Can Lu Han and Yang Ying make a comeback by acting because of the frequent hot search for new dramas?

Special feature of 1905 film network Recently, there has been a new thing in the entertainment industry.A representative of a flowing male artist who has been criticized for his poor acting skills.Lu Han; AiresAnd representatives of female artists.Yang Ying; Angelababy, because in the new work "acting progress" before and after the hot search. The "people who eat melons" are full of question marks, and it seems that this is really not the marketing number "full of blows". The quality of the two new dramas is indeed good.

Lu Han’s online drama Crossing the Fire Line has a good reputation. Douban scored 8 points, and the topic of # Lu Han’s acting # was posted on the hot search in Weibo. Netizens expressed that "Lu Han’s acting has improved", "a great breakthrough" and "I look forward to Lu Han in Sisyphus".

Another movie, Skyscraper, starring Angelababy, scored as high as 8.1, and the topic of # Angelababy Crying # also triggered a heated discussion among netizens. According to the voting, more than 54% of netizens thought that his acting skills had improved and he had seen efforts.

Weibo, Zhang Ziyi, commented on Angelababy’s sincere and natural performance, and even more media posted that the two finally ushered in a comeback performance.

This time, Lu Han and Yang Yingzhen turned their acting skills around?Today, we specially invite film critic Ai Hui to join us in paying attention to the actors Lu Han and Angelababy who have been hotly debated recently for their acting skills.

Lu Han | Looking for "Me in the Play"

In the online drama Crossing the Line of Fire, Lu Han and Leo respectively play two e-sports players who originally belonged to different time and space but met in the game map. The role played by Lu Han belongs to 2008, when e-sports is far from its best era, and Xiao Feng’s team is misunderstood and ridiculed, but he always sticks to his dream.

After watching Lu Han’s performance on the spot, Ai Hui said, "His lines still need to be improved, but this time he created a good atmosphere", and he got extra points from modeling to details.

"First of all, he is not the kind of’ idol drama’ style, which is closer to life; Secondly, his performance in details is very life-oriented. In crying, he naturally wipes away tears with the back of his hand, "Ai Hui analyzed. Coupled with slightly swollen eyes and messy hair, these details help to draw the audience into the story.

When talking about Lu Han’s works that have been questioned before, Ai Hui said that it is very important for Lu Han, whose performance level is in a "relatively basic stage", to find a role that suits him.It is a very smart choice to play in the e-sports competition this time — — He can play video games. "He doesn’t need to do a lot of homework to understand this role." When he completely released his true self, the effect naturally exceeded the audience’s expectations.

Sisyphus, another work starring Lu Han, also officially met with the audience. "I think Lu Han’s performance in it is worth looking forward to." Ai Hui is optimistic about Lu Han’s new work.In the play, he plays a rebellious teenager. "I think he has begun to figure out what a performance is, and Lu Han may find his feeling slowly in such a team," said Ai Hui.

Angelababy | Actress "doesn’t have to be beautiful"

Compared with Lu Han’s wide-ranging praise, Angelababy’s new work # Angelababy Crying # is a hot topic, and the controversy is even louder. "Crying like a porcelain doll" triggered a heated discussion among netizens. "Everything she wants is beautiful and exquisite," Ai Hui commented.

"Angelababy should have made progress," AI Hui affirmed. "She was crying because she couldn’t cry before.". But all her movements "can sum up the routine", "for example, blink your eyes when you express curiosity and shock, and then move your lips a little; Look at the sky when you cry, and then shake your hair. "Ai Hui believes that Angelababy’s performance mode always satisfies a certain" standard aesthetic feeling ".

"Maybe she was born at the wrong time," Ai Hui lamented."If she had been in the same era as Michele Monique Reis, she might not have encountered so many criticisms of acting skills," Ai Hui analyzed. "Because Michele Monique Reis’s acting skills were not good, she met a director like Wong Kar-wai. In the Hong Kong film industry at that time, there was a kind of film that needed to infinitely enlarge that kind of alienated beauty."

Yi Hui takes Michele Monique Reis’s performance in the movie as an example. "What acting skills did you say she showed? No, she just needs to sit in front of that camera and ask Du Kefeng to find a fish-eye photographer, and you will feel that she seems to be doing very well. ".

Angelababy did take many similar roles, and the performance in the film is a typical "Angelababy-style performance"."There are not many lines, but they are beautiful enough to make people feel amazing; When you don’t talk, your eyes are smart enough, "Ai Hui said. In other words, she and the team are notOften clearlyYes, "which roles will she please next".

"I think she must first break through the one-sided idea of actors, that is, actors don’t have to be beautiful, needless to say, they should be like an ordinary girl first," said Ai Hui. In Ai Hui’s view, the current Angelababy "still hasn’t done it".In fact, actors from idol backgrounds like Lu Han and Angelababy often pay more attention to their acting skills.

Over the years, they have been trying hard to prove themselves with acting skills. The surprise that Jackson Yee brought to the audience in the film last year is also an important node for idol actors from a certain perspective. "Everyone’s judgment on traffic stars is no longer the previous traffic-only criterion, which is a very benign stimulus."

For the ordinary audience, a very simple judgment is the conviction and attraction of this role. "If Angelababy and Lu Han play all the time, maybe at a corner, there will be a role that they especially understand and finally show good results, so they must stick to it," said Ai Hui.