The Morning Post is super-informative. Disney’s dad will enlarge and recruit Yoga Lin to be a dad!

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Good morning, melon eater! After Thursday, can the wonderful weekend be far behind? Are you netizens as energetic and full of energy as a girl? The hot news of the film circle in the past 24 hours will be sent to everyone.

What about the star? Yoga Lin has been promoted to be a father! Fans are full of menstruation smiles and sends blessings.

"You are my eye, showing me the changes of the four seasons. You are my eye, taking me through the crowded crowd." I’m sorry, when I saw the good news that Yoga Lin announced her promotion as a father, I couldn’t help humming this song ~

On the 17th, Yoga Lin not only announced that she had upgraded to be a father, but also shared this joy with everyone, and even said with emotion: "I can hear my baby’s heartbeat when I go to the prenatal examination, and I really want to cry." I don’t know if Jiage’s fans, after seeing this good news, also showed a kind smile like menstruation as expected. In short, after learning that his wife kiki was pregnant, Yoga Lin not only contracted all the dirty work at home, but also regarded his wife as a treasure in the palm of his hand. In short, congratulations "A good man is you, and you are Yoga Lin" ~

Overseas telescope | Disney crazy new stills sequel collective packaging attack

Disney’s dad made another big move, and this year’s new film and new stills were collectively packaged and exposed! Not only including,,, and such family fun movies for all ages, Disney’s father’s ambition can be said to be obvious. Looking around, most of these six films are sequels. It seems that Disney is not willing to make money from only one film, and is ready to clean the wallets of fans … But the sequels have always been a big thunder. I wonder if Disney will create more glory or smash its own signboard ~

Industry Broadcasting In 2008, the development trend of China’s performance industry ushered in spring for good second-and third-tier cities.

With more and more soft sister coins in the pockets of netizens, the development trend of China’s performance industry is getting better and better in 2017. There are more and more original quality products, and the number of performances has risen steadily. More importantly, there are many Huimin performances that continue to enrich the cultural life of our people. It is really the rhythm of "rising step by step" in the quality of life. Moreover, according to statistics, in 2017, the performance industry in China’s second-and third-tier cities developed satisfactorily, and even some "dark horse cities" emerged constantly. Second-and third-tier cities ushered in their own cultural spring.

Fortunately, among these emerging "dark horse cities", taking concerts as an example, among the cities with the fastest year-on-year growth rate of barley platform concert box office in 2017, the top three cities are all from Zhejiang Province, namely Jinhua, Ningbo and Shaoxing, and Jinhua is the champion with a growth rate of 1109%. It seems that the amateur cultural life of netizens and friends in these three cities & HELIP; Still very rich. In short, it is a sentence: my people, today, today, I am so happy!

Preview the fresh look | Expose new stills Gu Changwei adopts newcomers to restore youth

Director Gu Changwei, who is keen on making literary films, focused his attention on youth films this time. His new work "It’s good to meet you" boldly launched a new lineup. The newly exposed stills are not only collagen, but also white school uniforms, sweatshirts and braided hair make netizens miss their youth! The hero and heroine are played by "Wang Dachui" Ke Bai and "Huanbi" Lyric respectively. Judging from the current previews and stills, this is a very warm and cheerful youth film. I didn’t expect that the literary director Gu Changwei also has a youthful and restless heart ~ The film is scheduled to be released on the first day of the New Year, so fat friends can remember to go to the cinema to relive their youth ~

Calendar Kitano Takeshi’s 71st birthday. (January 18, 1947)

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