"Spring" keeps a little thought in your heart, and it can be lit in the cold winter.

Among all the narratives with the same topic, You Are My Spring is valuable. Under the background of the epidemic, it did not avoid the real suffering, let alone endlessly render grief, but turned the narrative perspective to the description of "people", closely combining the changes of the times with the ups and downs of characters’ fate.

Author: Yixiang

Editor: Lan Er

Layout: Wang Wei

"I hope that you can have someone to spend all the difficult days with you."

It is already midsummer, and the film market will look forward to the late "spring". At this time, "You are my spring" on the screen seems to be some kind of intertextuality, with strength and hope.

To some extent, there are too many kinds of movies and TV shows about the common hard memories in early 2020, but "You are my spring" still gives different observations. The real presentation of ICU, the sincerity of panoramic recording, and the optimism and romantic feelings under suffering all make this film have a different texture.

The film tells the endless power of "spring". Lovers who go in two directions have strengthened their choice for each other in trouble; The ordinary actions of migrant workers who deliver goods all shine with the brilliance of human nature; Community workers, with sincerity to ease community conflicts, also gained warm goodwill; Bravely retrograde medical staff, try their best to fight a tough battle …

The story seems to have happened yesterday. The impact of the epidemic has cast a layer of cold and fog on the whole city, but the true feelings between people have brought the warmth and dawn of spring, and this world has also been cured by love.

In the third year of COVID-19’s shock, people are still facing new difficulties and heading for a new restart. This is still a time to be comforted by the soul-not forgetting the past, not living up to the present, and not worrying about tomorrow.

Perhaps everyone who has watched the movie will be hit by some kind of force in his heart, leaving a deep and shallow mark.

There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who stand up.

"You are my spring" takes us to the first scene of emergencies in early 2020. Countless unrelated people have drawn a "net" against viruses in special difficult times because of their common beliefs. The romance of love, the meaningful affection and the deep friendship among colleagues are the strongest suture agents of this net.

Panoramic perspective, human warmth. Several groups of characters interweave and connect with each other in parallel time and space, and everyone has contributed their share to connect the touching pictures of people helping each other and fighting the epidemic together in Wuhan: there are no heroes falling from the sky, only mortals who stand up.

Zhou Dongyu and YIN FANG play two-way lovers. On the eve of the city’s closure, the yearning for his girlfriend made YIN FANG step into Wuhan. He sent materials to his girlfriend and his mother, calmed his emotions, responded to changes, and ran in an empty city for love.

Gradually, his materials also went from "giving to Li Guizhi" to donating to the hospital, from being for this person to being for this city.

No matter how the environment changes, love is a sharp weapon against coldness and the unknown.

In the film, Song Xiaobao and Pan Binlong are migrant workers who beg for hard-earned money, but the salary substitute they had to win-masks unexpectedly became the most precious "hard currency" during the epidemic.

The highlight moment of little people comes from the natural expression of inner goodness. Migrant workers at the bottom may understand and feel the hardship better than others. So when they met the misfortune of this world, they spontaneously donated a car full of masks. They are still ashamed, and they are also great heroes who rushed to Wuhan at the moment.

Wang Jingchun plays the community secretary who goes to the front line. He is a manager and a service provider. He uses patience and love to subtly resolve neighborhood conflicts, and does seemingly trivial but extremely important prevention and control work-serving the masses well, that is, adding firewood and raising salary for epidemic prevention work. Chao Huang and Yang Si are the first-line medical workers in the film. They are fighting in the front line of danger. Faced with this unknown infectious disease, "we are not qualified to collapse now" and shoulder the responsibility with their backs. They are all adhering to a belief that as long as there is breath left, it is worth doing their best.

Huang Xiaoming, Song Jia and Zhang Hangcheng, a little boy, play the same doctor’s family, but with a layer of "goodwill" and "kindness" in return and transmission. Song Jia, a doctor whose hometown is in Wenchuan and who was helped by others, went to Wuhan without hesitation at this moment. Huang Xiaoming, a family member, actively supported his wife’s decision, and Zhang Hangcheng, a mischievous primary school student, also "helped" his mother to defeat the virus remotely with his naive belief.

The epidemic situation is a mirror, reflecting the warmth and goodness of human nature. No matter the efforts of people in the city or the watchfulness of people outside the city, they are all different sides of the panoramic view of China under the epidemic. They are the people who guard the spring, and they are also everyone who works hard to live.

The arrival of spring is unstoppable. Every ordinary person in the face of difficulties has never given up their pursuit of a better life and their responsibility and mission.

Don’t avoid suffering, present real and delicate medical responsibility.

Among all the narratives with the same topic, You Are My Spring is valuable. Under the background of the epidemic, it did not avoid the real suffering, let alone endlessly render grief, but turned the narrative perspective to the description of "people", closely combining the changes of the times with the ups and downs of characters’ fate.

Busy ICU and hospital aisles are "storm centers". You are my spring, from the perspectives of doctor Gong Chen (Chao Huang) and nurse Yang Shan (yangsi), presents a variety of human beings.

There are too many patients with insufficient beds waiting for treatment, and many family members have died and are sick, so they can’t see their last family members. Born to be human, there are doctors who can’t accept the death of patients and collapse and cry, as well as young nurses who have a fever and are afraid of being infected and hiding alone.

Gong Chen is the doctor who struggled to save the front line but couldn’t save his comrades-in-arms, and he had to cheer up in grief. As the director, he took the lead when medical resources were extremely scarce at the beginning of the epidemic. Intubation for the patient, blood was splashed on the mask without flinching; There is only one N95 a day, and he can’t end up in the name of rest. Just because I stick to my doctor’s duties.

In order to be on standby at any time, his wife accompanied him to sleep in the car. She is a nurse who is worried about her husband’s infection and is on the front line herself. They are a couple fighting the epidemic together. On the other hand, they are just ordinary middle-aged parents, carefully maintaining the relationship with rebellious children at home. In that special period, social responsibility and family responsibility, they are doomed to be difficult to choose a balance.

So on the night of witnessing the death of colleagues and comrades-in-arms, Gong Chen, a retrograde person, left simple last words for his children. In the early morning before dawn, I pushed open the car door and walked into the hospital, disappearing into the slightly white sky.

"You are my spring" presents the responsibility of medical care in such a true and delicate way, moistening things silently, and has its own fate.

But at the same time, the films don’t want to indulge and play up grief, they still want to convey the power of upward and optimism to people.

When one side is in trouble, all directions can help. Dr. Wang, played by Song Jia, is from Wenchuan. "Because he has been caught in the rain, he also wants to give someone an umbrella"-so he has no hesitation in embarking on the journey of aiding Hubei.

Huang Xiaoming, on the other hand, performed the role of "Dr. Wang’s family" vividly and truly in a joyful way. His wife is on the front line of fighting the epidemic, and he is responsible for the family in the rear, dealing with housework that he is not good at and getting along with his children in daily life.

From initially taking over the children’s boredom, helplessness and constant friction, to being able to get along with children in harmony, Huang Xiaoming interpreted the growth arc of this "novice father" as real and natural. Coupled with vague white hair, dark skin and uneven visible sunburn, this is a rare "Huang Xiaoming" in previous film and television works. With a frown and a wry smile, the breakthrough acting makes this story with upward color more convincing.

Adults are fighting the epidemic in their own way, but You Are My Spring intentionally uses children’s "fantasy ideas" to make this realistic film have a surreal ending-Dr. Wang’s son Lele "turns into Nezha every second" in his own belief, helping his mother defeat the virus-amid optimism, childlike interest and innocence, it is a deeper respect for the film.

If you don’t climb high and avoid it, the real corner of the storm will naturally appear. I was once surrounded by love, and I also used love to return it. They are mortal, but they are better than heroes. Such stories give people strength and comfort.

Today’s Wuhan has already returned to its former prosperity, but the challenges experienced by all mankind continue; However, after all the trials and baptisms, people know how to cherish and love.

For You Are My Spring, spring is in everyone’s heart. It is the gorgeous fireworks that my boyfriend wants to take the girl to see at the seaside, the father’s return to the family to get along with his children day and night, the soundproof tent set up by the community grid staff to solve the problem of girls practicing piano, and the powerful power to fantasize about turning themselves into "Little Nezha". It accumulates silent power, and the gathering of sparks can dispel the haze.

These surreal romantic sublimation and optimistic spirits inspire us to have more power to face tomorrow and the unknown. Although facing the reality, You Are My Spring conveys more hopes and beliefs to people. In the long river of history, human beings have faced suffering more than once, and they have waded through the snow with firm beliefs.

Being in the moment is not just a story in the movie. I hope each of us can cherish the "spring" we have.

Whether in the spring of 2020 or now, "spring", we keep a little thought in our hearts, and we can light it in winter, hide it in our arms to keep warm, and usher in spring again. This is a beautiful cycle, this is an endless relay of life.