Before the "old" battery of the mobile phone "decays" the charging habit first or the black hand behind it.

  Long knowledge

  Yang Chao

  In the past "Double Eleven" shopping festival, the sales of smartphones on many e-commerce platforms reached a new high. In fact, many people change their mobile phones not to keep up with the fashion, but because the battery is not strong, which can be said that the battery of the mobile phone is not "old" first.

  The battery capacity of new mobile phones can usually last for a whole day, but some mobile phones seem to have a decline in battery life after one or two years of use. Why is this? How to charge the battery to make it more durable? Today, let’s make it clear at once.

  If the battery is in a high-charge state for a long time, it will "shorten its life"

  Some people are used to keeping their mobile phones in a "fully charged" state at all times, so that they will feel safe and not be anxious about the battery capacity of their mobile phones. However, the long-term full charge or high charge of the mobile phone battery will accelerate the aging of the battery. Therefore, when the mobile phone is fully charged, the charger should be unplugged in time to avoid the battery being in a high-power state for a long time, so as to prolong its service life.

  But most people’s habit is to charge their mobile phones before going to bed at night. You can’t get up in the middle of the night and unplug the charger to protect the battery, right? !

  Some mobile phone manufacturers have considered this problem. In order to slow down the aging speed of the battery, the manufacturer will let the mobile phone charge at night first to make the power reach 80%; Then switch to slow charging, and then charge the battery of the mobile phone from 80% to 100% within two hours before getting up according to the wake-up time set by the user. This design greatly reduces the time when the battery is fully charged, thus making the battery more durable.

  In addition, generally speaking, keeping the battery charge of mobile phones at 30% to 80% can prolong the service life of the battery.

  Plug, data line plug sequence is exquisite.

  Which of the following actions will you do first when charging your mobile phone? Do you want to plug the data cable into the phone or plug the charger into the socket first?

  In fact, this small move has a great impact on the service life of mobile phone batteries. Before revealing the answer, we first need to know what "surge" is.

  Surge, also known as surge, is an instantaneous overvoltage that exceeds the normal working voltage. When you just charge your mobile phone, you may hear buzzing when you put your ear to it, which is caused by surge.

  The correct step to charge the mobile phone is to plug it into the socket first, and then plug the data cable into the mobile phone. If the data cable is plugged into the mobile phone first, then the plug is powered on, a large surge may occur instantly, which will damage the battery of the mobile phone in the long run.

  When fully charged, do not unplug the charger first, but unplug the data cable first. Because when the charger is unplugged, it is easy to generate reverse instantaneous current, which may also accelerate the aging of the battery.

  In addition to the problems mentioned above, if you want to "prolong life" of mobile phone batteries, you should also pay attention to the following aspects:

  First, stay away from high temperature environment. When charging the mobile phone, try to keep the ambient temperature between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. When the mobile phone and other equipment are exposed to the environment above 35 degrees Celsius for a long time, the battery may be permanently damaged.

  Second, turn on the low battery mode if necessary. Many smart phones have low battery mode. When the battery is low, starting this mode can prolong the battery life and optimize the battery performance. In the low battery mode, the screen brightness is generally lowered and the system animation is reduced as much as possible. When your mobile phone is recharged, the low battery mode will also be automatically turned off.

  (Source: Popular Science China)