Spring seafood season, barracuda, whitebait, Pipi shrimp … The delicacy of Weihai is on this list!

For foodies,
We should also follow the rhythm of the four seasons when collecting delicious food.
In Weihai,
To say that spring is delicious,
Seafood that has been dormant for a winter must belong to it.
Keywords meitong fish, pike, noodle fish, sea rainbow clam,
Gaba shrimp, Pippi shrimp …
One by one, one by one,
The meat is firm and the juice is full.
Delicious and tender in spring ~
With the unique characteristics of spring,
Occupy the dining table of Weihai people!
baby croaker
Mei tong fish, also known as big head treasure, looks like a small yellow croaker, but its meat is tender and delicious, which is different from the tip of the small yellow croaker. Mei tong fish has a round head, a rich and full body, fried Mei tong fish in an iron pan, and a circle of corn cakes is attached, making it a fresh pot in the spring.
Fragrant fried plum fish is also a common practice. Fresh plum fish is wrapped in a layer of dry powder, finely fried and sprinkled with rich spices. The steaming heat is the freshness of spring ~
Barracuda occurs every season, but in other seasons, Barracuda always has a muddy fishy smell. Compared with the early spring, it has not been eaten yet, and the delicious and tender meat is still a little worse. Dry-cooked and stewed are common ways to eat it, and a pot of stew will be eaten by the whole family!
Noodles fish
The noodle fish, also called whitebait, is crystal clear and translucent, slightly pink, like Xi Shi’s fingers. It is boneless and has no inedible parts. It is only available in early spring and is an expensive seasonal seafood ingredient. Spreading egg cakes is the most delicious practice of whitebait. Full and juicy whitebait is mixed with egg liquid, and slowly fried into a uniform and thick egg cake with a pinch of chopped green onion and a pinch of salt to bring out the most delicious taste!
Deep-fried whitebait is also delicious, wrapped in fine dry powder and smooth egg liquid, boiled in oil for a few seconds, and it is tender and tender, and one root can’t stop.
Sea clam
Sea rainbow clam, also known as mussel, mussel and scallop, is a very common clam seafood, which always grows together. The indigo shell is smooth and thin, and the meat is plump and juicy. The sea rainbow in spring is cooked in a clear water pot, which is fat and delicious!
The scientific name of Gaba shrimp is Peach Blossom Shrimp, not only because it is red and white like the shell of peach blossom, but also because it can only be eaten in the early spring when peach blossoms are in full bloom. This kind of shrimp, with its huge shrimp tongs, rattles and bravado, has super vitality, is full of vitality for most of the day without water, and its meat quality is naturally full of elasticity.
Delicious little seafood water cooking, original flavor, a pinch of fine salt will be fresh! Gaba shrimp can be fried in addition to steamed food, which is crispy and delicious, with endless aftertaste.
skin shrimp
To say what seafood is the rarest thing for people to open the sea in spring, it is to capture Pipi shrimp suitable for all ages! Full Pippi shrimp has high water content. To ensure the taste and taste of shrimp meat, you have to go into the pot when you land ~
In spring, Pippi shrimp coincides with the breeding season, the meat is tight and the mother shrimp is full of rich shrimp paste, which is too fragrant to stop!
Cooking with water and salt is still the best choice to maximize the umami flavor. Boil the pot for five minutes, turn off the fire and stew for three minutes. At this time, the meat of Pipi shrimp is the most tender, the water is the most full, and the taste is naturally good!
Spicy frying is a favorite way for friends to have dinner. The rich sauce and the fresh fusion of Pippi shrimp meet. Apart from being careful that the shrimp shell pierces your fingers and mouth, this way of eating is probably the most joyful ~
Shrimp skin
How can shrimp skin be regarded as seafood for people who are used to eating all kinds of popular seafood such as sea rainbow, scallop and pipi shrimp? If you insist on counting shrimp skin into seafood, it is at best a small shrimp level. Today, Xiaobian will correct the name of shrimp skin, and small shrimp skin also has spring ~
Shrimp skin is mainly made of shrimp. Shrimp is the largest shrimp resource in China’s marine shrimp. Shrimp has a large output and concentrated groups. When caught in a net, it is often all shrimps, which are usually dried in the sun and processed into shrimp skins.
Shrimp skin has a high nutritional value and is rich in minerals. Besides iodine, iron, calcium and phosphorus are also rich in shrimp skin, which is known as "calcium reservoir". Shrimp skin can be used to enhance the freshness and taste of various dishes and soups, and it is an indispensable seafood condiment in Chinese and western dishes.
Spring is just right,
Come and taste these rare delicacies ~ ~
Source: Wenlv Weihai