Stop entertaining for our suffering relatives.

Special topic: Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan

Children in garden club, the center of Nanhu Lake, observed a moment of silence for the victims of Wenchuan earthquake. Figure/Reporter Gong Ping

The cinema staff collectively mourned. Figure/Reporter Yang Tao  

Yesterday (19th), the entertainment places in three towns in Wuhan were replaced by silence.

  Tv entertainment program

  All off the air

  Since the Wenchuan earthquake, all TV channels in Wuhan, Hubei Province have started broadcasting the special report program of CCTV’s "Earthquake Relief" at the first time, and since yesterday (19th), all TV dramas and entertainment programs have stopped.

  The reporter interviewed several mainstream TV media in Wuhan, and they all said that they would resolutely respond to the call of the country. Except for the news programs of our station, all entertainment programs such as TV dramas and variety shows will be suspended, instead of broadcasting the CCTV disaster relief program in news topic all day. Reporter Liu Chang

  There is no performance in Wuhan this week.

  After the news of the national silence was announced yesterday, the reporter learned from Hubei Theatre, Wuhan Theatre, Qintai Grand Theatre, Zhongnan Theatre and other performance units that they did not arrange related performances this week, and they actively organized staff to donate money to the people in the disaster areas and contribute their own strength.

  The reporter also learned that the crew of "Secret Love of Peach Blossom Spring", which was originally scheduled to come to Han for pre-heating publicity on May 21st, cancelled the press conference and instead conducted a "public welfare tour" in Han in early June to contribute to the reconstruction of Sichuan disaster area with practical actions. The crew will donate 10,000 yuan to the disaster area in the subsequent tour, and on June 9, a charity performance for disaster relief will be held, and other ways will be used to raise funds, so that the total amount of donations will reach 250,000 yuan, which will be used to build a Hope Primary School for the hardest hit area in Deyang, Sichuan during post-disaster reconstruction. Reporter Huang Lijuan

  Nanhu Central Garden: The waist drum stops ringing in the morning.

  In the morning, the waist drum stopped ringing, and the national flag flying in the community suddenly lowered. Yesterday, the South Lake Central garden club Neighborhood Committee responded to the condolences and the community activity center was closed for three consecutive days.

  Zhang Shujing, director of the community, said that yesterday morning, it was customary to beat the waist drum, but residents said that they would not fight today, and Sichuan was in great trouble. At that time, everyone gathered in silence for the victims. According to the arrangement of the neighborhood Committee, the chorus and physical training activities for the next two days of the activity center have been cancelled.

  At 2: 28 pm, nearly 100 teachers and students from the community kindergarten gathered under the national flag to observe a moment of silence. The children held their hands and prayed silently. Community residents care for the elderly and care for the young, quietly mourning.

  Northwest Lake Square: The dance floor will be suspended in the morning and evening.

  At 2: 28 pm yesterday, near the Northwest Lake Square in Hankou, nearly a thousand people stopped to observe a moment of silence. The person in charge of the square management office said that it was late last night when they received the notice to stop public entertainment, and they had no time to inform the organizers of the dance. But yesterday morning, there was no one dancing.

  Jiangtan: Yangko Dance is going to have a rest.

  "This evening, there were fewer people coming to Jiangtan. Singing, dancing, amplifying the horn and dancing yangko have to take a break. " The person in charge of Wang surnamed Jiangtan Management Office told the reporter. (Reporter Gong Ping Qi Xiang Intern Wu Yicun Intern Ping Ying)

  The cinema closed for three days.

  In order to express the grief for the compatriots killed in the Wenchuan earthquake, a national mourning day began yesterday, and the whole country stopped public entertainment activities. The major cinemas in our city have stopped business since yesterday and will continue until the 21st, which is the first time in the history of many cinemas in our city.

  On the evening of 18th, many cinemas in our city received notices to stop screening activities on mourning day. Although the heads of major cinemas felt a little sudden, they all expressed their understanding and support for this decision. Yesterday, all major cinemas in our city stopped screening activities. The reporter saw in Wanda Studios that there was a staff member at the box office who explained the work to the audience who did not know beforehand. The staff of the studio said that due to the three-day suspension of business, all the coupons that expired in these three days will be postponed to May 25th.

  The person in charge of Tianhui Studios said that the donation activity of "donating one yuan for one movie ticket" on May 19-21 will be postponed to May 23-25, because the cinema was closed. "In addition to mourning for the deceased, we also want to appeal to everyone to help the survivors rebuild their homes." (Reporter He Ya)

  Private projection team

  Give up 40 film screenings

  Yesterday morning, Huang Shengli, the captain of the private screening team in zhang wan Street, caidian district, called the client and returned a movie originally scheduled to be shown that night.

  At present, it is the golden period of rural film screening, and watching movies to spend the summer is the main cultural life in many rural areas of caidian district. The screening schedules of 12 private screening teams in caidian district were all full, but on the three-day mourning day, they postponed the film screening. According to statistics, they have cancelled 40 film screenings. (Correspondent Gao Chi Zhu Xi, reporter Gao Daofei)

  Popular online games refuse customers.

  At noon yesterday, Mr. Yuan Wei, who lives in Hankou Garden, found on the Internet that the online customer service announcement of the game said: The game will stop all game servers from 14: 28 on May 19, 2008 and close the servers until the 21st to express deep condolences to the compatriots killed in the earthquake.

  Subsequently, the reporter checked the game website, Netease Games, Ninth City, Shanda Games and many other popular websites, and found that the previously colorful website pages were all black and white and gray. On the home pages, special topics were made to mourn the victims in the earthquake-stricken areas, indicating that the game servers in operation will be closed at 14: 28 on the 19th. All players will not be able to log in to the game before 24: 00 on the 21st.

  The reporter visited the Internet cafes along Huiji Road and Macau Road. There were few people surfing the Internet in the Internet cafes. Some gamers expressed their understanding of this website action and will do something meaningful to help the people in the disaster areas through these three days. In an Internet cafe on Hongqi Canal Road, Yangcha Lake, the reporter asked the owner of the Internet cafe what impact this move had on the business. He expressed his support and said that the number of customers would definitely drop sharply, but compared with the losses in the disaster area, it was very small.

  The web page is plain.

  Local portals such as Hanwang, Jingchu, Changjiang, Wuhan Hotline, etc., yesterday’s login interfaces were all changed to large mourning pictures, and the LOGO and characters of the websites were all changed to solemn gray-black. Click on the entertainment and games links of these websites to jump directly to the earthquake special page.

  Hanwang has also specially set up a "book of netizens’ condolences for the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake". Students’ forums in colleges and universities in Han Dynasty: Luojiashan River, Baiyun Yellow Crane and Qingzhongnan also put on plain clothes to mourn the victims of the earthquake and launched various initiatives and voluntary activities.

  QQ avatar is gray.

  "Stealth online: all netizens mourn for the suffering compatriots." Since last night, this proposal has spread rapidly among netizens through QQ group.

  As soon as the reporter went online yesterday, he received a proposal with the same content from dozens of QQ friends: During the mourning day, when netizens used QQ, msn and other communication tools, they all went online invisibly, making their avatars all gray, mourning for all the dead compatriots!

  The reporter saw in the nearly 20 QQ groups where he was yesterday morning that although some people were chatting, almost all the avatars in the group were displayed in gray. At 14: 28 p.m., all the people who were still speaking were quiet in an instant. No netizen said a word, and everyone observed a three-minute silence for the victims of the earthquake. (Reporter Yan Yan Gao Xing Fu Ying Intern Li Lu Liao Wenting Jiang Wenjing)

  entertainment venues

  Hotel: No wedding ceremony.

  Yesterday morning, the reporter visited a number of entertainment venues in Wuchang, and many entertainment venues put up business suspension cards.

  At Prince Kanglong Hotel in Hongshan, according to the welcoming staff, there was no wedding activity on the day of the hotel. At 14: 28 pm, all the staff will observe a collective silence for 3 minutes in front of the hotel to express their condolences to the compatriots killed in the Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan. The welcoming staff of Jinguan Hotel said that although the hotel did not organize a collective silence, we would definitely observe silence in our posts, and their misfortune shocked us.

  Bars, KTV, dance halls:

  The gate is closed

  The Rolling Stone Song and Dance Hall, Kangba Entertainment KTV and Jianghan Road Sunshine Cashier KTV near Hongshan Square posted notices in front of their doors yesterday. In order to express their deep condolences to the victims of the Wenchuan earthquake, they will be closed for three days from May 19 to 21 and reopened on May 22. Black and white, full of sadness.

  The reporter then visited a number of KTV’s, such as Haoledi and Golden Pond. These places were also closed, and some were even dark, in stark contrast to the scenes of people coming and going, singing and dancing on weekdays.

  More than a dozen bars in Hankou Jiangtan and other places have also posted notices issued by Jiangtan Management Office, telling citizens to close for three days.

  The reporter noticed that some small bars on the street also consciously closed their doors.

  Video store:

  Stop broadcasting guest music

  At noon yesterday, in Zhongjia Village, Hanyang, when the reporter passed by an audio-visual disc shop he frequented, he noticed that it was very quiet yesterday, unlike the songs that always echoed in the store in the past.

  In order to attract guests, the store usually plays the most popular music with a large stereo, from opening to closing. But yesterday morning, the shopkeeper didn’t play music. "We will give the stereo a holiday these three days." Ms. Liu, the owner, said that KTV and others were closed during the mourning day, and she also wanted to express her condolences to the people killed in the earthquake in this way.

  There are few pedestrians in the shopping mall in Xu Dong. Boss Liu, who sells trinkets on the third floor, said that business is not good today and everyone is in a very heavy mood! (Reporter Gong Ping Sun? Fu Ying Intern Ping Ying Li Lu Liao Wenting)

Editor: Zhang Renhe