Is there any suspicion of exaggeration in claiming to have more than one million comfortable experiences? Test drive M7

After the Wujie M5 gained a large area of praise, the Wujie brand launched the second car-Wenjie M7. At the launch of the new car, Yu Chengdong, CEO of BU, a Huawei brand smart car solution, spoke highly of M7, calling it a comfortable experience beyond one million luxury MPVs. However, Yu Chengdong Jianghu has the title of "Yu Dazui", so from this point of view, it is somewhat suspected of "boasting". So what is the strength of M7? Come and experience it in depth today.

Appearance: family design inheritance

The appearance of the M7 continues the family design language, and it has a high similarity with the M5, the first car. Even friends who are unfamiliar with cars will think that they are inextricably linked. The front air intake grille is trapezoidal and filled with many long horizontal chrome-plated decorative pieces, which looks very delicate. Headlights on both sides are conventional in shape, not as sharp as M5. Perhaps it is because M7 is biased towards home positioning. Headlights are connected by a section of light strip, which forms a penetrating effect after lighting, which is also the conventional equipment of new energy vehicles.

The side modeling is also following the popular aesthetic route, without too many radical design elements, and a waistline runs through the body from front to back, increasing the sense of visual slender. At the same time, the hidden door handle standard for new energy vehicles is not absent, and the charging port is on the left side of the car body, integrating fast charging and slow charging interfaces. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the boundary M7 are 5020*1945*1775mm and the wheelbase is 2820mm, respectively.

The rear part uses a penetrating taillight and is equipped with a chrome-plated decoration. The overall recognition is good, and the lower surrounding shape is full, which still looks a bit advanced.

Interior: HarmonyOS cockpit has outstanding advantages.

The interior design is also full of visual sense, which is basically the same as that of the M5. The minimalist style and symmetrical layout are more attractive. In terms of materials, it is also remarkable. The areas that are touched at hand are covered with soft materials, and the wooden decorative boards are added for embellishment, and the texture is quite good. In addition, in details, the wireless charging of the front mobile phone has been upgraded to two, and the cup holder has also been upgraded to two, which has increased the practicality.

In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel and a 15.6-inch central control large screen, which has an excellent scientific and technological atmosphere. Of course, the focus is undoubtedly the HarmonyOS smart cockpit. I have also experienced it on the M5 before. The UI interface design logic and fluency are absolutely first-class in the industry, and the car desktop function has been added. If your mobile phone is upgraded to HarmonyOS 3.0, then the applications on the mobile phone can be used directly on this big screen, with seamless connection and excellent experience.

Space: Zero-gravity seat is the highlight.

In terms of ride experience, the M7 has made great efforts in the second row, equipped with a zero-gravity seat, which can make passengers lie almost completely. According to the official statement, the included angle between trunk and thigh is 113, which can make the body stress evenly. In addition, the front and rear rows provide ventilation and heating functions.

Dynamic: A powerful home SUV

First of all, the power parameters of M7 are introduced. It is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE pure electric drive range extension platform, which is composed of a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and a driving motor. The test drive is a four-wheel drive model with a maximum horsepower of 449 horsepower, a peak torque of 660Nm and an acceleration time of 4.8 seconds per 100 kilometers. The battery capacity is 40kWh, and the pure electric cruising range under CLTC condition is 200km.

The M7 provides three driving modes: energy saving, comfort and sport, and the difference between each mode is mainly the sensitivity difference of the accelerator pedal. A sense of throttle proportion that is comfortable for the individual is the most suitable, and it will not be too abrupt. However, it is still very sufficient in terms of acceleration performance. After all, the motor parameters are here.

At the same time, as a vehicle with extended range power, Wenjie M7 provides three energy dispatching modes, namely pure electric priority, automatic and fuel priority. The difference lies in the timing of starting the extended range. In addition, the M7 also provides standard and high energy recovery options, but I feel that even if the high option is adjusted, the drag caused by energy recovery is not obvious, which may be for the sake of driving comfort.

The chassis structure adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear multi-link independent suspension. Compared with the front double-arm independent suspension of the M5, the McPherson structure of the M7 is undoubtedly backward, but it is also a choice made to save space. Compared with the difference in suspension, I feel a little sorry that M7 didn’t use air suspension.

The adjustment of the suspension tends to be comfortable, which can absorb vibration well when facing the bumpy road, and the suspension can pull the car body well without swaying back and forth. However, due to its positioning, if the car turns or changes lines at a high speed, the car body will still have obvious roll.


On the whole, it is somewhat exaggerated to say that M7 can be on an equal footing with X7 and GLS of BBA. However, after some experience, the ride comfort experience is really remarkable in its corresponding price range, and it also has an unparalleled intelligent experience at the same level. Plus, it has the power to increase programs with green cards and no endurance anxiety. It is no wonder that it won 60,000 orders three days after its release.