The film with the most versions in history, here is a report on the super-full viewing experience.

    Special feature of 1905 film network On November 11th, I started painting in the mainland. Ang Lee, who likes innovation, once again used the new film method of 120FPS(Frame per Second) to force the technology to be updated and upgraded. We found that there were cinemas supporting special formats around us, and the numbers of cinemas were marked with data such as 120 frames, 60 frames and 24 frames.

    You may have read too much hard science about the profound mystery behind this new technology, but as an ordinary audience who just wants to watch the movie, how to buy this movie ticket is the most worthwhile?

    Xiao Dian watched a total of four versions of "Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk" in the mainland movie market at the fastest speed, so as to personally feel the complex technical specifications such as high and low frame numbers, different brightness and 4K/2K resolution, and help you choose the movie that suits you best.

120 frames /4K/3D  

    On November 6th, Xiaodian took the lead in Bona Studios in Beijing, and experienced the "Top Original" Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (that is, 120 frames of 3D with 4K high resolution) that only five cinemas in the world can show. In the process of watching movies, viewers who are exposed to this new technical specification for the first time can really feel unprecedented visual impact. Both Billy Lynn tears for you’s eyes in close-up and the colorful LED screen in the center of the stadium in the big scene are vividly displayed.

    The so-called "things are rare", the ticket price of Bona Studios reached 288 yuan on weekdays, but it still attracted many fans to queue up to buy. Is 288 yuan worth it? You should know where the money is spent first.

    It has been reported before that the cinema has been completely renovated to cooperate with the release of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Not only is the projection equipment completely different from the traditional cinema, but even the glasses worn by each audience are specially made for the 120-frame format. According to Yu Dong, president of Bona Group, the cost of a single pair of glasses exceeds 100 dollars, which is a "special treatment" that other versions do not have.

Dolby 120 frames /2K/3D 

    Near the release of "Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk", Dolby announced that its six Dolby cinemas located in mainland cities will exclusively support the screening of 120 frames /2K/3D version, which is the one with the closest technical value to the "top-matching original" on the market.

    So on the first day of painting, Xiaodian went to the Dolby Cinema in Beijing Yaolai Jackie Chan International Studios for the first time. After you sit down, you can intuitively feel that the screen of the cinema, Bibonne Studios, is much larger. It is understood that the width of the screen is 24 meters, which is similar to most IMAX screen data. For the audience who like to pursue "immersion", Dolby Cinema should have more advantages in this respect.

    Ang Lee once said that in order to ensure the quality, he made targeted adjustments to each version of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. During the interview, Dolby Lab also confirmed this statement to the 1905 film network.

    It is reported that the version played by Dolby Cinema has been tinted by Dolby Vision, which includes a technology called "high dynamic range". Simply put, it greatly enhances the color, brightness and contrast of the picture, and increases the numerical value from 1800: 1 of ordinary projectors to 1000000: 1. Because the original equipment of Dolby Cinema has met the projection demand of 120 frames (2K/3D) and does not need to be rebuilt, the ticket price of this version has also been reduced to 158 yuan.

60 frames /2K/3D & 24 frames /2K/ 3D 

    With the addition of Dolby Cinema, the number of cinemas in mainland China that can show two versions of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk in 120-frame format has increased to eight, but most cinemas and cinemas still arrange films in 60-frame and 24-frame formats. Therefore, Xiaodian once again went into two ordinary halls for testing.

    Visually, the effects of 60-frame, 24-frame and 120-frame versions are very different. Many parts of the original bright colors have faded, and the vivid immersion has disappeared, and the familiar "film sense" has come back. However, between 60 frames and 24 frames, the difference is not obvious. If it is described by personal feelings, the difference may be most easily reflected only in the close-up part of the face.

    Of course, Xiao Bian also found in these two versions that Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, despite other data "blessing", still has a good performance in 3D effect. In a large number of character dialogue scenes, such as Billy and his comrades-in-arms, Billy and cheerleaders, and Billy and his sister in the same frame, the sense of hierarchy is still very prominent.

    For the audience devastated by "pseudo-3D", this film should be a pleasant three-dimensional visual experience. If you are not a "new technology control" and just want to watch a movie, 60 frames and 24 frames are worth choosing, as long as you refer to the daily ticket price.

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