Entrepreneurs from Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun and Guo Ping have something to say about 2022.

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For enterprises, 2021 is a year of twists and turns and undercurrents. For example, due to US sanctions, Huawei’s revenue in 2021 is expected to drop by 29%.

However, entrepreneurs still have high morale. Guo Ping, the rotating chairman of Huawei, has shouted, "What is taken away in winter will be returned in spring." Mo Bin, Party Secretary and President of Country Garden Group, firmly believes that China’s economic development is full of resilience and great potential, and the market for new urbanization is still very broad.

With the coming of 2022, entrepreneurs such as Guo Ping, rotating chairman of Huawei, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Group, and Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group wrote their New Year speeches through Weibo and personal WeChat WeChat official account. They believed that optimism was the first key to solving problems. On the first day of the new year, I also hope that every reader can hold this key.

What is taken away in winter will be returned in spring.

Guo Ping, rotating chairman of Huawei:

Source: Huawei official website

In 2021, we have withstood the severe test, and it is estimated that the annual sales revenue will be about 634 billion RMB. Strategically, Huawei insists on focusing on ICT infrastructure and intelligent terminals, while maintaining the advantages of a large platform, shortening the management chain through the pilot operation of industrial subsidiaries and legions, quickly meeting customer needs and creating commercial and social values.

By continuously creating value for our customers, we are confident to produce more grain and tide over the difficult times, just like Heine’s poem: what is taken away in winter will be returned in spring.

If you keep going, the future can be expected.

Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Group:

Photography: Shi Xiaobing

2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 30th anniversary of the founding of Gree Electric. After 30 years of hard work, Gree has grown from a small assembly plant to a Fortune 500 company. In 2021, we granted more than 10,000 invention patents, becoming the first home appliance enterprise in China that has granted more than 10,000 invention patents. In 2021, we added low-carbon transformation with new technology, advanced into the "no man’s land" of energy-saving technology, and launched Gree’s "zero carbon source" air conditioning system, which combined photovoltaic, energy storage and air conditioning, and promoted the green development of refrigeration industry with the concept of "increasing revenue and reducing expenditure". In addition, in 2021, we will actively deploy upstream and downstream new energy industries.

The future can be expected without stopping! Step into 2022 full of opportunities and challenges.

Grow, change,

Always an inspiring force.

Founder, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group

Lei Jun:

Photography: Shi Xiaobing

Two days ago, after the release of Xiaomi 12 series, "change" was the most frequently mentioned word. It is not only the first time that a "double size and double flagship" has appeared, but also shows a completely different temperament in appearance, feel, screen, photo taking, charging and many other experiences. From high-end to high-end, from parameters to experience, this is a firm transformation of Xiaomi mobile phone brand. This is the exploration and accumulation of Xiaomi’s high-end road in the past two years. Growth and change, no matter in that era, are all inspiring forces.

The charm of life lies in the success or failure of everything, and looking back is always poetic. The courage of life lies in seeing through the world and still loving it in your heart. May we always keep our love and go to the mountains and seas together.

Nothing is more "fixed" than this heart

More precious.

Peng Yongdong, Chairman and CEO of Ke Holdings Inc.:

Photography: Shi Xiaobing

I am very grateful to those things and people we met in 2021, which brought us to the present, further consolidated and strengthened our spiritual world, and once again asked ourselves, why did we set out and for what? If we say what is the greatest gain in 2021, I think nothing is more precious than this "determination" of the heart.

A few days ago, I chatted with a city. He said that he was not sure how long he could stay in this city, but he hoped that as long as he stayed in this city for one day, the brokers here would feel proud of their profession, the company and the value they provided to their customers. The customers here could all say, "Shells are good".

In TCL’s blood,

I have always had the ambition to be the boss.

Li Dongsheng, Chairman of TCL:

Photography: Shi Xiaobing

The drums of TCL’s 40th anniversary are still ringing in our ears, and the spring of the New Year shines on our cheeks. In 2021, in the face of repeated epidemics, economic turmoil and rising raw materials, we shifted gears to speed up and save our strength; In 2021, the global epidemic continued, and how many TCL people, just because of the distant mission, expanded the factory in Vietnam, built a second factory in Mexico, lit the first product of India Huaxing Industrial Park, and built a new solar cell factory in Central Malaysia …

In TCL’s blood, there has always been domineering who dares to be the boss. The era of the future is still the era of strugglers, paying tribute to the years with struggle and anchoring the future with struggle.

The current is swift and swift, and those who struggle to cross the river have ups and downs.

Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International:

Photography: Shi Xiaobing

From the perspective of the development of the country and enterprises, the ability of science and technology innovation must be the most important indicator to measure the strength of enterprises at any time. As a global household consumption industry group rooted in China, Fosun’s particularly important achievement in recent years is the continuous deepening of its globalization capability. In the future, I hope that through Fosun’s global industrial capabilities, on the one hand, I will help China enterprises to become bigger and stronger overseas; On the other hand, it is also necessary to accelerate the development of the China market while helping overseas member enterprises to expand their business layout and deepen their local market.

Next year, Fosun will celebrate its 30th year. In the fast-flowing waterway, the competitors have ups and downs. Only by taking root in the earth and unshakable rocks can they stay in the forefront of the tide for a long time.

The market for new urbanization is still very broad.

Mo Bin, Party Secretary and President of Country Garden Group:

Looking back on the extraordinary year of 2021, we achieved great success again, ranking 139th in Fortune Global 500, climbing for five consecutive years.

In 2021, the market situation is grim, sales are in a downturn, and the real estate industry is undergoing a new round of reshuffle. We face up to adversity, abide by the principle of "housing and not speculating", serve the process of national urbanization, and continue to deepen the cultivation of cities in the third, fourth and fifth tiers. In 2021, we will unswervingly transform into a high-tech comprehensive enterprise. Bo Zhilin’s robot products were gradually put into practical application, and Chairman Yang Guoqiang of the Board of Directors personally supervised the 63-acre pilot project to innovate the production mode of the construction industry.

In 2022, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, and it was also the 30th anniversary of Country Garden. We firmly believe that China’s economic development is full of resilience and great potential, and the market for new urbanization is still very broad. After this round of industry clearing, the market will develop in a more healthy and stable direction.

In 2022, the automobile industry will usher in a greater change.

Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holding Group:

Source: Respondents

In 2021, the automobile industry is undercurrent with the acceleration of the transformation of independent brands, the new forces of making cars, technology enterprises and multinational giants. In 2021, it is also the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Geely Holding Group. For the fifth consecutive year, Geely Automobile Group broke through one million vehicles, and the Smart Geely 2025 strategy was released.

In 2021, Geely Holding Group continued to build a hard-core "science and technology ecology", not only hand in hand with upstream and downstream industrial chains such as new energy technology, in-vehicle chips, car networking, and autonomous driving, but also cross-border layout of low-orbit satellites, smart phones and other businesses, all of which are around the automobile industry ecology, creating a technological moat.

In 2022, global scientific and technological innovation will enter an unprecedented intensive and active period, and the new generation of information technology will accelerate its breakthrough application, and the automobile industry will usher in a greater change, posing greater challenges to the corporate governance structure, scientific and technological innovation, and cultural value of talent development. We must persist in being a respected global enterprise, not only adhere to the compliance bottom line, but also build a moral highland, people-oriented, and win-win cooperation.

We have come to a more competitive

Industry watershed, change "deep water area"

Party Secretary and Chairman of Chery Holding Group

Yin Tongyue:

Photography: Deng Pan

In the past year, the Group’s annual sales revenue was nearly 150 billion yuan, and the sales volume reached a new record high, maintaining the first export of China brand passenger cars for 19 consecutive years. By the end of 2021, the number of automobile users of the Group had exceeded 10 million.

In 2022, the severe epidemic situation and economic situation still enveloped the whole world, and the trend of major changes in the industry became more obvious. We came to a more competitive industry watershed and changed the "deep water area".

New energy and intelligent networking are unstoppable. In 2022, we will seize the commanding heights of new business and new technology, rapidly promote the business transformation of new tracks such as new energy, intelligent network connection and automatic driving, and strive to achieve the "double carbon" schedule ahead of schedule. Focus on resources and build the strongest label of "Technology Chery" around the fields of "Three Electricity", "Chip" and "Software".

Mechanism is the fundamental guarantee to realize the sustainable development of enterprises. In 2022, we will deepen the mechanism and organizational changes. The front desk should be infinitely close to customers and pull the background, and the background should become a liquid organization to support the front desk to win the battle.

In 2022, I hope to achieve the goal of "ensuring 1.5 million units and striving for 2 million units" with all Chery people, and greet the victory of the Party’s "Twentieth Congress" with excellent results!

What is the best medicine to fight against difficulties?

It is new hope and our initial heart.

Liu Yonghao, Chairman of New Hope:

Photography: Deng Pan

This winter is a bit cold, and our industry is even colder. Pig farming has entered the bottom of severe cyclical fluctuations, and the impact of African swine fever and COVID-19 epidemic has greatly impacted pig farmers all over the country. Even in this context, the overall revenue of New Hope has maintained a sustained growth, especially a number of "specialized and innovative" characteristic enterprises hatched by the partnership mechanism have made eye-catching achievements. The "industry+platform" path we explored has found some methods and experiences in enterprise structure optimization and anti-cycle.

It is in such a year that ice and fire blend, our team has been greatly trained and tested, especially young cadres have grown rapidly, and a large number of post-80 s and post-90 s have entered the management at all levels and become the backbone.

Some people have commented that we are the king of quail, the king of feed and the king of pig raising, but in this decade, New Hope has made some achievements in firmly promoting the transformation of "not building a big platform for Wang Jian". In 2022, the new hope will usher in the 40-year-old year. Facing the ever-changing market and the escalating needs of consumers, the road is difficult and long, and the future is bright and promising.

If anyone wants to ask, what is the best medicine to overcome difficulties? I will say: it is new hope and our initial heart, because with the initial heart, all the hard work has value; With new hope, the long night will be guided by the sunrise.

Let Taikang become the project of people’s livelihood in the longevity era

Core backbone enterprises

Chen Dongsheng, Chairman of Taikang Insurance Group:

Source: Respondents

2021 is the 25th anniversary of Taikang. Under the situation that the epidemic situation in COVID-19 continues, the domestic economy is under pressure, and the life insurance industry is caught in a growth dilemma, the company’s new single value is growing in double digits against the trend, and it has advanced to the third place in the market. The annual operating income and profit all achieved positive growth, and the assets under management exceeded 2.7 trillion yuan; Fortune Global 500 ranked 343rd.

Life insurance is the "stabilizer" and "ballast stone" of society, and its essence is financing. Taikang changed from life insurance to pension and health service industry, and combined insurance payment with medical care service, expanding its ability to serve people’s livelihood needs in the long-lived era.

2022 is the first year of Taikang’s new five years. We should strengthen the construction of excellent teams, comprehensively sort out the governance structure, strengthen scientific and technological capabilities and service capabilities, and make Taikang the core backbone enterprise of the people’s livelihood project in the longevity era.

The future is always worth looking forward to more than the past.

Fuli Zong, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Wahaha:

Source: Respondents

In 2022, Hongsheng Group will be 19 years old. In 2021, we became a billion-dollar enterprise again. We aim to build an industry "full value chain ecosystem" model. Apart from covering the whole food and beverage industry chain business, we will continue to deepen the digital layout of our own new tax beverage brands KELLYONE and "Hongsheng Super Chain Intelligent Creation". In addition to the Hangzhou base, which is already in full swing, the bases in Chengdu and Zhengzhou are also accelerating.

Now we have laid a good foundation in the past, but our wonderful and challenging journey has just set sail. We focus on the future, and "the future is always more worth looking forward to than the past."

See business opportunities from the crisis

Find a home from impetuosity

Wu Qun, Chairman of Yuyue Medical:

In the past year, the diving has ushered in rapid development, welcoming nearly 1100 new diving people. In the next five years, we will focus on the innovation and breakthrough in three core tracks: respiratory therapy, diabetes and home testing, and infection control. Today, the medical industry and manufacturing industry leave us with a huge market and space. I hope that we can look at the world from the local perspective, see business opportunities from the crisis, find a home from impetuousness, and stick to our path.

Give full play to the role of central enterprises

The role of "stabilizer" and "ballast stone" in national economy

Wang Xiangming, Chairman of China Resources:

In the past year, we divided the gathering cause business into six major areas, defined the principles of industrial combination and resource allocation, consolidated the position of the industry and enhanced the development momentum; Actively using the capital market to accelerate development, China Resources Chemical Materials successfully landed in science and technology innovation board, and the number of listed companies of China Resources increased to 15; Strengthen scientific and technological innovation, explore digital transformation, set up the group’s scientific and technological innovation department and China Resources Digital Branch, and actively cultivate new value growth points.

In the brand-new year of 2022, we must see that China’s economic development is facing three pressures: demand contraction, supply shock and expected weakening. In the new year, we strive to achieve a "good start and a stable start" and give full play to the role of central enterprises as "stabilizers" and "ballast stones" of the national economy; Correctly understand and grasp peak carbon dioxide emissions’s carbon neutrality, and actively invest in major national and regional strategies such as Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area; We must do a good job in the final battle of the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises, strengthen system integration, coordinate and be efficient, and never stop until we win the victory.

2022 will be the year when the meta-universe really landed.

Ji Xiaochen, founder and CEO of Spectrum Technology:

Source: Respondents

In 2022, those technological innovations that promote the development of China’s digital economy and technological breakthroughs related to the meta-universe are of common concern to many practitioners in the science and technology industry, including me.

2022 will be the year when the meta-universe will really land. The realization of the meta-universe needs complicated underlying technologies. Although the cognition of the meta-universe model is different in different fields at present, the immersive interactive experience is an indispensable part. Internet of Things and edge computing, including virtual reality, augmented reality and digital twins, are expected to usher in a breakthrough and upgrade. For example, rendering calculation through artificial intelligence can improve the balance between quality and efficiency and realize an immersive advanced experience; Improve the natural, situational and intelligent perceptual interaction experience through tracking technology; Unified scheduling and optimal distribution of computing power are realized through cloud edge collaboration and cloud network convergence, which provides a distributed computing foundation for digital twins and so on.

In 2022, it will be the beginning of "number-reality integration", which is expected to advance from local integration to the whole level of the industry. In the future, we will see revolutionary changes in the ecology of the industrial core and industrial chain. From our own practice, the development direction of "number-reality integration" has opened up a huge extension space, from "production" to the whole industrial chain; From integrating innovation to improving productivity, to driving industrial digitalization and high-quality development, "digital integration" has brought a better and more comprehensive digital experience and enhanced the vitality of the real economy.

40-year-old Li Xiang and I are classmates at the age of 14

Say a few words from the heart

Li Xiang, founder and CEO of LI:

Photography: Deng Pan

2021 is about to pass, and I have reached the age of no doubt. I want to say a few words to myself 26 years ago.

First, thank Li Xiang, a classmate 26 years ago. The learning methodology you mastered at the age of 14 is still useful. What you said when you first started learning computers has been more or less continuously verified: the only difference between people is their learning ability and learning speed, and the rest are lies.

Second, in these 26 years, your personality has not changed, and all the advantages and disadvantages continue to exist. At the age of 28, you had a particularly painful realization: understanding others is as important as sticking to yourself. Because you understand others better, you begin to accept all your strengths and weaknesses, and collectively call them: characteristics.

Third, when you are 40 years old, you are still outspoken, troublesome and annoying, and you have not lived as mature, stable, broad-minded, rational and objective as others want. After 26 years, your heart and behavior are almost the same as when you were 14 years old, and you have not made yourself more complicated because of the environment. This is perhaps the most proud persistence in these 26 years.

Finally, I want to say, I’m sorry, you have gained 20 kilograms.

Thank you and love you!