Headlines of cars

On March 15th, another year, car owners’ rights protection has once again become a hot spot in the industry. In fact, I especially want to ask a question: "When will this kind of rights protection end, and who will make who shameful?"


From blocking stores, protesting banners, blocking booths, smashing cars to venting their anger to holding special exhibitions, more and more desperate car owners can only take these extreme ways to protect their rights when they encounter problems, and finally they have to rely on hot search to solve the problems. If they get on the hot search, they will be caught in the whirlpool of public opinion and even be "cyber-violent" until the day when the truth comes out.


In fact, there are not many car brands and products exposed on March 15th every year, and many problems that really need to protect car owners remain unsolved. In the past year, the number of complaints about cars has remained high, and even many brands dare to "commit crimes against the wind", leaving more and more pits for ordinary consumers.


 The problem car show found many problems.


Recently, one thing actually caught my attention, that is, the 13th Hangzhou Problem Auto Show. As the name implies, this auto show is to help consumers solve the problem of automobile rights protection and protect the rights and interests of automobile consumers. Maybe I’m ignorant. It’s been 13 years before I know it.


After carefully reviewing the relevant news of this auto show, I found that this auto show actually reflected many problems, of course, not the auto show itself, but some problems uncovered by this auto show. First of all, there are more and more models being complained about, and the fig leaf of many car manufacturers has been torn off.


Secondly, this problem auto show has also become a "communication war" between car owners and car manufacturers. Not only many car owners who want to defend their rights, but also many car brand manufacturers come to show their sincerity in solving problems. It seems quite good. A problem auto show has established a bridge for car owners and manufacturers to defend their rights.


However, judging from some things exposed, the staff of these brand car companies came to the scene, in fact, not to solve the problems of car owners, but to solve the people who raised the problems. Many car owners were persuaded by the staff of car companies without entering the market, and the staff of a luxury brand even sat directly on the co-pilot of the car that defended the rights of car owners.


Moreover, this situation has always been a reserved program of the problem auto show in the past. The staff of the car companies came earlier than many car owners, and the license plate number of the rights-defending car owners was photographed on the spot. The purpose was to stop the rights-defending car owners who wanted to go in and avoid their own car problems. Exposed during this auto show.


 Public opinion hot search has become a means of safeguarding rights.


In fact, it can be seen from some things exposed at this auto show that it is actually very difficult for many car owners who really need to defend their rights to succeed. Consumers who fight alone spend a lot of energy and financial resources to play games in the face of car companies with professional teams, and there is almost no chance of winning.



For many individual car owners, there are two biggest difficulties in safeguarding rights: "First, ordinary people can’t reach the core management of car companies and can’t really attract the attention of car brands. Another point is that it is very difficult to collect evidence, and many valid evidences are in the hands of car companies."


In addition to pulling banners at the entrance of brand 4S stores or going to the brand booth to make trouble, ordinary people must have a hot search when they encounter problems, and catch up with the key time node of March 15 to be solved quickly. The absence of these two conditions will even directly affect the efficiency and success rate of rights protection.


Recently, the 4S store of Haikou Lexus has apologized for raising the price to pick up the car, and fired the customer service manager "sister on file", which is also the fastest case I have ever seen to defend rights, and it is directly related to the public opinion impact caused by the hot search on March 15, otherwise the success of safeguarding rights is still far away.


In other normal times, it takes a long time for ordinary people to succeed in defending their rights, especially when new energy electric vehicles enter the market, and the market share continues to expand, which also brings many new problems. Last year, Tesla lost the case of "one refund and three losses", and it took the owner three years to win the final victory.


Write at the end:


As a commodity with hundreds of thousands of dollars, once there is a problem, it is really difficult for ordinary consumers to solve it, especially the obvious information asymmetry between consumers and car companies. What’s more, they even try their best to cover it up when they know there is a problem, making it even more difficult to protect their rights.


It is often difficult for consumers to defend their rights and interests under the premise of protecting their own safety when facing the professional public relations and lawyer team of car companies. Under such circumstances, in addition to some institutions to run the "problem auto show", it is actually necessary to solve the problem from many sources.


Simple examples, such as the operating profit model of 4S stores, the identification of software such as autonomous driving, and how automobile brand manufacturers can listen to users’ voices faster and more accurately, can truly protect the legitimate rights and interests of automobile consumers, and when we no longer need the special day of March 15 and the "problem auto show", the domestic automobile industry can really develop rapidly.