Geely Galaxy E8 successfully challenged the industry’s first 20-ton runaway heavy truck to pinch the devil

  Recently, the Geely Galaxy E8 passed the first 20-ton runaway heavy truck in the industry in the safety laboratory of the China Automotive Industry Center, and once again refreshed China’s new energy vehicle safety standards.

  This test mainly simulates the side-impact cascade caused by out-of-control vehicles at intersections, and it is also a safety test with various difficulties. On the one hand, side-impact is one of the most challenging safety tests for new energy vehicles. Since the battery packs of new energy vehicles are mostly centered, the side of the body is the closest to the battery pack, the buffer space for collision energy is small, and the risk factor of side-impact is extremely high. On the other hand, according to relevant data statistics, in the accident of rear-end heavy trucks in passenger cars, the passenger car occupant mortality rate is as high as 42.6%. Therefore, using two heavy trucks to pinch new energy vehicles on both sides is a super-class safety test that is even more difficult.

  The test screen shows that a Galaxy E8 test vehicle was hit by a 10-ton truck on the left at a vertical angle of 30km/h at the center of mass in a static state. The Galaxy E8 test vehicle was displaced after being hit, and the side crashed into the 10-ton truck on the right in the same direction.

  The China Automotive Center then conducted a comprehensive inspection of the Galaxy E8 after the collision, and the results showed that: in terms of structural performance, the Galaxy E8 crew compartment structure is complete, the passenger living space is sufficient, and the A, B, and C pillars have not failed structurally; in terms of restraint system, the Geely Galaxy E8 seat installation point and seat skeleton have no obvious deformation, the front seat belt pre-tightening point explosion, the seat belt has not failed, and the side airbag and side air curtain point explosion in time; in terms of electrical safety, the Galaxy E8 is quickly powered off at high pressure after the collision, the electrolyte does not leak, and the battery pack does not catch fire, does not explode, and does not smoke; in terms of occupant protection, the comprehensive score rate of dummies in the car is excellent; in terms of functional performance, the Galaxy E8 double flashes open in time after the collision, the door handle automatically pops The rescue function is activated, automatic dialing, and manual customer service is connected. All data and safety performance have passed smoothly, and Geely Galaxy E8 has successfully challenged the "industry’s first 20-ton out-of-control heavy truck pincer to attack the devil".

  For Geely, "safety" is not divided into luxury and mainstream, and has always been the bottom line of car building. Geely’s first appeal for car building is safety, and it must be far ahead. As Geely’s new pure electric flagship based on the SEA architecture, the Galaxy E8 is Geely’s "global security" concept. Under the guidance of the "global security" concept, the super-safety standard is armed to the "teeth".

  Geely Galaxy’s exclusive "Aegis Battery Safety System" has created a complete set of four-layer "no blind zone" safety protection systems for the Galaxy E8, from battery to architecture, vehicle, intelligent control, and cloud. Geely Galaxy E8 has an exclusive 720 ° star armor cage body, as well as TWB laser welded integrated boron steel door knocker, "ten grids" aluminum alloy battery anti-collision compartment, "dragonfly" force transmission structure, aerospace grade 7 series aluminum alloy "Ω" anti-collision beam and other hard core safety genes, and the torsional stiffness of the body is as high as 41000N · m/deg. In addition, a series of Geely’s strongest security technologies, such as the new-generation BMS battery intelligent management system and the 7 × 24-hour cloud monitoring of the Star Smart Computing Center, safeguard every safe trip of Galaxy E8 users in all scenarios and all directions.

  As the first enterprise in the industry to carry out the safety management system certification of new energy vehicles, Geely has invested nearly 100 billion yuan in the field of new energy, and has accumulated more than 3,500 patented technologies, building a world-leading new energy system power and a global ecological chain. Adhering to the concept of "global security", Geely will continue to use more solid safety technology to make every Geely intelligent electric vehicle safer, and accelerate towards the ultimate goal of "zero life casualties", "zero harm to health", "zero loss of property", and "zero leakage of privacy".