The Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security reminds you to call the police immediately if you encounter someone with such a bag on your back!

  CCTV News:Carrying a backpack, or taking public transportation or hiking, wandering all the way in the downtown area, posing as a tourist "backpacker"! But when you open the bag, it contains an "upgraded" version of the micro pseudo base station. Note: the biggest feature of the backpack is that it has a cooling hole!

  At present, the Wuhan police have cracked a fraud case, and five "backpackers" have been taken to one pot. If you find someone carrying such items, call the police immediately!

  Carrying a backpack and "working" while walking, it turns out that they are sending spam messages!

  Specific case ↓ ↓ ↓

  Look at the picture below. The man with a backpack is not loitering, but "working" while walking.

  Everywhere they go, hundreds of meters around them, they always get a lot of text messages inexplicably.

  This is the equipment that sends short messages pretending to be 10086, 95588, 95533 and other customer service of China Mobile and Bank, which makes you mistakenly enter phishing websites, install Trojan software and infringe on your property safety — — Pseudo base station!

  If you receive this kind of message, don’t open the URL link in the message!

  Let’s see what features these bags have ↓ ↓ ↓

△ Please look at the red circle in the picture carefully. The biggest feature of this kind of backpack is that it has a cooling hole!


△ Open the bag, which contains this kind of equipment — — "upgraded" version of the micro pseudo base station.

  On the 20th, Wuhan Public Security Bureau Rail Transit Management Branch reported that it had successfully destroyed an inter-provincial criminal gang that used pseudo base stations to commit telecommunication network fraud, and arrested 12 suspects, involving more than 3 million yuan.


  From the "backpacker" who sent fraudulent information to the "behind-the-scenes" at the top of telecom fraud, all of them were caught!

  In January, 18 people were defrauded by telecom fraud for thousands to tens of thousands.

  "Dear users: Your account has reached 5,000 points and can be exchanged for 5% cash. Please log on to the bank website to inquire about the exchange, and it will be invalid after the deadline." On May 18th last year, Miss Liu, a citizen of Wuhan, suddenly received a short message from the "official number" of a bank with a link address attached.


  Seeing the "official number", Miss Liu relaxed her vigilance. After clicking the link, she entered her bank card number and password as prompted. I don’t want to. In just a few tens of seconds, she received a short message that 9900 yuan in the card was transferred away. Ms. Liu was shocked. After realizing that she was cheated, she quickly reported the case.

  After receiving the alarm from Miss Liu, the police station at Jiedaokou of Wuhan Rail Public Security Bureau found that 18 similar fraud cases were received within one month, and the deceived people were mainly concentrated in Wuhan Optics Valley area, and the amount of single fraud ranged from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.

  Computer experts produce pseudo base station equipment, and 5 "backpackers" are taken by one pot.

  On May 25 last year, with the support of communication operators, the special class police were divided into three groups to carry out carpet exploration in key areas. When the police checked in front of a guest room in a hotel near Wuhan Optics Valley Square subway station, the ringtones of the police’s mobile phone text messages rang one after another, all of which were fraudulent text messages.

  The police immediately entered the room, a pseudo base station on the bedside table was working, a long antenna was extended out of the window, and the room was empty. The police began to control overnight. At 7 o’clock the next morning, when two men and two women drove to the hotel to prepare for the transfer of pseudo base stations, they were arrested by the police and seized four pseudo base stations on the spot.


  At noon that day, the police arrested another gang member, Xiao Mou, near Guanggu Square.

  According to Deng, a "backpacker" who specially sent information, these pseudo base station devices were purchased from Yan, a fellow villager. According to the investigation, Yan is a computer expert who specializes in purchasing equipment from the computer city, assembling it with his own computer technology, and continuously providing pseudo base station equipment.

  Mysterious couple specializing in fraudulent links surfaced.

  The police in the special class heard that the content of fraudulent text messages sent by "backpacker" Deng and others and the links to phishing websites were provided by people code-named "Black Big", and every time they succeeded in defrauding, they were divided into "Black Big" by 64.

  After more than four months of hard investigation, on January 24 this year, four suspects, including Peng and Hu Mouhua, were arrested. They confessed that their online launch was "Black Big" Hu, and all the money was deposited in the bank card held by Hu except for 5% of the cash withdrawn as agreed. At this point, a huge telecommunication network fraud criminal gang with Hu as the behind-the-scenes manipulator was completely destroyed.

  According to the investigation, the gang involved more than 130 telecommunication network fraud cases in 13 cities in 7 provinces including Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Anhui, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Jiangxi, involving more than 3 million yuan.