actual controller Zheng Mu and the actual controller acting in concert Luo Tiewei were suspected of fraudulent issuance of securities and were taken compulsory measures.

  Amethyst storage said that the above two people are now detained in Meixian District Detention Center in Meizhou City. According to another announcement, the two have been arrested by the Meizhou City Procuratorate. The above events will have a significant adverse impact on the company’s operations and may involve the change of actual controllers.

  7.: On December 25th, the market opened in a straight line, and finally closed at 4.34 yuan/share. That night, the company disclosed the announcement. Recently, the board of directors received the resignation reports of financial controller Wen Jingjing, independent directors Gao Zhiping and Geng Zhijian. Last month, Zhang Shuhan, secretary of the board of directors, and Zhang Wendong, an independent director, both resigned. Before that, many peopleAnd the chief financial officer resigned collectively.

  On the evening of December 24th, the announcement was made, and the controlling shareholder of Taizhou Zhongshuweike Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) was the controlling shareholder of the limited partner.Lu Keping, the actual controller of the Group Co., Ltd., was put on file by the Securities and Futures Commission for alleged information disclosure violations. Prior to this, Weichuang shares suddenly disclosed the announcement on the evening of December 22. Due to the alleged violation of information disclosure, the company and the proposed acquirer Liu Jun were respectively investigated by the CSRC.

  8.JierongjiskillOn the evening of December 25th, it was announced that Jierong Group, the controlling shareholder of the company, and Sichuan Development Fund signed on December 25th.Agreement ",it is planned to transfer at a price of 35.028 yuan/share.19,910,700 shares (accounting for 8.08% of the company’s total share capital), and the total transfer price is 697 million yuan. If the above transaction is finally completed, the controlling shareholder and actual controller of the company will remain unchanged.

  On the 25th, the "Terrace Board" was staged, with a turnover of over 2 billion yuan. In 6 trading days, it gained 4 daily limit, with a cumulative increase of 39.76% and a total market value of about 10.5 billion yuan.

  9.On December 25, according to the news from official website, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the State Administration of Radio and Television approved it.Established "State Administration of Radio and Television Key Laboratory of Ultra HD Technology Innovation and Application" in Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd..The reply clearly stated that the "Key Laboratory of Ultra HD Technology Innovation and Application of the State Administration of Radio and Television" should focus on the ultra HD industrial chain, and carry out key basic technological innovation and application demonstration of the whole chain in the fields of content production, transmission and distribution, terminal presentation, etc., in order to promote the end-to-end upgrading of the ultra HD industrial chain.

  According to the Report on Special Research and Forecast and Evaluation of China Ultra HD Video in 2023-2028 issued by China Commercial Industry Research Institute, by the end of 2022, the scale of China’s ultra HD video industry was about 3 trillion yuan. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that the scale of ultra-high definition video industry in China will reach 4 trillion yuan by 2023 and further increase to 5 trillion yuan by 2025.

  be carefully chosen

  securitiesIt is believed that the current market is "marginal in transaction, but not in expectation", and the marginal allocation power comes from medium and long-term funds with cross-year allocation needs, not transactions.High-risk preference investors. Looking for oversold rebound, the main idea is to choose the stocks whose previous valuation has been revised sharply and whose valuation is at a low level at the same time. Therefore, some early-adjusted medium and large-cap growth stocks (medicine, electronics,Wait) ushered in a rebound opportunity. The recent oversold rebound should focus on large-cap stocks rather than small-cap stocks, and the defensive sectors with low-risk characteristics should be selected for the bottom positions, and the growth stocks should be flexibly selected for oversold rebound.

  Deppon securitiesIt is believed that in the US stock market, the current interest rate reduction transaction is still not over, but with the increase of the volatility of the US stock market, we need to be alert to the possibility of technical return in the follow-up market, and the negative impact of the profit side on the US stock market may be amplified. From the denominator point of view, the interest rate of long-term US bonds may enter a steady state after a rapid decline. In the context of the Fed’s return to neutral interest rates, the short-term interest rate may begin to decline significantly in the future, which will further support the interest rate sensitive sector.