The annual output value of automobiles exceeded 100 billion for the first time! Yufu in Liangjiang New Area accelerates the construction of an intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry cluster

The reporter learned from Liangjiang New District that from January to November, Yufu achieved an industrial output value of 115 billion yuan, of which the automobile industry achieved an output value of 101.90 billion yuan, an increase of 21.5% year-on-year, and the annual output value of the automobile industry exceeded the 100 billion mark for the first time.

New energy vehicles are one of the highlights. According to the data provided by Yufu, there are 32 models of Yufu vehicles in production, and 672,000 vehicles are produced, accounting for 64% of the vehicle output in Liangjiang New Area and 30% of the total vehicle output in Chongqing. Among them, the production models include 250,000 new energy vehicles such as Deep Blue 03, Wenjie M5, and Avita 11, accounting for more than 65% of the city’s new energy vehicles.

In addition, the output of intelligent networked models such as Changan UNI, CS, and Auchan series 360,000, and the layout of the intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry has gradually taken shape.

In addition to the whole vehicle, Yufu is also making efforts on the "chain" to continuously improve the automotive industry ecosystem. In November, the Lilong Zhongbao Intelligent Cockpit Project invested by Chongqing Lilong Technology Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. officially started construction in Yufu, mainly carrying out the production, manufacturing, R & D and sales of AR-HUD, door domain controller DCU, and electronic rearview mirror products, which will further help Chongqing build a world-class intelligent networked new energy vehicle industry cluster.

In terms of car-grade chips, Yufu introduced the IGBT module production line project of Yuntong Technology for vehicles, which was completed in the same year as the contract was signed, effectively filling the gap in the industrial chain. In terms of batteries, Yufu settled in the company Tailan New Energy to build the first semi-solid battery production line in China. Its new (semi) solid-state lithium batteries independently developed and produced have significant advantages such as high safety and reliability, high energy density, long cycle life, high rate performance and low production cost.

According to the relevant person in charge of Yufu, in recent years, Yufu has laid out the supporting supply system of new energy intelligent networked core parts of Changan, Sailis and other vehicle enterprises, such as battery PACK, engine, brake, body parts, seats and other supporting enterprises. From January to November this year, Yufu 44 auto parts enterprises achieved output value of 16.40 billion yuan, an increase of 8.7% year-on-year.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Yufu is still in continuous industrial innovation. As of November 2023, Yufu has 145 technology-based enterprises, 39 high-tech enterprises, and 50 R & D activities; 3 national-level R & D institutions, 17 municipal technology centers, 4 industrial technology innovation alliances, 10 certified smart factories, 26 digital workshops, and 37 "specialized and new" enterprises.

In the next step, Yufu will actively seize the development trend of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, focus on leading enterprises in the industrial chain such as Changan Automobile and Sailis Automobile, focus on the core components of new energy and the lack of existing industrial chains, and grasp the strong chain of industrial replenishment to help Chongqing build a world-class intelligent networked new energy automobile industry cluster.