[Continue to write more stories about spring and enter the national new area of the special economic zone] The reform has been going on, and the Pudong New Area has been the "pioneer" innovation.

CCTV News:On April 29th, the theme activity of "Continue to write more stories about spring and enter the national new area of special economic zones" entered Pudong New Area of Shanghai. As the first state-level new district approved by the State Council, the GDP of Pudong has jumped from 6 billion yuan in 1990 to 1.32 trillion yuan in 2020 in the past 30 years, and it has developed from a farmland into a modern new city with concentrated functions, complete elements and advanced facilities, which is the "masterpiece" of China’s reform, opening up and socialist modernization.

This gene has been integrated into the blood of Pudong since the end of the 20th century, from "daring to try" to "self-improvement". In the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and the beginning year of the fourth decade of Pudong’s development and opening up, the goal of deepening reform and developing at a higher level has made Pudong bravely "gallop" on the stage of the national new district. During the interviews with reporters in Pudong and his party, they deeply felt the characteristics of Pudong’s new district, that is, innovation first tries and development in change, which is eye-catching.

Highlight 1: Promoting governance by party building is a touch of red in the city.

Only by learning history well can we inherit the spirit and practice our mission. In order to thoroughly implement the important spirit of the mobilization meeting of party history study and education, Pudong New Area launched the bus class of party history study and education. Take a bus through more than 20 red landmarks such as Yuyangli and the site of the Second Congress of the Communist Party of China, and combine historical stories with realistic scenes to create a fine party class that runs through a hundred years of history.

Bus classes are tailored to different groups of people, such as urban white-collar workers, science and technology talents, and grassroots party member. Everyone drives, visits, lectures and interacts. From "the Chinese Communist Party made a great breakthrough" to "Run, Pudong!" A total of 12 sections, combined with more than 30 minutes of video, more than 40 party history stories, more than 150 pages of graphic materials, nearly 20,000 words of explanation.

Party history study and education bus

Party history study and education bus

At the theme exhibition of the 30th anniversary of Pudong’s development and opening-up, the lecturers told reporters that Shanghai Pudong has always put the party’s political construction in the first place and always promoted first-class governance with first-class party building. Based on Shanghai’s advantages as the birthplace of the Party and the forefront of reform and opening up, Pudong New Area has pioneered the building party building, explored the party building of new state-owned enterprises, Internet enterprises and regionalized party building, and always implemented the strict management of the Party.

Highlight 2: Create a "window effect" and do a good job in corporate services.

According to the work requirement that "One Network Office" should be more efficient, more convenient and more accurate, after five years of promotion, the "One Network Office" in Pudong New Area has formed an overall layout. The traditional serial processing is integrated into "one window, one service" for consultation, receipt and preliminary examination, providing enterprises with a brand-new experience of "zero material declaration"

Huang Haixia, deputy director of the Pudong New Area Administrative Center, told the reporter that under the situation of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", in order to encourage the development of new business formats, the Pudong New Area Enterprise Service Center fully played the role of window detectors and sensors, and timely captured the needs of enterprises and markets through "no veto power in windows". When encountering the complicated situation that the enterprise materials cannot be accepted due to the lack of relevant clauses and other reasons in the work, the staff will take the initiative to ask and accept or guide them through communication with superiors.

Working requirements of window without veto power

Working requirements of window without veto power

Since 2017, the Pudong New Area Enterprise Service Center has also set up a "fault-finding" window, and the demands and feedback of enterprises through this channel have directly promoted the "one network to run" work of the enterprise service center. Huang Haixia said that some enterprises once asked why they didn’t let the government share the license since they were required to submit it. Other companies say that it is time-consuming and laborious to go to the scene to verify their identity. At present, these problems have been solved in the enterprise service center.

Highlight 3: The people’s post, life is culture.

On the afternoon of April 29th, the press delegation went to the Huangpu River. On the east bank of the riverside, which is 22 kilometers, there is a Wangjiang post every other kilometer. Ocean Lu, an interpreter of the Oriental Internet Media Center, told the reporter that the original intention of building the post station was to meet people’s needs of drinking water, going to the toilet and having a rest on the way, and later, culture was given to this 50-square-meter post station room.

The content and scenery of each post station are built according to different themes. Wangjiangyi No.4, named "Discovery", takes Shanghai as the host city of China International Import Expo(CIIE) as its theme. People who stay here can experience the old things imported to China in history, as well as the tight products in China International Import Expo(CIIE). Wangjiangyi No.5 "Initial Heart" takes the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party as the theme. Sewing machines, old-fashioned refrigerators, and library cards under desktop glass make time go back and relive the initial heart of reform and opening up.

Wangjiangyi No.4 "Discovery"

Wangjiangyi No.4 "Discovery"

Wangjiangyi is a city study during the day and a live living room at night. There are 22 well-known national media stationed here, and the number of hits on the whole network reaches 50 million. Every week, cultural celebrities from various fields are invited to carry out a series of cultural theme sharing activities, such as Peking Opera actor Wang Peiyu, famous dancer Huang Doudou, and witnesses and recorders since the development and opening up of Pudong New Area. Ocean Lu told reporters that Pudong New Area hopes to implement the important concept of "People’s cities are built by people, and people’s cities are for people", which has now been realized in Wangjiangyi. (Reporter Chen Shiwen/Proofreader Lou Hao)