"Guardians of the Galaxy 3" is hard to say goodbye to

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

     Beijing time on April 27th news, according to foreign media reports, "Guardians of the Galaxy 3" released a new trailer, "It’s time to say goodbye". A group of criminals gather together, become a team, and finally become a family, and the galactic exploration is about to come to an end, ushering in the ultimate battle.

  The film will be released in mainland China and North America on May 5, and it is the end of the "Silver Protection" series. The team’s last adventure together, and the funny and passionate style of painting suddenly becomes very cruel… It will continue to be directed by James Gunn, and all the stars will return, and new characters such as Adam Warlock and Supreme Evolution will also be added.

  "Guardians of the Galaxy" was released in 2014 and was adapted from Marvel Comics’ superhero group of the same name. The film is the tenth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. It was produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios. Directed by James Gunn and written by Nicole Perlman, it stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Battista, Van Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, Karen Gillan, Germain Hansou, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close and Benicio del Toro.

  The story tells that in 1988, after witnessing the death of his mother, Meldith Quill, due to brain cancer, young Peter Quill was abducted into the universe by the "Marauders" of the interstellar bandit army, and the leader of the marauders, Yondu, raised him and trained him to become an interstellar thief who called himself "Star Lord". Years later, growing up, Quill came alone to the abandoned planet "Morag" and listened to his mother’s "Madden Songs Great Empire Volume 1" before his death to capture the cosmic spirit ball, but a robot named Ronan, the accuser of the Cree Berserkers, suddenly came in to capture him and snatch the spirit ball. Although Quill finally managed to escape from Morag, his whereabouts were accidentally discovered by Yondu and a bounty was issued by Yondu. At that time, the two major empires of the universe, the "Nova Empire" and the "Kerry Empire", signed a peace agreement, but they were threatened by Ronan’s wanton killing of innocent people; Ronan also allied with Thanos, who had the power of the universe, to help Thanos regain the spirit ball and destroy Sandal with his hands.

  As soon as Quill arrived on Sandal, Gamora snatched the spirit ball, and a pair of bounty hunters, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, took a fancy to Quill’s bounty and joined the fight. However, after the mantis caught the cicada and the yellow bird, the four of them were collectively arrested by the Nova Legion and sent to the Keen Interstellar Prison. Most of the prisoners in the prison hated Kamora, who was Ronan’s accomplice, including Drax, whose wife and daughter were slaughtered by Ronan. Kamora revealed that she was trying to sell the spirit ball to escape the Thanos Alliance, and decided to reach an agreement with Quill and others first. Rocket, who is good at escaping from prison, and Groot, who is good at escaping from prison, joined forces with Quill, Kamora, and Drax who accompanied him to escape from prison. The crowd came to the Void Land, an anarchic mining colony transformed from a giant severed skull of the ancient gods, to meet Tanariel Tivon, who collects most of the universe’s rare items. Tivon showed one of the six "Infinity Gems" hidden in the spirit ball, the "Power Gem", which can easily destroy a planet with its power, but if it is not controlled, it will be swallowed by the energy together. Tivon’s servant Karina couldn’t resist the temptation and was directly smashed to pieces when she touched the gem with her bare hands.

  The gem energy directly blew up Tivon’s collection, and Carmela, who was deeply troubled, decided to hand it over to the Nova Army to prevent it from falling into Ronan’s hands. At this time, Drax, who was eager for revenge, did not hesitate to attract Ronan’s army and face Ronan personally, but was defeated by Ronan empty-handed under his own efforts. During the evacuation of the industrial spaceship, Carmela’s adopted sister, Nebula, who was also by Ronan’s side, chased after her. After chasing outside the realm, he destroyed Carmela’s ship and took the spirit ball away. Quill didn’t want Carmela to die and ran out of the spaceship, saving her while being captured by Yongdu. Ronan, who received the spirit ball, gradually became dissatisfied with Thanos. He held the gem by himself and merged it into one, claiming that he would kill Thanos after solving Sandal. Drax, who experienced a crushing defeat, completely understood the revenge that led to his fall, while Quill and Kamora, who were captured on the other side, persuaded Yondu to help them stop Ronan. Yondu set the conditions for the gem to finally belong to him and agreed to cooperate with Quill, and then Rocket, Groot and Drax joined the battle together to save the galaxy.

  After formulating the battle plan, the Marauders ambushed on the planet Sandal and jointly attacked Ronan’s battleship "Dark Star". During the evacuation of the city, the commander of the Nova Legion, Ilani Rael, dispatched all the Nova Legion fighter jets to gather together, forming a huge protective shield to prevent the Dark Star from landing on the planet. But with a light strike from Ronan’s gem power, all the fighter jets were shattered in an instant. The rocket led the Marauders to tenaciously resist the enemy, and Quill and his party entered the interior of the Dark Star to find Ronan, defeating Klaus and the other guards in the process. Kamora defeated Nebula alone, forcing her to cut off her hands and jump out to grab a ship and escape. When Quill rushed into the bridge where Ronan was and fired a shot at him, he found that Ronan was protected by the gem and did not die. The rocket sailed into the bridge and the Dark Star began to fall. Groot decided to sacrifice himself to create a protective layer of trees for everyone. After the Dark Star crashed, Groot turned into a pile of debris, but Ronan still walked out of the wreckage. Just as he was about to launch a fatal blow on Sandal, Quill began singing and dancing to divert his attention and let Drax take the cannon to smash Ronan’s hammer fight.

  Quill grabs the exposed gem and begins to be swallowed by the energy, but Kamora, Drax, and Rocket join Quill in life and death together. However, the group miraculously controls the gem in the palm of their hand, and Ronan, who is incredulous, is immediately surrounded by the gem energy and shattered by Quill. Kamora seals the gem into a sphere again, Yondu arrives to take the sphere, and Quill gives him a prosthetic sphere with a doll. The Nova Legion is grateful for the feat of Quill and others, and helps them restore the Milan, and informs Quill that Quill is actually a human and an ancient alien creature, derived from the "father" he has not seen since childhood. Quill handed over the sphere containing the gems to the legion’s care. This trip allowed him to let go of the shadows of his childhood, open the letters and gifts left to him by his mother before her death, and listen to the gift box of "Madden Empire Volume 2." The rocket inserted Groot’s taproot debris into a flower pot, breeding Groot’s offspring, and the crowd sailed to the universe to start a new journey.

  In the Land of Nothingness, Tivon sat in his ruined collection, dressing his wounds and drinking cocktails to relieve his worries. One of the collections, "Space Dogs," came to lick him, and another collection, Howard Duck, who sat next to him drinking, found it disgusting.

  "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" was released in 2017 and is the fifteenth installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series, featuring new additions such as Pang Clementev, Elizabeth DeBizzi, Chris Sullivan, Sean Gunn, Sylvester Stallone, and Kurt Russell.

  After Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot formed the Guardians of the Galaxy, they became famous. One day, they were hired by the "Soweling Clan" to destroy a strange dimensional monster. They exchanged the hands of Ayesha, the high priest of the Soweling Clan, for Gamora’s sister Nebula, who was imprisoned for trying to steal the precious batteries of the Soweling Clan. The rocket stole some batteries in a moment of greed, causing them to be besieged by the Soweling Clan fleet shortly after they left. Cornered, a white flying object suddenly rescued them and forced them to crash on a nearby forest planet. After the flying objects landed together, a man came out and introduced himself as Quill’s biological father, "Ego," and invited everyone to visit his planet, while Rocket and Groot stayed to repair the ship and watch over the nebula.

  Ayesha hired a group of "raiders" led by Yondu to capture Quill and others. They tracked the Milan and captured the rocket in the forest, but Yondu caused strong dissatisfaction among most people because he was reluctant to hand over Quill. After Nebula escaped, he subdued Yondu and the rocket, and the deputy leader, Shock Face, took the opportunity to launch a rebellion. After overthrowing Yondu, he took power and decided to take Yondu and the rocket to exchange for the bounty; Nebula borrowed one of their fighter jets and left. Yondu and the rocket agreed to find a way to escape. With the help of Groot and the last soldier loyal to Yondu, Claglin, Yondu installed a new mechanical head fin, whistled and manipulated his arrows, and killed all the traitors before detonating the whole ship. The four separated part of the hull and headed to the planet Ego, but when the electric shock face was about to be killed, he sent the coordinates of Yongdu’s hull to the Sowerins.

  Quill and the others visit Igo’s red asteroid, where Igo explains that he is a member of the Deity group and manipulates the material around him to form the planet. He travels the universe in search of other life, and when he arrives on Earth, he falls in love with Quill’s mother, Meredith, and becomes pregnant with Quill. Igo teaches Quill to use the power of the gods he has inherited, and the two begin to establish a father-son relationship. As the father and son get along well, Gamora gradually becomes uneasy about the tranquility of the planet, and when he comes to the plains to relax, he is met with a fierce attack from the Nebula. Gamora escapes into a cave, and the Nebula follows after him and crashes. The sisters eventually stop fighting and begin to understand each other, but together they find countless white bones in the depths of the cave. In panic, they decide to go back and save Quill. And Igo’s maid, Mantis Girl, was gently influenced by Drax and informed everyone of Igo’s true purpose.

  Ego explains to Quill the "expansion plan" he has spent thousands of years preparing to carry out, revealing that he has planted doppelganger seeds on every planet he has visited, with the intention of covering all planets and transforming them into part of him. But since the process requires the coordination of two people with the power of the gods to do so, he has conceived his offspring in countless female races in the universe, and hired Yondu to bring "some of them". However, among all his offspring, only Quill inherited his god genes, and the rest of the offspring were sucked up by him and piled up in the hole. However, when Ego revealed that he had deliberately caused Meredith to die of brain cancer in order to concentrate on his goals, Quill began to attack Ego in grief. Ego crushed his Walkman with his own hands, forcing Quill to release his power, and all the planets in the galaxy that he planted seeds on began to be covered by his life form. Rockets, Yondu, and Kraglin traveled through hundreds of star levels to reach Ego’s planet, and sailed into the palace to destroy Ego’s body and save Quill. In order to prevent Ego from continuing to devour the entire galaxy, they sailed deep into the interior of the planet to destroy the core.

  Ayesha led the team of ships to track the signal and collectively came to the core area of the planet to launch a pursuit. The rocket used energy batteries to piece together a bomb, allowing the petite Groot to take the bomb into the core and set it up outside Ego’s brain. After a time limit of five minutes, it detonated. Yondu used a laser transmitter to destroy Ayesha’s fleet, but Ego also found their location and reappeared to force Quill to release his divine power to devour the planet. Quill saw that his partner was about to be devoured, and used anger as a guide to burst out strength to resist Ego. Ego felt that his death was approaching and tried to persuade Quill to stop with the consequences of "losing the power of the gods at the same time", but Quill was willing to be a mortal, so that Ego would collapse along with the planet with the core explosion. After Yondu rescued Quill from the planet, he handed over his only portable spacesuit to Quill as an atonement for the past. After enjoying the last father and son time with Quill, he died heroically in space. Afterwards, Quill and others held a heroic funeral for Yondu. After Quill admitted that Yondu was his real "father", he watched in grief as he was cremated and left.

  Summoned by the Rockets, the various factions of the Marauders come to the funeral. After the chief leader Staka Ogde re-admits that Yongdu is one of them, he is inspired to reunite his old comrades after his deeds. Although Nebula and Kamora have settled their past grudges, she ultimately chooses to leave the crowd to hunt Thanos. In exchange for Yongdu’s relics, Quill gets a new Zune Walkman, and Cragglin gets Yongdu’s whistle arrow. Twice defeated, Ayesha creates a new creature and names it "Adam". Groot soon grows into adolescence, but also enters a period of rebellion that troubles Quill. On the other side of the universe, a group of observers listen to a human astronaut tell his story, but eventually get bored and leave.

  (Meng Qing)