[Warm China] online celebrity’s dad in the panda base: Every day at work is different.

        Cctv news(Reporter Wang Jiazhu) In 2012, Zhang Yue, who graduated from college, applied to be a breeder in chengdu research base of giant panda. After only one day’s probation, he decided to stay. "Anyway, whether you want it or not, I won’t leave or change jobs, because pandas are too cute and too good."

  In the past four years, with the live webcast of Panda Channel, Zhang Yue has now become popular with the fans and become the "hairband Nanny" in the mouth of fans. In this job that is envied by millions of people, Zhang Yue enjoys herself, is satisfied and enjoys it, because "every day is different". But in fact, more content about the work of "daddy" can’t be seen by netizens.

  De hairband is too busy to get a haircut.

Hairband daddy Zhang Yue.

Hairband daddy Zhang Yue.

  The latest video that made Zhang Yue popular was a live broadcast of Panda Channel in November. In the lens, Zhang Yue sat on the floor in the animal house and nursed the pandas. As a result, he was surrounded by eight young pandas, and the rolling people swarmed, tearing and rolling on Zhang Yue’s body and arms, and naughty rolling and sprouting netizens. The number of clicks on this video exceeded 30 million in one month. Zhang Yue, the daddy of milk, let netizens envy and hate, and at the same time, the warm-hearted care for the rolling people also made netizens admire.

  The wet dads and wet nurses in the panda base are known by netizens in this daily live broadcast, among which the most familiar feature of Zhang Yue is hairband on his head.

  Zhang Yue said that hairband, who was talked about by netizens, was actually completely busy. "Because I didn’t have time to go back for a haircut, I worked 27 night shifts in July, so I just wanted to keep it like this. Later, I found that the effect was good, so I simply wore it. "

  Zhang Yue also jokingly said that the only regret was that the video of the explosion didn’t make his fans in Weibo grow much. He said with a smile that the number of fans of colleagues in the Moon Delivery Room rose by 40,000 in one day because of a video that was rolling with her for a bamboo basket, but the number of his fans remained within 10,000.

  "I sometimes look back at the live barrage. The first one was ‘ Hairband Nanpa ’ , the second one is ‘ Confess dad ’ , followed by ‘ Daddy is married ’ ,‘ Daddy is married ’ Hey, why do you know everything, hehe. "

  Zhang Yue’s words revealed her enjoyment of this job. He said that he was close to animals since he was a child. When he was a child, his friends played games, but he liked to watch chickens peck. After going to college, I studied animal husbandry and veterinary medicine as a junior college student, and I studied animal medicine as an undergraduate. After working, I took an in-service postgraduate exam. "I decided on the first day I came here to work. Anyway, whether you want it or not, I won’t leave or change jobs, because pandas are too cute and too good."

  Hold 100 Jin of bamboo and clean 40 Jin of feces every day.

Daddy Zhang Yue is cleaning the bamboo in the barn.

Daddy Zhang Yue is cleaning the bamboo in the barn.

  In the panda base, there are about 80 keepers like Zhang Yue, each of whom is responsible for two adult pandas on average. At the peak of Zhang Yue’s life, one person was responsible for five adult pandas and nine cubs at the same time. When the reporter interviewed, Zhang Yue was on duty in the sun delivery room, taking care of two adult giant pandas and four one-year-old cubs — — In their own words, it is four children in the class of 2015.

  Go to work at eight o’clock and start packing at eight thirty. First, clean up the outdoor sports ground, clean the feces and clean the pool. Then put the pandas outside through the heavy hammer door (the isolation gate of the indoor animal house and the outdoor sports ground) and give them bamboo — — Bamboo can’t be simply thrown on the ground, but inserted, so that pandas can realize that bamboo grows on the ground in the wild. Every day, Zhang Yue holds an average of 100 kilograms of bamboo and cleans up about 40 kilograms of feces. In mid-December, when interviewed by reporters, it took Zhang Yue about an hour to clean up the sheds of two adult giant pandas, sweating profusely.

  "When they fall in love, we will be more nervous than them. Get up every two hours at night, observe and be on duty 24 hours a day. Estrus is only a few days. From the perspective of breeding, those days are very important. "

  "There are many panda cubs about half a year old who look cute, but they have to be watched 24 hours a day. We are all in three shifts. There is no normal vacation for us during the Chinese New Year holiday, including the concept of what day it is today. It has always been a shift change. Just looking at today’s tourists, I will think, Oh, today may be Saturday. "

  It is precisely because of this nature of work that most of the personal problems of the panda base staff are solved internally, and Zhang Yue’s wife is his colleague in the base. "Find someone outside, there is no time for dating." He said.

  Giant pandas are, after all, unfamiliar to wild animals.

Daddy Zhang Yue and his own "son"

Daddy Zhang Yue and his own "son"

  When interviewed by reporters, one of the two adult giant pandas that Zhang Yue is in charge of is the prototype of Jingjing, the mascot of the Beijing Olympic Games. Last year Jingjing gave birth to twins, named Jing Ao and Jing Yun respectively — — They are called "big crystal" and "small crystal" by Zhang Yue respectively. In another animal house, there is an adult panda and two young pandas who are unrelated to each other. One of them, nicknamed Mo Yao, is also called Ma San, a cute man named online celebrity, and is also called Zhang Yue’s "own son" by netizens who have been paying attention to the live broadcast of pandas for a long time.

  "Many netizens can recognize specific pandas through live broadcasts, and what are their names? We call them ‘ Mother powder ’ , just like his mother, has been concerned since childhood. ‘ Baby boy ’ Every time they see me, they come and pounce on me and look kind, so they all say they are their own sons. "

  In fact, Zhang Yue also takes special care of Mo. On the afternoon of the reporter’s interview, Zhang Yue added bamboo to the animal house, held it in her arms, quietly watched it eat, and looked cherished.

  "Let’s stand here. If I speak Sichuanese, they will realize that there is food coming, and they are also very naughty at ordinary times. For example, when taking a shower, they will wait for you to come near before shaking their bodies and shaking your whole body, just to play with you and have the behavior of cheating to attract the attention of the daddy."

  Moreover, naughty rolling will also "watch people cook" in the human world. There are foreign dads in charge of behavior training in the base, and the little rollers are very obedient when they see foreigners coming. But seeing Zhang Yue will be naughty. "When you see me coming, you will be spoiled. Originally, I was a schoolmaster, but when I saw me, I became a scum, and there was nothing I could do. I said, let’s play. "

  Despite this, Zhang Yue said that giant pandas are unfamiliar to feed, unlike keeping dogs at home.

  "They are wild animals after all, and they have been raised for a long time. Their ‘ Xiong sheng ’ There will be changes, the animal house and the environment will be slowly adjusted. When I was a child, I stayed with my mother, then I went to the cub dormitory, then I went to outreach and went out to work. After a few years, I became an adult and I was alone together. After all, I was a solitary animal. For example, this panda, in another five years, maybe I will see it again, and I won’t recognize it. Maybe it will stop and think when it hears my voice. "

  "There is a panda going to Canada in 2012. We were together for a month or two during the quarantine. Last year, a friend of mine happened to be in the Canadian Zoo, so I used my mobile phone video connection and shouted ‘ Heavy hair and heavy hair ’ Call it by name, and it will respond. It seemed to think that someone was calling him, and stopped to look back, because no one was calling it over there ‘ Heavy hair ’ I should have a little impression of my voice. "

  Dad’s job is different every day.

  The Giant Panda Base is located at No.1375 Panda Avenue in the northern suburb of Chengdu, which is in the middle of December. Although the giant panda will appear outdoors more than in summer due to the temperature, the tourists are not crowded. In the park, the rolling hills are lush and quiet.

  For young dads and wet nurses like Zhang Yue, working here needs to endure loneliness.

  "In some people’s eyes, this job is repetitive, and it will be finished in one day, but in my opinion, every day is different. Yesterday I had a rest, and this year I will come. Hey, this son is a little white, so I will think about it, talk to it and play, and every day is different. Others say ‘ Will you get tired of watching it ’ Then I will go to see another family. There is another family next door. For example, this lawn is paved today. I am very excited. Just like my own home decoration, I can let them play tomorrow. I am very happy. "

  Zhang Yue said that she has a good mentality, although as a national treasure breeder, her salary is not as high as netizens guessed. "When there are more night shifts, there are more overtime pay. My mentality is that I don’t care about that. "

  After becoming popular, Zhang Yue was often found by tourists outside the sun delivery room and stopped to take a group photo, and he was satisfied one by one. Turning to the street with his wife during the break will also be recognized by panda fans who often watch live broadcasts. "I will try my best to raise pandas well. You like me better than my pandas."

  On December 26th, Zhang Yue left Sun Delivery Room and was transferred to Moon Delivery Room. And its ‘ Dear son ’ Yao Yao, Jing Da and Jing Xiao will also be promoted separately (leaving the Sun Delivery Room). Zhang Yue wrote a passage for his children in Weibo: Mo Mo Er, (Jing) Da Er and (Jing) Xiao Er, today you are promoted separately according to the requirements of the leaders. You are the geese I have brought for the longest time. You should grow up happily with your brothers and sisters, and Baba has been transferred to the Moon Delivery Room, and will always watch over you silently.

  Below Weibo, a netizen left a message saying: inexplicably a little sad, thank you, daddy.