With three lidar, it is more luxurious than Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Is this BYD?

Looking up at U7 and looking up at U8 Player Edition were officially unveiled at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. Among them, looking up at U7 is a four-door coupe, also equipped with four-motor easy-to-square technology, with a horsepower of 1,306 horses.

Looking up to the U8 Player Edition was officially listed at the Beijing Auto Show, with a price of 1.098 million yuan.

The appearance of the new car continues the family design of looking up to the brand. The front of the car is equipped with a C-shaped dimension door headlight module. The lighting details are radioactive-like, and there is a prominent front lip design under the front bumper. In addition, the front fender of the new car has obvious bulge, which cooperates with the two ribs on the front hatch cover to enhance the sense of strength of the front.

Looking up at U7, there are air holes on the side of the front fender, the door handle is hidden and equipped with a sliding back rear, which makes the drag coefficient of the whole vehicle reach 0.195 and become the four-door car with the lowest drag coefficient in the world.

The rear of the new car is equipped with penetrating taillights and electric lifting tail fins, and it is used as an airflow diffuser at the rear bumper position to better control the airflow of the whole car.

In terms of size, the length, width and height of U7 are 5265/1998/1517mm and the wheelbase is 3160mm respectively, and the size of the whole vehicle is equivalent to that of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Looking up at U7 as a four-door coupe, it is also equipped with a laser radar at the roof position and two laser radars at the front fender position. It is expected to be equipped with a high-order assisted driving system or support the high-speed/urban intelligent navigation assisted driving function. In other words, looking up to U7 requires not only performance, but also intelligence.

Looking up at U7, it is also equipped with easy Sifang technology. The power of the four motors is 240kW, the comprehensive power of the system reaches 960kW, and the horsepower reaches 1306 horsepower, which is really powerful. In terms of battery life, the new car is equipped with a 135.5kWh blade battery, and the CLTC cruising range has reached 800km.

Looking up at U7, it is also equipped with a brand-new Yunqi -Z chassis system. The suspension motor is used to replace the hydraulic shock absorber. The response speed is 10ms, and the adjustment speed is dozens of times that of the traditional active suspension. Moreover, the kinetic energy of suspension can be recovered by the suspension motor.

The new car was officially listed at the Beijing Auto Show, with a price of 1.098 million yuan.

The positioning of the new car is different from that of the luxury version, focusing on outdoor use scenes, and replacing the front and rear bumpers with brand-new styles, so that the maximum approach angle and departure angle of the vehicle can reach 37, and the vehicle passability can be improved. The new car also comes standard with a high wading throat, and the wading depth reaches 1400 mm.

Looking up to the U8 cross-country player version, it is also equipped with 20-inch forged rims and AT tires, and the rear of the car is equipped with a bare external spare tire. At the same time, the new car also provides options such as electric winch, towing suit, state inversion and metal competitive bar. The new car also comes standard with satellite communication scheme, which supports two-way voice call, two-way short message communication, emergency call and GPS/ Beidou positioning function.

In addition, the new car can also be equipped with DJI UAV Kit, and a vehicle-mounted UAV library is set on the roof. Users can control the UAV’s functions such as one-button take-off, intelligent return, flying with the car, large-scale driving, automatic power change and so on through the exclusive App.

In terms of power, the U8 off-road player version is still equipped with an easy four-way plug-in hybrid system with a comprehensive power of 880kW. Moreover, looking up to U8 off-road player version also provides 17+1 driving modes, which are five more driving functions, an all-terrain adaptive feedback system, and the unique rally mode and off-road custom mode of off-road player version.

The editor said:

Looking up at the size of U7 and its million-level positioning, its competitors are naturally Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW i7, Porsche Taycan, Paramera and other models. These competing models have already had an extraordinary position in the market, and each one can be called a benchmark model of the same level. Looking up to U7 to shake the status of these competing products, we need to show enough strength to do better in driving, riding, intelligence and other dimensions.

Easy Sifang, Yunqi, and BYD’s laser radar advanced intelligence are the strongest black technologies in U7, among which Easy Sifang and laser radar advanced intelligent driving are rare configurations in the same class, and their four-door and four-seat design makes U7 the most suitable looking car for home use.

Since U8 was delivered in November last year, it has rushed to 1,600+units in a single month, which is enough to prove the influence of this domestic million-dollar brand. On this basis, U7 has the strength to compete with a number of foreign luxury/ultra-luxury brands.