Yunnian -Z revolutionary technology released, BYD technology fish pond shines again.

In 2023, its high-end automobile brand was officially launched, aiming to provide users with the ultimate safety, performance and experience. Its first model was well recognized by the market, ranking first in the sales of millions of new energy SUVs, becoming a representative and benchmark product of domestic high-end luxury. Its easy Sifang and Yunqi technologies can be called the ceiling of the industry and attracted much attention from the market.

Nowadays, on the stage of the hot 2024 Auto Show, BYD once again appeared with heavy products and technologies, super-running, looking up at the U8 off-road version, and jointly exhibiting. Among them, looking up at U7, which made its debut, attracted countless eyes with its unique and recognizable appearance, and its first revolutionary technology, Yunqi -Z, was even more amazing, pushing the automobile suspension to a new era of electrification and intelligence, showing BYD’s strong technical reserves and research and development capabilities in the field of new energy technology.

Cloud -Z suspension technology, the core of which is highly integrated suspension motor, brings faster response speed, more stable body and more comfortable driving experience. According to official data, the response speed of Yunqi -Z has reached an astonishing 10ms, which is ten times that of the traditional active suspension. The concept of 10ms is to complete fine-tuning up to 50 times in an instant, which also makes the stability control of the car body reach an unprecedented height. The daily experience is that in the continuous bumpy road, the feedback of our traditional car will always lag, resulting in our driving experience is not very good. Cloud -Z technology is a good solution to this problem. The rapid response and adjustment in milliseconds make the car ride flat on bumpy roads, and always let us have a driving experience on smooth roads.

Another highlight of this technology is energy recovery. Suspended motor not only avoids the loss of traditional oil energy transfer process, but also can directly generate electricity, realize energy recovery, and store energy for batteries, which not only realizes the effective use of energy, but also helps to prolong the battery life and reduce the energy consumption of vehicles. The development mission of new energy vehicles is green and sustainable development. The emergence of Yunqi -Z technology is another major technological breakthrough in the development of new energy vehicles, and the green mission is carried out in more aspects of new energy vehicles.

The release of Yunqi -Z has filled the technical vacancy of the current vehicle control system in vertical angle, and achieved comprehensive control of the vehicle in vertical and horizontal directions, while BYD is the only vehicle enterprise that has achieved comprehensive electrification in vertical and horizontal directions. The release of this technology is another embodiment of BYD’s innovation concept that technology is king for many years, and it is another proof of BYD’s strong technological innovation strength and rich technical reserves. In terms of new energy technology reserves, you can always trust BYD.

This time, the first look-up U7 equipped with Yunqi -Z perfectly presents dimension door’s family-style design in appearance, fully integrates sports and elegance, and is both personalized and fashionable. At the same time, it has achieved the ultimate in performance, with an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.195, a powerful horsepower of 1,300 horses, a zero-speed acceleration of 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 270km/h, combined with BYD’s Easy Sifang and Yunqi.