Look up to U7! Looking forward to U7′ s first revolutionary technology-Cloud chariot -Z

The long-awaited 2024 Auto Show has been officially opened, which can be said to be very lively. Many brand bosses have come to the scene in person, which not only brings traffic to their own brands, but also shows the importance that brands attach to this auto show. At the booth, the million-class new energy flagship car was officially launched, and the revolutionary suspension technology Yunqi -Z was the first.

Yunnian -Z suspension technology can bring users a comfortable feeling beyond magnetic levitation, and "wherever they go, they are on the ground". In this system, the suspension motor replaces the traditional hydraulic shock absorber, and the suspension has entered the "electric" era from the "oil" era. BYD has become the only car company in the world to realize full electrification in vertical and horizontal control. Yunqi -Z supports ultra-fast adjustment, and the response speed is as fast as 10ms;. Support energy recovery, which can realize charging the battery.

In the live demonstration video of the auto show, no matter how the road surface fluctuates, Yunqi -Z makes the car body as stable as Mount Tai. Based on the super active control ability of Yunqi -Z technology, the ride experience can be as smooth as on a maglev train.

Specifically, Yunqi -Z has two unprecedented characteristics. The first point is that the adjustment speed is super fast. The adjustment response speed of Yunqi -Z is as fast as 10 milliseconds. In the blink of an eye, it can be adjusted for nearly 50 times, which is 10 times faster than that of traditional active suspension, just like the speed gap between computer and abacus. The second point is energy recovery. Because the suspension motor is used to do work directly and the oil is removed as the medium, the energy transmission loss of Yunqi -Z system is smaller. Not only that, we can also generate electricity directly through the suspension motor, realize energy recovery and charge the battery.

In addition, Yunnian -Z also has the function of energy recovery. The excess energy generated by the suspension motor during the running of the vehicle is directly converted into electric energy and recharged to the battery pack, which not only improves the energy utilization efficiency, but also reduces the energy consumption, which perfectly fits the green energy-saving concept of new energy vehicles.

The application of cloud chariot -Z technology makes the driving experience of looking up at U7 reach a new peak-just like riding a maglev train, the vehicle seems to be suspended on the ground, no matter how the road surface fluctuates, the body is always rock-solid, providing a super stability and extraordinary safety guarantee.

According to the current official news, Yunqi -Z technology will be launched in Lookup U7 and will be officially listed in the second half of this year. So what kind of comfortable experience can it bring to consumers? Brother Jiang is very much looking forward to it!