Tik Tok has 98.6 million fans. Why can the "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge", the largest online celebrity, be crazy?

Who is the blogger with the most fans in Tik Tok at present? Is a funny blogger-crazy Xiao Yang Ge, why Xiao Yang Ge is crazy? In this paper, the content operation mode of "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" account is dismantled. Let’s take a look at his password for going out of the circle, and at the same time, we need to be alert to the risks under the traffic.

Who has the most fans in Tik Tok? The previous answer was Andy Lau, but now it is "Crazy Brother Xiao Yang".

The number of crazy Xiao Yang Ge’s fans is 98.6 million, which is approaching the 100 million mark. Andy Lau is 77 million, Liu Genghong is 72.94 million, and Michael Chen is 66.28 million, all of which are behind. Therefore, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge has become the largest online celebrity in Tik Tok, with the most personal accounts (except People’s Daily and CCTV News, which are media organization numbers).

How crazy is Brother Xiao Yang? He is a short video funny blogger, who has shot more than 100 videos in total. The likes of a single video are basically maintained at more than 3 million, with millions of fans in a month, and the total likes of accounts exceed 800 million. Brother Xiao Yang is neither a star nor a well-known figure, but he went from a grassroots nobody to the largest online celebrity in Tik Tok, and even earned hundreds of millions of dollars through live broadcast. What is the crazy password behind this? And how long can crazy Xiao Yang be crazy?

Crazy Xiao Yang Ge live room picture

There are two strange phenomena in the live broadcast of the cargo ring in Tik Tok. The first is the selection of the East. Dong Yuhui sells goods while teaching you English. In "Poetry and Distance", you unconsciously place an order; The second biggest is crazy Xiao Yang Ge. His live broadcast room is full of funny jokes, grandiose performances and even rollover incidents. Finally, you successfully placed an order.

Netizens said that the live broadcast mode of crazy Xiao Yang Ge is "reverse delivery". What is "reverse delivery"?

Compared with the conventional live broadcast delivery, the steps are to show the products-announce the prices-and guide the transaction, while "reverse delivery" is to deliberately set up a "rollover" in the initial product display link, so as to add drama, arouse discussion among netizens, and finally let netizens place orders through performance.

For example, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge brought the "plot reversal" and "funny trick" in the short video to the live broadcast, which is equivalent to watching Xiao Yang Ge’s talk show live, and often asking some wonderful questions in the live broadcast room, "Bull or cow?" "Is there any other temperature in the seven-degree space?" "How many periods can 19.9 be divided?" Fully mobilize the atmosphere in the live broadcast room.

Even in the product demonstration session, when he demonstrated the non-stick pan product, he deliberately boasted about the value of the product, but in the actual operation process, he "overturned", scaring the brand’s face greatly, and then Brother Xiao Yang took the pan and fell directly, "Off the shelf, don’t sell it!" .

In order to evaluate the mopping machine, crazy Xiao Yang directly kissed the mop just after mopping the floor to prove the cleanliness of the mopping machine. In order to test the quality of the brand’s shoes, crazy Xiao Yang Ge directly bit the shoes with his mouth and tore them hard; Of course, there are continuous rollover pictures, selling black fruits, evaluating the tolerance of garbage bags, etc. The popularity of the live broadcast room once rushed to millions of users to watch online.

New platform data of the new list

Morketing understands that Brother Xiao Yang, who is crazy, is broadcasting live twice a week on the Tik Tok platform, at 8 pm on Tuesday and Saturday.

According to the data of the new list and the new platform, in the last 30 days, the live sales of Crazy Xiao Yang Ge exceeded 370 million yuan. On the list of Tik Tok E-commerce Delivery Day in September, on September 17th, the live broadcast room of the anchor "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" ranked first in the list of Tik Tok anchor delivery, with GMV of 63.937 million and live broadcast sales of 1.092 million.

Its live broadcast products range from daily snacks, household department stores, digital products and household appliances, and the price range spans from 10 yuan to several thousand yuan, and the sales volume of a single product is even tens of thousands, with GMV exceeding 10 million. Crazy Xiao Yang Ge proves the commercialization potential of funny anchors. This funny and nonsense way of "reverse delivery" has set off a new trend in the live broadcast e-commerce industry.

In fact, many of the short video deduction materials of "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" come from life. Xiao Yang Ge and Da Yang Ge are left-behind children in rural Anhui. Like many parents who go out to work, the two brothers grew up in front of their grandparents and didn’t return to their parents until junior high school. Their families are not well-off, and life in junior high school and high school is also very frugal.

The change took place during college, as early as 2015, when Xiao Yang Ge was still in college, so he registered the account of "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" and became a short video creator on the Internet. Funny is the main theme of Xiao Yang Ge’s short video, which has been maintained until now. From zero fans to nearly 100 million fans, "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" took eight years.

Intentional netizens found that the first video of crazy Xiao Yang Ge was "Fried Ink". Xiao Yang Ge, who was still in college at that time, fried ink on the balcony with his roommate. As a result, his roommate closed the door mercilessly. His face was covered with ink when he was fried outdoors, so he was very angry and vomited. This is the first time that he discovered his funny genes.

Looking at the short video account of crazy Xiao Yang Ge, Morketing found that the main characters appearing in the camera are Xiao Yang Ge, Da Yang Ge, Yang Ma and Yang Dad, a happy family of four, and Da Yang Ge and Mom are mainly responsible for playing tricks, while Xiao Yang Ge and Dad are the objects of being tricked. The performance scenes are basically everyday at home, relying on the powerful acting skills of the characters and the sense of contrast of the plot.

Looking back at Brother Xiao Yang’s content line, in 2018, he positioned himself as an "Internet addiction teenager" mainly in the direction of being funny and funny, and he often encountered family members "pulling the switch", and even he would retaliate against his girlfriend, trample on his girlfriend’s lipstick, play with an ice bucket and be "hunted down" by Brother Da Yang with a giant pan.

In particular, the short videos of the "Desperate Weekend" series are very popular, such as "Brother’s words hurt me deeply", "Let Dad feel the desperate weekend of my brother", "A special day" and "I haven’t seen my parents so United for a long time". These funny jokes have been played in Tik Tok for tens of millions, with more than 3 million likes, and hundreds of thousands of netizens left messages at the bottom.

However, the update frequency of "Crazy Brother Xiao Yang" is getting slower and slower now. On the one hand, the two brothers talked about the reason in the live broadcast. On the one hand, the speed of powder increase is too fast. Often, updating a video can increase hundreds of thousands of fans, and a live broadcast can also increase hundreds of thousands of fans. At this speed, it quickly surpassed Andy Lau (the latest number of fans has surpassed Andy Lau).

They said modestly: "Andy Lau is a big star, and he is nothing in front of Andy Lau." And Michael Chen, who said they grew up watching ipartment and liked Michael Chen very much. This clever and polite answer has once again been well received by many netizens. The story that a guy from rural Anhui became the largest online celebrity in Tik Tok with funny genes is enough to make many people envy him.

After becoming a tens of millions of fans, crazy Xiao Yang Ge also started the way of corporate operation.

In March 2021, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge registered a new company named "Hefei Sanzhiyang Network Technology Co., Ltd.", and the ultimate beneficiary of the company was Zhang Qingyang (Xiao Yang Ge’s real name), holding 50% of the shares. Official website introduced the MCN organization, which mainly provides content incubation, packaging, operation and supply chain management, with more than 100 employees, more than 10 people with tens of millions of talents and more than 150 brands.

In addition to the income from advertising and live broadcast, "Live Slice" is becoming another hidden source of income. In the past 30 days, the WeChat index of "Live Slice" has reached 800,000 times, an increase of 180% from the previous month, and the popularity is still growing.

So, what is "live slicing"? In fact, the highlights of the anchor during the live broadcast were re-edited to complete the repackaging of the video. For many big anchors, in the process of live broadcast, there will be special people to collect these clips, then upload them to the "trumpet", and then hang up the small yellow car link, in order to rely on the traffic of these big anchors to guide consumers to watch short videos before placing orders.

At present, there are two main ways to play live IP slicing. The first way is that an individual secretly records the material and then spreads it with a trumpet (cottage anchor account). This is a legal risk and will receive a lawyer’s letter from the anchor company at any time; The second is to sign a contract with the anchor company, which is equivalent to the "supernumerary personnel" getting the live broadcast material authorized by the anchor, but the income obtained through live broadcast slicing needs to be divided with the anchor, and there are seven, three, five and five modes.

In fact, slicing live broadcast is nothing new. As early as the show live broadcast era, many live clips of online celebrity were recorded on the Internet and then uploaded to the video website platform, which usually got a good broadcast volume, and some of them also got the benefits of the platform. In the era of live broadcast with goods, in fact, sliced live broadcast is also widely used. Some brands will reuse the live clips of big anchors for advertising materials, which will sign an agreement with the anchor company to stipulate the time and cost of using the anchor portrait rights.

As we all know, during the period when Li Jiaqi disappeared, many people used Li Jiaqi’s live sliced content. Only on the Tik Tok platform, there were dozens of live sliced accounts about Li Jiaqi, such as "Li Jiaqi Live Recommended" and "Li Jiaqi Recommended", and some of them sold tens of thousands of pieces, and GMV also reached tens of millions.

"Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" Live Slice Account

Similarly, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge also took a fancy to the market potential of live slicing. Morketing searched for "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" on the Tik Tok platform, and then pulled down a few more pages, so that accounts such as "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge", "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" and "Crazy Xiao Yang Live Playback" appeared, and even there were hundreds of thousands of account fans, generally adopting the mode of short video content and links to goods of Xiao Huang Che.

However, unlike other anchors whose piracy is rampant, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge is adopting a formalized model. According to the new list, at present, more than 2,000 people are editing and distributing live clips of "Crazy Brother Xiao Yang", and the main groups are students and Bao Ma.

The person in charge of the account of "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge" said: "How to get a 50% commission share if the monthly sales of an account can reach 100,000 yuan?" It is understood that the division of crazy Xiao Yang Ge’s live broadcast slice is calculated according to the ladder. The proportion of sales below 50,000 yuan is 7:3, and the proportion of sales between 50,000 and 100,000 yuan is 6:4, and the sales above 100,000 yuan can be divided into 5:5.

Some insiders once broke the news, saying that the commission earned by Crazy Xiao Yang Ge’s monthly live slicing is about 16 million, of which 6 million is distributed to upstream and downstream partners, that is, the cooperators of live slicing, and the remaining 10 million is attributed to the company. In short, in addition to live broadcast, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge has opened up a new way to generate income.

Crazy powder, crazy live broadcast with goods, crazy live slicing to make money, almost everyone is watching "Crazy Xiao Yang Ge". How long can it be crazy? It seems that everyone is used to the fact that online celebrity is fleeting. As long as a person gets angry, there will always be a moment of "stepping on thunder", and disappearing seems to be the fate of the online celebrity group.

According to Morketing, under the current ecology of Tik Tok, there are three uncertain factors in Crazy Xiao Yang Ge. How to properly handle these three factors is related to the future development space of Crazy Xiao Yang Ge.

First, will the "Internet addiction teenager" collapse?We can see from Xiao Yang’s video that almost every episode of Xiao Yang is an "Internet addiction teenager" who is obsessed with computer online games. Every day, Xiao Yang is tricked by his brother in various ways. When playing games, Xiao Yang encounters a switch, sometimes the computer host is hidden in the refrigerator, and sometimes the mouse is placed in an iron box. "I am ranking", and the voice of every "Internet addiction teenager" is spoken.

Any "personal design" is set up for the service content. As the crazy Xiao Yang Ge becomes more and more popular, such a personal design will collapse one day. Some netizens found that Xiao Yang Ge exposed photos of himself and luxury cars on social media platforms, and spit out that Xiao Yang Ge’s personal design does not match that of otaku and "Internet addiction teenager".

Second, it is not necessarily a good thing to be the most popular personal account in Tik Tok.As the saying goes, we have seen it on the Aauto Quicker platform. As the largest online celebrity in Aauto Quicker, Simba has been dealt with by Aauto Quicker several times, which means that the platform will be more strict with the account of the head. Brother Xiao Yang also admitted frankly in the live broadcast room that he dared not say a lot before, and he will be cautious in doing everything.

We have also noticed that Crazy Xiao Yang Ge is diversifying risks, signing more talents and making family matrix accounts, such as Qiao Mei with 2.51 million fans, Xiaobailong (Xiao Yang Ge’s assistant) with 1.86 million fans, Crazy Big Yang Ge with 8.83 million fans and Three Sheep Network with 4.07 million fans.

Third, the risk of funny and nonsense content cannot be ignored.Some people like to be funny and nonsense. Some people think that a lot of funny content is vulgar, even involving violence at the same time. Many jokes of crazy Xiao Yang Ge are presented by actions. Therefore, many netizens collected their content and found that there are many violent contents, such as Yang Ma hitting Xiao Yang Ge and Yang Dad, and there are also cases of "attacking" each other. Too exaggerated actions have also aroused the disgust of many netizens.

Content compliance is the sword of Damocles hanging over the head of crazy Xiao Yang. It is necessary to find a suitable balance between personal distinctive features and content compliance, pay attention to the grasp of scale, and avoid encountering traffic bite.

In a word, it is a milestone for Crazy Xiao Yang Ge that Tik Tok platform fans will soon break through 100 million yuan. With funny content, "reverse delivery" and the wide spread of live video content, Crazy Xiao Yang Ge has become the largest online celebrity in Tik Tok, and there are also hidden concerns under the traffic, which is something that Crazy Xiao Yang Ge needs to be wary of.