Sales have exceeded 10,000 for 2 consecutive months, and Geely Galaxy L7 has become a powerful impactor for the 150,000-level plug-in SUV "champion"!

  According to the latest August sales data released by Geely Automobile Group, the market performance of Geely Galaxy L7, the first installment of the Geely Galaxy series, continued to be hot, with sales reaching 11,117 units in August, an increase of more than 10% month-on-month, and a new monthly sales record since listing. Sales are growing rapidly!

Sales for 2 consecutive months exceeded 10,000, Geely Galaxy L7 has become a powerful impactor for the 150,000-class plug-in SUV "champion"! _fororder_image001

  After three months on the market, Geely Galaxy L7’s sales in July have been on the rise. After refreshing the speed of China’s electric hybrid SUV "monthly sales breaking 10,000", Galaxy L7 has unlocked a new achievement of "monthly sales breaking 10,000 in a row" this month. Three consecutive months of bright market performance means that Geely Galaxy L7 has gained a foothold in the plug-in hybrid SUV track that has long been dominated by products such as Song PLUS DM-i, bringing a new market pattern. At the same time, it has also helped it complete the advancement to the status of "high-value intelligent electric hybrid SUV popularizer".

  Now it seems that the word-of-mouth of "Geely Galaxy"’s high-value products has entered the fission spread, attracting more and more users to pay for real high-value single items.

  After listing, it maintained a continuous month-on-month growth in monthly sales, and has become a strong impactor for the 150,000 "champion" plug-in SUV

  In recent years, China’s hybrid car market has ushered in an explosion. According to the data of the Passenger Federation, from January to July 2023, the volume of China’s plug-in car market increased by 92.6% year-on-year, far exceeding other sub-circuits. However, under the general trend, there are not many OEMs that can really enjoy dividends. For example, in the plug-in SUV track, BYD Song PLUS DM-i and other star products have dominated for a long time.

  The successful breakthrough of Geely Galaxy L7 broke the single situation of the previous 150,000 electric hybrid SUV market, bringing new choices to users.

  In June, Geely Galaxy L7 achieved sales of nearly 10,000 units in the first month of listing, ranking among the first camp of the market segment in one fell swoop; in July, Geely Galaxy L7 achieved monthly sales of over 10,000 units for the first time, and the speed of "breaking 10,000" far exceeded that of other hybrid products of the same level, becoming the fastest plug-in SUV in China to achieve "monthly sales breaking 10,000 units"; in August, sales continued to break 10,000 units, and maintained a strong trend of positive growth month-on-month.

Sales for 2 consecutive months exceeded 10,000, Geely Galaxy L7 has become a powerful impactor for the 150,000-class plug-in SUV "champion"! _fororder_image002

  Real gold is not afraid of fire and can break out of the red ocean market. The success of Geely Galaxy L7 is not accidental. On the one hand, the emergence of Geely Galaxy L7 makes the market feel the iteration and upgrade of the plug-in technology field; on the other hand, its "real fragrance" price and leapfrog configuration enjoyment further meet the needs of users "both want and want", becoming a real high-value choice in their minds.

  As the follow-up Galaxy channel construction accelerates and production capacity climbs, Geely Galaxy L7 may further impact the "champion" of this market segment.

  Excellent basic skills + innovative charm configuration, achieving "the most worthwhile new energy SUV in the 150,000 class"

  According to the sales structure analysis data, the current average transaction price of Geely Galaxy L7 has reached 165,000 yuan, of which more than 90% of users buy high-end and top-end models, much higher than other hot-selling plug-in SUVs in the same class. This also means that the high-value system built by Geely Galaxy series and the concept of "making everyone’s smart boutique car" have been highly recognized by market users. In the evaluation of users who choose L7, it is "the most worthwhile new energy SUV in the 150,000 class".

  From leading electric technologies such as e-CMA intelligent electric hybrid architecture, a new generation of Raytheon electric hybrid 8848 and Aegis battery safety system, to pioneering intelligent technologies such as Galaxy NOS intelligence system and Geely’s full-stack self-developed world’s first full-scene AI model in the automotive industry, each product technology of Geely Galaxy L7 has innovative competitiveness. It is a high-value, high-quality intelligent boutique car with its own. From the aspects of styling design, driving control performance, intelligent safety, etc., it accurately hits the car pain points of contemporary young consumers, and satisfies all users’ imagination and experience of new energy SUVs in one step.

Sales for 2 consecutive months exceeded 10,000, Geely Galaxy L7 has become a powerful impactor for the 150,000-class plug-in SUV "champion"! _fororder_image003

  It is worth mentioning that the most crucial point in making it the "most worthwhile new energy SUV" in the hearts of users is that Geely Galaxy L7 always puts the health and safety of users first. Not only does it have a battery safety level that far exceeds the national standard, but it also strictly controls the selection of materials and production processes in the cockpit.

  For example, Geely Galaxy L7 generally uses two-component sound-absorbing cotton and white washed cotton, which strictly controls odor and VOC volatilization sources on the basis of meeting NVH performance; for example, Geely Galaxy L7’s PU foaming uses reactive ammonia-free catalysts, which can reduce catalyst residues after foaming and reduce various volatile substances commonly found in cars. According to the on-site measurement data of the summer test conducted by China Automotive Research Institute on Geely Galaxy L7 in Turpan, under the extreme high temperature environment of 70 ° C and ambient temperature of 47 ° C, the test value of formaldehyde emission of Geely Galaxy L7 after 4 hours of exposure to the sun is 0.03mg/m 3, which has obvious advantages in environmental protection and health.

Sales for 2 consecutive months exceeded 10,000, Geely Galaxy L7 has become a powerful impactor for the 150,000-class plug-in SUV "champion"! _fororder_image004

  In addition to forging the excellent basic skills of "no shortcomings", Geely Galaxy L7 has also studied innovative functions such as pampering the co-pilot and multi-screen linkage to further enhance the user’s sense of acquisition, so that the smart cockpit of 150,000-level products can feel no less than the luxury experience of 300,000-level products. Data show that more than 60% of users choose to pet the co-pilot and other comfortable optional packages.

  Allowing users to enjoy the travel convenience brought about by technology inclusion, Geely Galaxy L7 is committed to becoming a "high-value smart electric hybrid SUV popularizer"

  Since its inception, Geely Galaxy has taken the mission of "only making high-value new energy products" and is committed to making high-value smart electric hybrid SUVs affordable.

  Behind the high value is long-term technical precipitation and deep user thinking. Geely Automobile Group has an early strategic layout and deep technical investment in the field of new energy. It has now built a complete set of strict intelligent electric vehicle industry chain system, covering multiple technical fields such as three power, chip, intelligent architecture, intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, intelligent computing center, and then manufacturing, battery recycling, etc. It has invested nearly 100 billion yuan in research and development in the field of new energy, and has accumulated more than 3,500 patented technologies, providing a strong technical guarantee for building safer new energy vehicles.

Sales for 2 consecutive months exceeded 10,000, Geely Galaxy L7 has become a powerful impactor for the 150,000-class plug-in SUV "champion"! _fororder_image005

  "Geely Galaxy" was born in such an intelligent technology ecosystem, allowing users to "spend less money and buy better products" and enjoy the dividends brought by technology inclusion.

  In the second half of the year, Geely Galaxy will also launch the smart electric hybrid car Geely Galaxy L6 and the smart pure electric car Geely Galaxy E8, further expanding the high-value product matrix and bringing Galaxy-style high-quality intelligent travel enjoyment to more users. (Graphic: Provided by Geely Galaxy)