The game "Fighting Spirit" of Wuming Technology has become the official game partner of the movie "Stranger Knife"

Recently, Warfare, a large-scale ancient war online game owned by Wuming Technology, will embark on a new adventure journey together with the movie "Stranger Knife"! As the official game partner of the film, this is not only an encounter between the game and the film, but also a blend of the spirit of strangeness between virtual and reality.

Movie tour combined with strange knife tour

As a global cross-civilization ancient war online game, Battle Spirit has millions of players all over the world. This cooperation is a deep dialogue between the stranger and the game, which spans dimensions and time and space. It is a brand-new interpretation of the ancient military spirit in the digital world, and it is also a mapping and call of the fighting spirit in the real world.

A Stranger’s Sword is an ancient war giant full of lofty sentiments and courage. It mainly tells the story of the turbulent situation, the coup of Liang Wang, who usurped power, sent people to secretly kill the prince’s heirs, and Tian Anye, a charcoal seller, was inadvertently involved in this game. In the desperate struggle, the secret of Tian Anye and the truth of the martyrdom of Liangcheng people were slowly revealed.

The linkage between games and movies can make the audience more immersive. During the event, a series of reward activities will be opened in the game, and the heroic journey will be continued outside the film and television.

Inheriting traditional culture and carrying forward the spirit of justice

As a rare cold weapon war game in China, Zhanyi has been striving for the realism and interactive experience of the ancient battlefield, and at the same time, it is also shouldering the mission of spreading excellent culture.

(The picture shows the S7 Tang Dynasty season, showing the spirit of the prosperous Tang Dynasty around the world.)

Mo Dao is a kind of long-handled Dao in the Tang and Song Dynasties in China, which started from the year of Emperor Gaozong’s Daolu to around the tenth year of Kaiyuan. At first, the strange knife was used to fight against the Turkic cavalry, but later it was popular in various armies to deal with the "four barbarians" of the Tang Dynasty, which was dominated by cavalry. Wherever the sword goes, the troops and horses are split. If you hold it, you can ride armor and behead ghosts, and the enemy will be terrified and invincible. The cooperation between the war game and the stranger’s knife is a re-interpretation of this legendary army and weapon.

In the desperate situation of "Strange Knife", some heroes of the strange knife army stepped forward to help the way of justice, and in the troubled times, there were also soldiers who fought for the strange knife. In the world of Dazhi, there must be warriors who use force to stop violence. Between the sword and the shadow, not only the heroes’ chivalry and bravery are carried, but also the ideals and beliefs of countless warriors who make a living for the people.

About Wuming Technology:

Buming Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. (English name: BOOMING TECH for short: Buming Technology) ([1]) was established in 2012 ([2]). For more than ten years, it has devoted itself to the research and development of Chaos engine chaos platform and next-generation games, and has a completely independent and controllable self-developed game engine, which integrates game research and development, global game distribution and operation.

About "Fighting Spirit":

"Battle Spirit" is a cross-civilization ancient war online game independently developed and distributed globally by Wuming Technology based on Chaos engine Chaos. Through the theme season of visual artistic expression and seasonal change, it brings players an immersive game experience of transnational battle and time and space. It supports 14 different languages and is popular in 176+ countries and regions around the world. The Battle Spirit has built a grand world in which thousands of people are on the same screen, 10,000 people are fighting in the same field, and 100,000 people are online.